Ride Pain-Free: Is Peloton Good for Bad Knees?

Peloton is great for bad knees. Peloton offers a variety of workouts that don’t exhaust your knee, making it an excellent option for those with bad knees. Most cardio workouts have a negative effect on the knee, but spinning or cycling is an exception.

Your knees will be safe as long as your handlebars, pedals, and saddle are aligned correctly for a proper riding position.

Peloton also offers cycling classes that target bad knee recovery. Depending on the severity of your knee injury, they could be either low-impact or very high-impact.

Does Peloton Cause Bad Knees?

Yes and no. If your handlebars and saddle are not properly adjusted, peloton can cause bad knees. You could also have knee problems if you do a lot of spinning and take on different postures that can impact your knees.

Peloton workouts that are combined with significant recovery sessions won’t cause bad knees. Peloton classes are also done in clipped-in shoes that restrict your feet and limit leg movement, which can cause knee injury.

How to Avoid Bad Knees with Peloton

Let’s look at some tips for spinning without worrying about your knees.

  • Always ensure that your Peloton seat and handlebars are aligned correctly for good cycling posture. Good for you, Peloton has both fore and aft and height adjustments for the seat and handlebars. It is suitable for all people between heights 4'11” and 6'4″. Therefore, don’t be afraid to customize the bike to your exact fitting, even if it takes longer. Check out our simplified guide on Peloton seat and handlebars adjustments.
  • Start with beginner classes when new to the spinning classes to avoid overstraining the knee.
  • Go for low-impact classes if you have a knee injury that you need to consider.
  • Shorter classes such as 20 to 30 minutes of cycling are better than longer ones with fewer cycling postures.
  • If you have knee issues, always go for clip-in shoes. Peloton has clipless pedals but is compatible with some toe cages. However, with bad knees, toe cages will allow feet flexibility that you should avoid more. Therefore, clip-in shoes on the Look Delta Peloton pedals will be best.
  • When looking for higher impact classes, bike Bootcamps can be a good option. You will have some sessions on the bike and others on the floor for strength workouts hence minimal time on the bike. Besides, the strength classes can strengthen your knees, adding to recovery.
  • Always start with lower cadence and resistance, going up to higher intensity.
  • If you are a senior and doubt the bike will be good for your knees, you can opt for a recumbent bike. But Peloton doesn’t sell recumbent bike options, right? Right! But with the Peloton digital app, you can get a recumbent bike and participate in Peloton cycling classes just as effectively.

Best Peloton Classes for Bad Knees

HITS and Hills

These classes are for you if you’re looking for a high-intensity workout without worrying about your knees. Climbing classes are great for your knees because you’ll be mostly on the saddle.

You will lose more calories than you could have hoped with a bad knee.

Low Impact Classes

Because of their lower intensity, low impact classes are great for knee injuries recovery. Low-impact classes are great because they can be longer without having a negative effect on your knee.

Beginner Classes

It is a great idea to sign up for beginner classes if you are just starting out with cycling. You won’t feel sore because the classes aren’t as demanding. Once you feel comfortable with the classes, you can move on to advanced and intermediate options.

Start with shorter spinning classes, such as 10 minutes, until your body is ready for the 60-minute Power Zone classes.

Recovery Classes

Peloton recommends that you attend recovery classes at least once per week. Consider taking a class to help with your bad knee recovery.

Peloton offers both passive and active recovery classes to improve your knee health. You can also choose to relax and sleep without any type of workout to replenish your body’s strength.

Peloton Classes for Bad Knees?

Peloton has provided many testimonials about people who have had knee surgery, suffered from early injuries or had their knees repaired. Peloton offers more than just indoor cycling. The indoor bike is more forgiving and more flexible than the outdoor bike.

Peloton offers a variety of workouts to choose from, so you can find the best one for you.

The Peloton bike is also comfortable and high-quality. As long as the handlebars and seat are correctly adjusted, your knee won’t be in danger.

Finally, Peloton has clipless pedals. Your feet will be locked unless you modify the clip to make it more secure. Your bad knee will be more comfortable if your feet are less flexible.

Also bear in mind that if you have wide feet, Peloton recommends shoes specially designed to accommodate wide feet, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit while cycling.

Peloton offers strength, stretching and yoga classes that could strengthen your knees in addition to cycling.

Bottom Line

Peloton is good overall for bad knees. Peloton is good for healing the knees because it is less impactful and more gentle on the knees. They can still flex the knee cap, prevent inactivity, and ensure that the knee is not stressed.

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