Breaking Barriers: How iFit Set a Kilimanjaro Half Marathon Record

iFIT has set a new record in its longest-ever on-demand workout with the Kilimanjaro Marathon Race. The race lasted 2 hours 22 minutes. This breaks the previous record of 2 hour and 4 minutes set by the Jackson Hole Half Marathon Race.

Knox Robinson, an iFIT trainer, guides runners through Kilimanjaro Half Marathon at a pace of 12 minutes per mile. There are two series: a 4-part or a 1-part. For those who wish to run the whole race, the 4-part series divides the half-marathon into sections of 2.7-3.5 miles. The 1-part series allows you to run the entire race.

iFIT could have more experiences in the future, including a 2-hour race on demand. iFIT recently purchased 29029. This 13-hour race takes you to the top of Mt. Everest. iFIT shared the 29029 challenge on social media. This could mean that this race will be coming to NordicTrack and Proformtreadmills, and ellipticals.

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