Train Like a Pro: iFit SmartAdjust and ActivePulse Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

In recent blog posts, iFit details the SmartAdjustand ActivePulsefunctionality that were added in recent software updates.


iFit continues to improve the software functionality on the platforms it supports. SmartAdjust adjusts the intensity of your workout based on changes in speed or incline. This allows you to easily follow the instructions of the trainer. Based on your previous workouts with iFit, your workout intensity will now be automatically calculated.

When you begin an on-demand exercise, this will appear after your software has been updated to 2.6.50.

You can always go back to the trainer at any moment. SmartAdjust allows you to set a maximum speed and adjust the incline. The system will also continue to learn your patterns.


ActivePulse was announced in January. This feature adjusts the speed and incline of the treadmill to maintain a healthy heart rate. Before this feature was released, heart rate training relied on the ability to monitor and adjust one’s effort to stay in a certain zone. ActivePulse from iFit will provide real-time feedback between a user’s heart rate and the treadmill’s speed or incline.

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