Get Started Now: A Beginner's Guide to IFit

There are many things to know if you’re new to iFIT. This comprehensive iFIT guide will help you get started. It also includes Tips & Tricks that are easy to overlook when you’re just getting started. This guide will help you get started with iFIT, the Nordictrack or Proform connected bike or treadmill, vault or any other device.

Guide to iFIT membership

You can get the app from the Apple Store or Google Store. Or, download it through your TV-enabled device such as an Amazon Fire Stick. Get a 30-day free trial. Membership costs $180/year or $14.99/month if you want to continue using the app after the trial ends.

If you own an iFIT-enabled treadmill, bike, vault, or other device, this is the same price as an individual membership. People opt for family plans that include up to five memberships, which costs $39/month or $396/year for connected devices.
Video version of our iFIT Guide for Beginners

If you have purchased an iFIT enabled device ( such as the S22i), the family membership should be free for one year. You will receive an additional year of family membership if you buy more devices. If you buy multiple products from iFIT, this can help you save a lot of money.

Once everything is set up, you can start choosing the right program or workout. Choosing from thousands of workouts or series in iFIT can be difficult. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Option 1: Live Workouts

If you prefer the excitement of a live workout you can tap the “Live” tab to see the schedule if it is enabled on your device. You won’t find these cool features on other platforms, but live classes on iFIT offer some unique features.

Automatic Machine adjustment.Also, live classes allow you to have your instructor adjust the settings and resistances of your machine. This allows you to concentrate on your workout.

Outdoor Live Classes.Yes! iFIT actually offers outdoor classes! This is an excellent option if you prefer to be outdoors than in a studio.

Join a Waiting Room. Await about 10 minutes before you attend a live class. You can also join a waiting area with your trainer. You can scan the QR code from your smartphone and text your trainer. They will respond quickly to your questions.

One of the best things about iFIT’s live classes is that trainers often coach multiple times per day. You have more opportunities to workout with your favorite coach in person, than if you are waiting for them to call.

There is no way to make up for missed classes. There are many other workouts available on demand.

Option 2: On-demand classes

You can take part in one-on-one classes, a series or join a monthly challenge for on-demand classes.

You can use the “Browse” tab to filter by location, type of workout, coach and more to find the right workout for you. To ensure that you don’t see individual workouts, filter your search by series.

Option 3: Build iFIT workouts using Google Maps

You can also create your own workout routes through Google Maps with most iFIT devices. Simply tap on the “Create tab” button at the bottom of the screen.

You can search any area that you want to explore. Once you have found your destination, tap anywhere on a map to place marker flags.

The “Start” flag indicates the start of your route, while the “End” flag signifies your route’s end. To have your route return to the beginning point, you can select “Close Loop”. You can see Google Images of your route and adjust the incline as if it were you actually exploring the route.

Your route will be saved to the “My List” section of the home screen. It can also be accessed anytime under the “Created Workouts” tab.

How to schedule your workouts

You can schedule your workouts by adding a class to the calendar by clicking the “Schedule” button at the end of the class description. You can then view all your workouts and any completed ones by going to your schedule.

iFIT challenges

Another option is to check out one of iFit’s monthly challenges. Click on the “Challenge” tab to see all the monthly challenges. These workouts are often a group of themed workouts that have been taken from various previous series.

One of the coolest things about iFIT, is that they will mail you a magnet if you complete a monthly goal. You can keep them on your fridge, device, or anywhere else you like.

Track the iFIT reward program

We can’t forget the rewards that you can earn with this iFIT guide for beginners! There are many prizes you can win from the “iFIT Rewards Track”, which can be found on any iFIT-enabled App or device under the “Challenge Tab.”

This is how the reward breakdown looks:

100 workouts = Free iFIT shirt

200 Workouts = Free Month of iFIT

300 Workouts = iFIT Flag

400 Workouts = $100 Gift Card to the iFIT Store

500 Workouts = Free iFIT sweatshirt. You also get a tour of the iFIT studio.

Set goals and analyze your stats

Logging onto will allow you to view and analyze your stats. You can view your stats (also known as your “Fit Score”, which is a combination your workout frequency and calories burned, your workout time and your personal goals.

Click “Add” to set your personal goals. You can choose from a running goal, weight goal, cycling goal or fit score goal.

Five more iFIT Tips & Tricks for beginners

These are the 5 Tips & Tricks I believe will help you get started with iFIT.

  1. Click on “My List” to access all the series or workouts you’re currently watching.

  2. iFIT offers 11 music genre stations to choose from while you are working out, at least in the United States. You currently have access to only four stations outside the US. You can change your music station by pressing anywhere on your screen during your workout. Click “Audio&Music Settings” and select “Music.”

  3. iFIT’s library is huge. While they have made improvements to their filtering system to make it easier to sort through all of it, it still doesn’t contain a lot of what iFIT offers. They have many classes, including pilates, stretching, and bodyweight strength classes. To find them, click on the “Search” button and enter them. Hopefully, filters will soon be available for all iFIT categories.

  4. iFIT offers a dark mode. Click on “Appearance” to change to dark mode. You can switch between light and darker modes by clicking on the menu.

  5. You can sort the Leaderboard using any iFIT-enabled device. Filtering by various metrics such as calories, distance or effort score is possible. You can also filter the leaderboard according to gender and age.

You can either swipe it away or remove it completely. If you want the whole screen, but without numbers, tap the screen, then click “Full Screen.”

Side note: A yellow dot indicates that someone paused their workout at some point.

Smart Adjust and Active Pulse are two more features that iFIT offers. They are only currently available on the treadmill, but they are being tested on other devices. We’ll be adding to the iFIT guides for beginners soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated.

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