Unlock the Power of Mainstream Music with iFit

Music is a major problem area for iFit’s fitness platform. However, the product is gaining more functionality through the iFit mainstream song feature.

The news was announced by the iFit Blog on Friday

We listened to you. We listened. We are happy to announce that iFit will bring back mainstream music to your workouts.

We understand how important music is to your workout experience. Feed.fm has partnered with us to bring you the music that you love. Two genres have been carefully selected to keep you motivated and focused while working out.

Members of iFit who have paid a membership can enjoy music for cardio and strength workouts as well as live workouts that are map-based, manual and live.

iFit members will be able to access two radio stations as part of the upgrade.

  • For intense cardio, this station is upbeat and fun
  • This is a calming station for stretching and yoga that you can use to help you relax.

The iFit app doesn’t yet have mainstream music, but the company plans to add it in 2021.

CTW takes on iFit Music

Peloton’s music use is well documented as an important benefit for using its platform. However, it’s a complex legal process for companies to navigate. Echelon has added some music functionality to iFit earlier in the year.

All connected fitness companies need to decide how they will address music use. Peloton’s strategy could be the best, depending on the day. However, it can also be costly if athletes want to create their own playlists. A company like iFit could offer a variety of playlists via Apple Music or Spotify for use during workouts. I’ve enjoyed listening to my own music in the past iFit workouts. Peloton’s of music is still very immersive, as they offer specific classes that allow for deeper listening to popular artists.

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