Get Fit with iFit TV: The Ultimate Fitness App for Roku

iFIT launched a new app media players. The iFIT app is also available on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. It allows you to access all of the iFIT Library’s yoga, strength training and meditation classes.

Download the Roku app

  1. You can download the iFIT App on your TV by navigating the Roku app store and searching for “iFIT”.
  2. After you have downloaded the app to your TV, click “Sign In”.
  3. Your TV will update automatically when you see the “Congratulations!” message in your browser. This will take you to the iFIT App’s home screen. It is now time to get started with your workout.

This app is fantastic. Previously, iFIT members had to buy Amazon Fire or another media player to access iFIT on their Roku.

You can see our recent review of the NordicTrack vault that is iFIT-enabled here .

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