Get to Know the Peloton Instructor Changing the Game: Jess Sims

Jess sims was a kindergarten teacher before coming to the Peloton. She played basketball from a tender age and later became a captain in high school and college. While growing up, Jess had challenges with her biracial identity, but she met a coach who helped her overcome this and is currently one of the first color woman Peloton instructors.

After being trained as a teacher, she worked in various capacities in schools before discovering her true calling as a coach for fitness and health awareness. She decided to become a teacher at the Peloton after she retired from teaching. She incorporates different training methods into her workout sessions to make them engaging, fun, and enjoyable.

Jess Sims: Hometown, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Profession, Birthday, Instagram, Biography, and More

Full NameJess Sims
BirthplaceMassachusetts city north of Boston
Home TownN/A
Age31 years
BirthdayOctober 3, 1990
Birth SignLibra
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight64 kgs
Diet/Eating Habit/ Favorite Foods‘Shreggie’ vegetable, Daves Killer Bread, avocado, eggs, nuts, salads, hummus, apples, chicken sausage, and shrimp
Role Models/ Favorite PeopleThe Peloton members, father
Favorite DestinationsN/A
Favorite Dish/FoodDaves Killer Bread, avocado, eggs, nuts, salads, hummus, apples, chicken sausage, and shrimp
Favorite ProductsN/A
EducationTrinity College
Marital StatusSingle
Children/ BabyN/A
Current ProfessionPeloton instructor
Previous ProfessionKindergarten teacher, Boxer instructor
Notable BooksN/A
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Net WorthBetween $1.5 and $2.4 million
Disease DiagnosedN/A

Jess Sims Early Life and family

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Jess grew up in Massachusetts city north Boston under her Italian mother and a black policeman father. Her mother taught her to be a caring person, while the father inspired and encouraged her to be an active sportswoman. From the age of 6 years, Jess started playing basketball, and her father was always there to support her.

The girl, who was born in Massachusetts, also participated in tap and ballet, jazz, softball and skating, as well as tennis. She became interested in lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. Jess is naturally a leader and an athlete. This trait she acquired as a child. This led her to become a captain in three sports during high school, and then a captain in college.

Jess faced many challenges growing up as a biracial person. She was 13 years old when she met her AAU coach who gave her an article called “I’m Black and White”. She said that she knows some people view her as a white person, while others see her differently. Jess recalled that she has never seen her grandfather from her mother’s side for a long time in her lifetime. They had a disagreement when she married her black father. Jess is currently single and has no information on her past relationships.

Jess Sims Career Journey

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Jess started her career in Houston as a Teach for America teacher. This opportunity came about by chance after she saw a flyer in her college’s bathroom. It turned out to be a great opportunity that she wouldn’t want to miss. She moved to Houston, Texas after completing her master’s degree in education and a major in teacher leadership.

Later, she taught kindergarten in Harlem, New York as a professional teacher. Jess rose up the ranks to become an operations manager for the school K-12 network. When she was offered the chance to become assistant principal in Lynn (Massachusetts), she was able to make a significant advancement in her career.

Jess Sims Career Change

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She felt something was not right while working as an assistant principal. Jess believes she could save money and have a balanced life, work time and good income. But something was wrong. This is when she began her fitness, health, wellness, and financial journey. Fear made it difficult for her to change her career at first. It was easier to be a teacher in a different environment, but she realized later that it was much more rewarding. After six months, she returned to New York City as a HIIT and boxing instructor at various boutique studios.

After one year, she was contacted by Peloton to request that she attend an audition for a coaching position. After chatting over coffee with Rebecca Kennedy, a Peloton instructor and a former student in her boxing class, this was. Kennedy shared with her future possibilities and Kennedy suggested to her that Jess should be part of the team to launch Pelotons. new treadmill.

Jess loved the idea, but she wasn’t ready to jump at the chance. She believed she needed to train more to be comfortable running in front cameras. After one year, fate brought her to another
Peloton instructor. Olivia Amato, a Peloton instructor, asked her to join the Peloton. She was ready to do it. Jess reached out to Rebeca Kennedy to let her know that she was interested in joining the team. After a coffee meeting, she attended auditions and was successful.

Jess Sims Journey After She Joined Peloton

Jess was the first woman of colour to become a Peloton instructor. This made her nervous. After meeting Tunde Oyeneyin, a Peloton instructor, they were able meet #blackgirl magic. Sub-group members at one of her studio classes. She was encouraged to be herself by the team and assured of their love, which helped to dispel her fears.

Jess Sims as A Peloton Instructor

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Jess joined Peloton as an instructor in 2018 and has since been able to reach more than 2kk online students. Jess is a Peloton instructor and tries to encourage women to feel confident in their strength and image. She believes that being thin is natural, but that both thicker and thinner people are beautiful. She believes she is still a teacher, which has allowed her to grow professionally and personally.

Jess believes that being close to her father helped her develop many skills she uses in her
peloton classes. Jess insists on teamwork, hard work and discipline when she takes part in her classes. She believes there is a connection through sweat, which she considers to be pain, joy, happiness.

Jess Sims Training Style

Jess uses ‘glazed donut’ warm-ups (a nickname for her steamy workout sessions) style to keep her students on toes. She also incorporates muscle shaking programs which anyone, regardless of age, can comfortably do. She makes her sessions interactive and engaging to ensure everyone enjoys, has fun
and be attentive. Jess uses EMOMs, AMRAPs, and listening games as a way of incorporating teaching in her classes. She also includes a playlist in her workout sessions that helps her students feel refreshed during the workout sessions. Jess has a signature phrase for her class “how you do anything
is how you do everything.”

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