Michael Phelps Knows Best: The Easy Way to Get Golden Results

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, has joined the iFIT training team. HTMLFIT posted a tweet on Monday, June 12 welcoming Phelps. They also announced the launch of his upcoming series “Train Like a Pro”: Gold Series.

iFIT recently hired Michael Phelps as a new Olympian trainer. Alex Morgan , a professional soccer player and Olympic champion, released a cardio- and strength series last month on iFIT.

iFIT provided more information on Instagram. Phelps has compiled a list of his favourite iFIT running and biking workouts. This is called the “Train Like a Pro Gold Series”. Phelps will also be coaching in his own Train Like a Pro Series later this year.

Rumours circulated that Peloton was interested in working with Phelps last April (likely to use his name to train with Champions Collection). It seems that he chose to be a coach and more involved with iFIT.

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