Show Off Your Trophies with an iFit Trophy Case

teased an upgrade to its achievement programyesterday. later announced a new digital “Trophy Case” on its blog . iFIT will now display trophies earned by participating in challenges, live events and milestones.

Soon, the iFIT Trophy Case and all iFIT-enabled equipment will have it. The Trophy Case will contain all digital and physical rewards that iFIT members have received in the past.

iFIT is known for its free magnets and trophies that it sends to members who participate in challenges or events. Although this update will not eliminate all physical rewards, iFIT has over 6 million members and is making changes. According to the company,

We are grateful that you have joined the iFIT Community, participated in our Challenges, and attended our Live Events. Each Challenge and every event is unique. We take great pride in creating an unforgettable experience. We are changing the frequency of rewards such as medals and magnets you love.

Our thoughts

The new Trophy Case is a great addition to my collection. Although I loved the physical rewards, I thought a digital collection would be a great addition that would allow for more variety in iFIT challenges.

Currently, iFIT’s challenges require members to complete a set number of workouts in a given time period. This is problematic because the workouts may not match with your goals or the iFIT series you are taking. With the addition of the Trophy Case you will have more ways to earn rewards.

Connect the Watts will be sharing the details about the new Trophy Case when it becomes available.

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