An In-Depth Look at the Mavic Aksium Wheelset: Is It Right for You?

Mavic Aksium wheelsets are a great upgrade for road and tricycles. This is a classic product that has been popular for many years. You can still find great deals on used Aksiums.

FYI - Mavic regards the Ksyrium as the entry-level wheelet today. They are as reliable and available as the Aksium, and they are also new. The Ksyrium can be found here on Amazon.

The Aksium has been long considered to be the entry-level Mavic rim, and they still outperform the stock wheels on many entry level road bikes. Because Mavic makes high-end wheelsets, the Aksium is able to take advantage of that engineering by gradually moving down to the entry-level model.

Aksium Features

The latest model is very popular because it removes a lot of weight and supports lightweight tires. This item adds a disc model to the Mavic brand’s outstanding quality and unique feel. It’s also a great choice for gravel bikes, and a tribute to French engineering.

You may have noticed a growing preference for wider tires in the bicycle world. We are sure you have noticed this trend and will be following the Mavic Aksium wheelset. Its most distinctive feature is the wider-than-average, rim. The product has many great features and is very easy on the pocket. Although it doesn’t have the same performance as high-end products, it is still comparable to those of higher-end wheelsets.

These products have aerodynamic details that are always a plus point. The wheelset’s wheels are made from S6000 aluminum and are very light for their price. The brake surfaces have enhanced friction thanks to the UB Control technology that mills the brake’s surface. This allows for controlled stopping in wet conditions.

QRM bearings are extremely reliable and easy to maintain. The manufacturer’s brilliant design is responsible for their reduced tension loss, durability and strength as well as stiffness. The set includes 20 spokes made of steel. Each spoke is fitted with Mavic Self Lock technology. This uses a specific shape at the spoke end to make it difficult for the thread to move.

Mavic’s Yksion Elite Guard tire is a great option for the Elites. It will last longer, handle corner speed better and reduce the likelihood of them getting flat. A sleeve joint was used instead of the pin version to reduce the rim’s weight.

Road Test of Mavic Aksium Wheelset

These Aksiums can penetrate the outer layer of the rim, unlike standard single-eyelet wheels. They aren’t recommended for racing, unless you have spares to keep your precious, expensive jewels safe. If you are looking for the fastest wheels and lightest set, then look elsewhere.

If you are able to ride long distances, the Mavic Aksium wheelset will be a great choice. They are also great for training. The wheels have flat-blade spokes and spin easily thanks to the QRM bearings. These wheels are not the lightest on the market but you will save some money by weighing them down a little.


They can withstand any weather conditions, as we have already mentioned in our review. They are highly recommended if you’re looking for something that can withstand rain, snow, and dirt. Their bearings are smooth and the wheels move beautifully. The Mavic Aksiums could be the right choice if you are looking for rugged, tried-and-true road wheels that won’t break the bank.

Because of their wider rims, they are more comfortable on longer rides. This is also why they work well with 25mm tires. Mavic used H2 Hammer Hardening for reinforcement of the spoke holes. This reduces the chance of the spokes being pulled through the rim’s surface.

You can conquer mountains with confidence thanks to the wheelset’s increased stopping power and absence of vibrations under braking. You may be wondering how they managed it. The brake’s surface texture was upgraded by the UB control, a machining process.


It is easy to find the Mavic Aksium wheelset on the market, and its price falls within the bargain category. The following price ranges were available when we last looked:

Prices for the Aksium vary depending on their size and current sales/discounts. It is a wheel that costs less than $300, but can sometimes be purchased for as low as $200.
Get the most recent prices here.

This is a good price range for wheels that are so high quality. They will perform well on roads, but they aren’t so expensive that you wouldn’t feel guilty about using them on the trainer or taking a gravel shortcut occasionally if necessary.

Tubeless, Disc and Gravel Compatibility

The Aksium is a clincher tire. It is compatible with tubeless tires. If you are interested, most Mavics can accept a tubeless tire.

Late-model Aksium wheels can be used with disc brakes right out of the box.

Aksium tires can only be 32mm wide. We wouldn’t recommend them for gravel bikes. A gravel bike should be capable of handling wheels up to 35mm.


A similar long-riding or training set could be an alternative to the Mavic Aksium Wheelset.

  • Shimano WH-R500. The Shimano RS80 wheelset weighs a little more than the Aksium and features a freehub frame. It also has a similar rim profile as the Aksium.
  • Aksium. The list price of Aksium is slightly lower than the other options, making it an affordable option. Most reviews are positive, with riders being satisfied with their purchase.
  • Fulcrum Racing 5. Fulcrum Racing 5. Heavy riders complain about the excessive rim flex and poor welding quality.
  • Vision Team 5 Wheelset. This set, which is pricier than the Aksium (21mm), is made from aluminium. It has a higher rim diameter (35mm) than the Aksium (21mm). This makes it an excellent choice for those who want something quicker.


The Mavic Aksium set offers a great deal if you’re looking to replace your stock wheels. These wheelsets are by no means inferior to the ones you would get for your first bike. They are reliable and sturdy, with almost no maintenance, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy free riding, regardless of whether it is sunny or snowing. They will be loved by commuters and high-milers alike who don’t want to have to maintain them. These will be a favorite choice for recreational riders as well.

A locking mechanism for the Mavic and any other wheelset is also recommended. These are nice enough wheels that thieves could not target them. They are also easy to remove in a matter of minutes. This problem can be solved by a locking skewer, or any other locking system.

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