Get to know the Peloton Instructor who's shaking up the game: Kristin McGee

Kristin McGee was a celebrity yoga instructor at Peloton before she made her big-time debut. She had previously worked as a yoga teacher and a Pilates instructor at a gym. Kristin always wanted to be an actor and a dancer as a child. During her time at the New York University Tisch School of the arts where she learned yoga, things changed. She graduated with a BFA and became a certified instructor of yoga.

MTV later discovered Kristin and she appeared in a yoga video series with Lori Trespicio of the Real World. She also appeared in another video with Bethenny Frangel. Yoga enthusiasts believe that a few minutes of yoga per day can bring balance and harmony into your life. Author and Mompreneur, Kelly Ryan and Kelly, have appeared on several shows, including Good Morning America, Vogue, and Live with Kelly.

Kristin Mcgee: Hometown, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Profession, Birthday, Instagram, Biography, and More

Full NameKristin McGee
BirthplaceIdaho, United States
Home TownN/A
Age48 years
BirthdayAugust 31, 1973
Birth SignVirgo
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight49 kg
Diet/Eating Habit/ Favorite FoodsN/A
Role Models/ Favorite PeopleMom, Steve Martin, and Ayn Rand
LikesBeing a mom, cooking, writing, yoga, theater, music, dance, hiking, ski, camping, and Pilates
Favorite DestinationsSun Valley Idaho, Positano, and Amalfi Coast
Favorite Dish/FoodPizza and noodles
Favorite ProductsAura Cacia essential oils, hatch maternity yoga tanks toe sox, leg warmers
EducationNew York University Tisch School of the Arts
Marital StatusMarried to Timothy O’Shea (recently filed for divorce from the spouse)
Children/ Baby3 sons
Current ProfessionPeloton instructor
Previous ProfessionPilates instructor, ACE personal trainer, actor, yoga instructor, author
Notable BooksChair Yoga, Sit Stretch, Strengthen Your Way to A Happier, Healthier You
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Net Worth$5 million in 2020
Disease DiagnosedAnorexia (while in her 20’s)


Kristin McGee Early Life

Kristin McGee was raised in Idaho. As a child, she had aspirations to be a dancer or actor. But, fate intervened and she became a Peloton instructor. Kristin has been performing ballet, jazz, tap, and other forms of dance since she was four years old. She claims her family is full entertainers. Her parents were the lead players in Little Mary Sunshine. Before eloping, she attended Idaho state university. Kristin’s parents were blessed to have three children, two boys and one girl.

She recalls that her father loved to sing and play the piano. Her mom supported him and encouraged him to start a singing group called K. C. and the sunshine children. Kristin was inspired by this and aspired to become a Broadway star.

Kristin McGee Family and Relationship

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She is 48 years old and doesn’t give much information about her siblings or parents. She does have three sons, Robert, William, and Timothy. It is not known if Kristin is currently dating after she filed for divorce from Timothy O? Shea, her ex-husband.

Kristin McGee Journey to Becoming a Yoga Instructor

Kristin discovered Pilates while studying at New York University’s theater program. They used to include yoga and Pilates during warm-ups in the theater. After she graduated from university, her parents gave her a gym membership. She gravitated towards the Pilates and yoga classes. Kristin felt like she was home after her first class. She found the connection and movement she had been searching for.

She did a headstand, realizing that she must have done yoga in her past lives. Kristin knew from that moment that this was her calling because she felt drawn to the practice. Kristin signed up for a yoga certificate even though she had never taken a yoga class. She was granted accreditation in 1997 and began teaching yoga at the gym immediately.

She could substitute-teach Pilates classes for a few instructors during her time at the gym. She decided to go to Kane school for core integration and became certified in Pilates with Kelly Kane. Kristin believes that, although there are similarities between Pilates and yoga, they are two different disciplines.

Turning Point in Kristin McGee Career


Kristin received a career boost while she was teaching yoga in Times Square. Kristin was approached by a MTV producer after her class. She wanted to know if Kristin had taken headshots. Kristin was still active in her acting career at the time and was ready for anything. After meeting with the MTV producer, Kristin was offered the role of host, choreographer, star, and star in the MTV yoga video.

Surprisingly, the DVD was a huge success. The next year, they produced MTV Pilates, and MTV Power Yoga, which was filmed in Arizona. They produced MTV Pilates mix after one year. Kristin believes MTV helped to market her, which allowed her work with many celebrities. She worked with stars like Tina Fey and Leann Rimes, Steve Martin, Jenifer Lawrence, Emilia Clarke, Savannah Guthrie, Emilia Clarke and Savannah Guthrie. She was also featured on the cover of? Pilate’s Style? She has been featured in the magazine three times, and she has been a HSN expert for Pilates power workouts for seven years.

Her memorable moment was in 2010, when she got to play? Kaitlin, a yogaerobics instructor. Season 4 of 30 Rock was with Jason Sudeikis. Because she was able to combine acting, yoga, Pilates, which is her passion,

Kristin McGee as A Yoga Instructor at Peloton

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Kristin, a Pocatello, Idaho girl, received another good news after she reached a career milestone at MTV. She was grateful to have a contract with Peloton for 2018. She believes that the magic of working out together and connecting to others is a true gift. Kristin says that connecting to your core is more than a physical process. It helps you feel more connected to your core values, instincts and true self. It strengthens our relationships to a powerhouse that gives us the strength to accomplish all things in life.

Kristin is currently balancing her life as a mom, entrepreneur, author, and yoga
instructor at Peloton
to ensure everything goes well. She spares enough time for her boys daily to ensure they grow to be the most caring human beings
on earth. She helped on the pioneering peloton yoga program and is currently working with them.

Kristin McGee Workout Sessions at Peloton

Kristin has a weekly schedule at Peloton that includes teaching yoga and Pilates. She does 4 yoga sessions, 2-4 Pilates routines and 1-2 upper body strength exercises. She also does 2 - 4 Pilates routines. To stay on top of her game and make her classes great, she also incorporates cardio exercises throughout the week. She insists that she follows her weekly routine to keep her lifestyle intact. Sessions last between 20 and 45 minutes.

Kristin McGee Training Style

Kristin loves making yoga accessible and enjoyable. Kristin does this by finding a flow, playing a great music, and sneaking in alignment cues to keep the pace going. She believes that a down-dog a days keeps the doctor away.

She keeps a smile on her faces to motivate her members. She encourages them to move and do challenging poses to keep them feeling good about their bodies. She claims that she wants to help everyone realize how much they can achieve in all they do.

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