Get to Know Kendall Toole: The Peloton Instructor Making Waves in the Fitness Industry

Kendall Toole believes that she is a natural fighter. She encourages her students to be themselves and believes in their strength. After training in gymnastics, cheerleading and boxing, she has earned many titles.

Kendall, who studied film and business at the University of Southern California, knew that she would find a job in this field. After working at a startup in tech, she realized that this was not the career she wanted. As fate would have it, she changed her career and began teaching at a West Hollywood boxing gym. Kendall says that this was her true calling, to help others break down barriers through movement and sweat.

She is currently a Peloton instructor and encourages her members to keep their positive energy. She believes that fitness is a journey and that we all are in it together. Her goal is to make you feel proud and curious at each session.

Kendall Toole: Hometown, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Profession, Birthday, Instagram, Biography, and More.

Full NameKendall Toole
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
Home TownN/A
Age28 years
BirthdayJanuary 28, 1993
Birth SignAquarius
Height5 feet 7 inches
Diet/Eating Habit/ Favorite FoodsNon-vegetarian
Role Models/ Favorite PeopleFather
LikesListening to music, singing, exploring new places, playing ukulele
Favorite DestinationsN/A
Favorite Dish/FoodN/A
Favorite ProductsN/A
Marital StatusIn a relationship (Joseph Nicholas)
Children/ BabyN/A
Current ProfessionPeloton fitness instructor, model
Previous ProfessionGym instructor, dancer, boxer
Eye colorBrown
Notable BooksN/A
Social MediaInstagram: fitxkendall, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Net WorthApproximately $7 million
Disease DiagnosedOCD, depression, and anxiety

Kendall Toole Early Life

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Kendall Toole was raised in California, where she was born. As a child, Kendall struggled silently with OCD and depression until she was 11. She suffered from OCD and depression until she went to university. This was what denied her happiness. These dark moments were not shared with her family or friends because she didn’t want to burden anyone.

This didn’t affect her school performance, athleticism, or lively personality. She was able to attend school and completed several courses, some of them active.

Kendall Toole Family

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Kendall was raised by her parents and her siblings. According to her social media posts she adores her dad. In an Instagram post, she wrote, “got to honor one the most important people I know, my dad.“They can knock your head down, but they won’t knock you out. Pops, I love you, thanks for all the love and lessons and the amazing laughs. You are a true father to me.

Kendall does not mention any of her family members. She does say that her mom went to fashion science school. She (the mother) used make every Halloween costume she wanted. Kendall also recalls how her mother denied Kendall the opportunity to dye her hair black. She is proud of her hair and grateful for her mother’s firm stand.

Kendall Toole Career Before Joining Peloton

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Kendall attended the University of Southern California, where she studied cheerleading and gymnastics. At the same university, she studied film and business. She got her first job after that, but it wasn’t what she wanted.

She decided to change her career and took a job at a West Hollywood boxing gym. Later, she was offered a second job at a different gym. Her film mentor at the university owned the first fitness studio Kendall worked at. Her mentor gave her great advice and introduced her to boxing. She was her employer for many years.

Kendall said that boxing has been more than a sport since Kendall accepted to join it. It became therapy for Kendall, which helped her get through her mental struggles.

Kendall Toole As a Peloton Instructor

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Kendall received a DM from Peloton after she had worked for one year at the new boxing gym. In September 2019, she joined Peloton to become an instructor. She claims that cycling wasn’t her area of expertise because she was also active in boxing.

She had to adapt to her new job and is now a top Peloton instructor. Fashion-conscious instructor, she says she takes her time choosing what to wear and how to do her hair before class. She credits her mom for making her Halloween costumes exactly as she wanted.

Kendall Tooles Classes at Peloton

Kendall attends classes on Peloton in brightly colored costumes such as oranges, pinks and blues. She uses this to send different messages her students. A neon green outfit is a sign of mental awareness. If it’s a beanie it’s a sign of pop punk emo class and it’s something her students are aware of.

Kendall Tooles Life Outside Peloton

Kendall can be found singing or playing the ukulele when she isn’t in class. She has been posting videos on her social media of herself singing and playing the ukulele. She also loves music, movies, and movement.

She believes that it’s therapeutic and a great way to heal oneself. She also believes that it is soul-soothing to find some time each day to express yourself and bring some music to the world.

She also loves her dog Bowie, whom she adopted in May 2020. The black-and-white puppy is very comfortable traveling with Kendall to new places. Bowie has more than 3k Instagram followers. Kendall loves to explore new places with bowie and her boyfriend.

Kendall Toole Classes at Peloton and Teaching Style

Kendall uses positive energy and rock and rolling to encourage her students to discover their potential. She believes that everyone has the right to choose to listen to the voice in their heads. Kendall says that the voice can either hold one back or help him rise. All of this depends on how you train. To help people sweat and have fun, she uses different music in her classes.

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