Best Wheelset for Road Biking? Mavic Ksyrium Reviewed

Mavic’s Ksyrium Road Bicycle Wheelset
( Available on Amazon)is designed to enhance the performance of any triathlon or road bike. Ksyrium has been a popular choice for many years due to its high performance, strength, light weight, and affordable price. These models are known for their durability and ability go miles without any problems.

The Pro Carbon is the mainstay of Mavic’s endurance wheels lineup. However, there are many other wheels in the Ksyrium range. The Pro Carbon is more than $2,000 per pair and the base Ksyrium is about $700 per pair. The Ksyrium is an upgrade to the entry-level Mavic Aksiumwheel.

Ksyrium Wheels

This wheel has been around since 1999 so it is a reliable performer.

Here are the Mavic Ksyrium’s performance figures. A strong rim is the key to all of it. It is obvious that the rim has no holes in it. This is an intentional design. A special process is used by the manufacturer to create stronger rims. The machinery enters from the outside wall and drills the hole. The rims are much more rigid than those that have been drilled all the time and are more resistant to fatigue stress.

They also use a lighter and more durable alloy than the regular ones. Another clever method is used to join the joint. This prevents shuttering when applying brakes. Mavic employs an inner spoke milling (ISM) technique to lighten the rim. This involves removing the material from between the spokes. Although it doesn’t alter the rigidity of the wheel, it reduces the rotational weight, which allows for better acceleration and climbing.

This wheel has a wider rim than the average tyre, which is equivalent to the tyre being wider. This particular detail allows for a good integration of the tire and rim. You also have the option to choose from a variety of nipple or hub colors, which allows you some creative freedom. You can create some very interesting visual matches or contrasts depending on the frame color.

As a standard option, the Ksyrium lineup now has a tubeless-rim. This is something we love, and tubeless will soon take over the world if it doesn’t already.

They are light in weight and, although they don’t feel feathery, they do fit into the ’light’ range. This is a reasonable price for such a lightweight product. You might also be interested in the QRM bearings. They are featured on these products. When we hear that lighter wheels are needed, we want them to be durable. Most cyclists spend more time riding on the shoulders of roads than they do in velodromes. Ksyriums offer a great weight-durability combo.

The spoke nipples on the newer models are more secure as they are screwed directly into the rim and the holes are pushed through instead of drilling. The pushed-up material can be threaded to make the nipple very secure.

Road Test Mavic Ksyrium Wheelset

These wheels are very comfortable to ride on, and provide excellent grip in corners when paired with a quality road. Their wide rim has been a popular feature with riders. A wider rim means faster wheels.

They might not be the best choice if your goal is to ride at high speeds or light climbing. You can also expect lower chances of pinch flats and better rolling efficiency (windy roads are calling you), as well as improved traction in corners. This is all thanks to the increased air volume.

You’ll notice a more rounded profile than other similar items if you keep your eyes on the rim. This not only gives it a more attractive appearance, but also reduces inertia and improves aerodynamics. Bonus points? Definitely!

Mavic Ksyriums are known for their bombproof nature. The wheels can be sped without any flex and brake rub. Their tires are known for their excellent grip and smooth rolling in all weather conditions. They are very versatile and can be used in a variety of weather conditions. However, they tend to wear quickly.

The width was mentioned – the Ksyrium can hold a tire ranging from 25 to 32mm. If durability is your main concern, you can choose a slightly wider Gatorskin-style rubber. Be sure to adjust your brake caliper as necessary.

What are the highs and lows of life? You bet! The strength and stiffness of the ISM technology, as well as the weight, are maintained. There will be smooth ascends and descents. The brake track has a great control structure, so you will have great stopping power, rain or shine.

Although we haven’t done it ourselves, others have combined the Powertap Power Meter Hub with the Ksyrium. This can be a time-consuming process, but it will provide a long-term solution to measuring your power.

Ksyrium Pricing

Mavic Ksyrium wheelsets are very popular and therefore the prices are quite competitive. The Ksyrium is actually a whole line of tires, as we have already mentioned. These are two of our favorites, and some examples of their prices:

Ksyrium Elite - “Entry-level” Ksyrium (but not an entry-level one!) You can find it here on Amazon.

Ksyrium Pro is for serious riders. Amazon has it all.

Ksyrium Alternatives

A comparable product to the Mavic Ksyrium Wheelset might be an option for those who are passionate about both cruising and racing.

Stan’s NoTubes Arch Ex27.5. This wheelset is light, with a wide rim and tough character. It is cheaper than the Mavic, but heavier than the Ksyriums.

Zipp 404. If you’re considering the more expensive Ksyirum Carbon, then you will be in a similar league to the Zipp 404. This wheel is great for time trialling or triathlon. Have a look and compare.

You can move up to the highest-end carbon Ksyrium and be in the same price bracket as the Zipp.

Ritchey Zeta II. The Ritchey Zeta II Road Wheelset, which is slightly more expensive (about 100$ added to the Ksyrium cost), has a lighter design and the preferred wide rim. It’s not as popular but can be worth the extra money if you are willing to spend more.

You can always make your own wheel using a high-quality hub such as a Swiss 350 and then customize from there. It is much more straightforward to purchase a wheelset if you have the tools and time.

We recommend the Ksyrium, everything being equal.

Which should you choose?

You can only answer this question. However, our observation is that most people will be happy with less-expensive aluminums. Aluminum is fine unless you race and need all the power you can get from your bike. They are strong, but also very light. The carbons are a good option if you’re looking to upgrade your bike. We recommendthat bike upgrades not begin with the wheelset.


Ksyrium wheelsets are a solid product for training and everyday use. They are reliable, durable, qualitative, easy to maintain, and very easy to service. They are solid and reliable. They are great for moderate riding and cruising, even though they may not be recommended for extreme climbing or fast riding.

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