MYX Fitness vs. Peloton - Which is Right for You? [Comprehensive Guide]

MYX has done an amazing job, even though most at-home spinning bicycles aren’t even close to Peloton. You will find it difficult to choose between the two bikes due to their similar characteristics.

The MYX and Peloton bikes have their own unique characteristics, which gives them an edge over their competitors. Peloton has many advantages, even though MYX is currently the most prominent competitor to Peloton.

Which one do you prefer between MYX and Peloton? Peloton or MYX? This review might strengthen your belief or, who knows?, it could change your mind.

Head To Head Comparison between Peloton and MYX Fitness Bike

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between MYX and Peloton. It will be easy to understand at a glance.

FeaturePelotonMYX Fitness
ModelsPeloton, Peloton Bike+MYX, MYX Plus
Bike SizePeloton: 59 in x 23 in (150 cm x 58 cm) Peloton Bike+: 59 in x 22 in (150 cm x 56 cm)MYX: 54 in x 21 in (137 cm x 53 cm)
Bike WeightPeloton: 135 pounds (61 kg) Peloton Bike+: 140 pounds (63.5 kg)MYX: 134 pounds (60.8 kg)
Max User Height/Weight CapacityPeloton: 6'4”/297 pounds (134.7 kg) Peloton Bike+: 6'8”/350 pounds (158.8 kg)MYX: 6'8”/350 pounds (158.8 kg)
Screen SizePeloton: 21.5-inch (54.6-cm) touchscreen Peloton Bike+: 23.8 (60.5-cm) rotating touchscreenMYX: 21.5-inch (54.6-cm) swiveling touchscreen
Resistance TypeMagnetic (Peloton Bike+ features automatic resistance adjustment)Friction
Footprint4′ L x 2′ W3′ 4″ L x 1′ 7″ W
PedalsLook DeltaSPD & Toe Cages
ShoesRequires Delta-compatible shoesSPD shoes or Non-cycling shoes
Ride With SneakersNeed to purchase toe cageYes
AppPelotonMYX Fitness
On-Demand ClassesYesYes
Live ClassesYesYes
Monthly Membership Costs$39 per month$29 per month
Classes and TrainersThousands of classes with world-class trainers: All-Access membership includes live and on-demand classesHundreds of classes with pretty good trainers: MYX membership includes access to an extensive workout library
Heart Rate MonitoringYesYes
SeatSport series saddle with ergonomic channelStandard road bike saddle
Warranty12-MONTH on parts, labor, and accessories 5-year on frame12-MONTH on parts, labor, and accessories 5-year on frame

Similarities between MYX and Peloton Bikes

Both are spinning bikes so they share a common ground: they both can be used as at-home exercise bikes. But there’s more to it.

1. Both Bikes Have Two Versions Each

Peloton’s original bike is the Peloton bike. It costs less than the all-new Peloton plus. The bike plus is an evolution of the Peloton bike with many desirable features that bike owners wish would be on the original bike.

MYX began with the MYX bike, which was affordable. They now have a slightly more expensive option on the market than the original MYX. The MYX II bike is the new model, and it has all the unique features you would expect from a peloton competitor.

2. Both Bikes Use Clip-In Pedals

Clip-in pedals are best for spinning and most indoor bikes can adapt to them. They provide superior power transfer and top-notch performance.

MYX and Peloton both use clipless pedals . However, they are different.
MYX uses the SPD system,
Peloton uses Look Delta cleat systems.

3. Both bikes Have Live and On-Demand Classes

These bikes are different from other home spinning bikes because they have built-in classes. Peloton and MYX bikes are sufficient to provide bike workout classes.

They provide instructors to help you with your workouts and make your at-home workouts more productive.

To access these classes, both bikes require a subscription. This subscription allows you to get a gym-guided workout for less than a month and unlimited classes.

Differences between MYX and Peloton Bikes

Let’s now look at the uniqueness of each bike, which makes MYX different than Peloton and vice versa.

1. Cost

Peloton’s high-end pricing has made it a household name. This is a place for elegant and luxurious products. The lowest priced bike is $1495 and the bike plus pricing is $2495. The monthly subscription is more expensive than MYX, and it includes the bike. To enjoy the full benefits of a Peloton, you will need to pay $39 per month for the bike.

You can choose a lower subscription, however, unlike the MYX. You can choose the
Peloton digital membership for $12.99 per month. It is however free for the first month. This allows you to adjust to the high price of the Peloton bicycle.

MYX, on the other hand, is far too expensive for its services. The original MYX bike sells for $1299, while its new MYX II is $1399. You can also subscribe to the monthly subscription for access to both live and on demand classes. It costs $29 per month.

2. Classes

Both bikes are focused on different class targets. The Leaderboard is a competition feature that allows riders from the same peloton
class to compete. It encourages users to improve and beat their competitors on the Leaderboard.

There are professional coaches who will encourage you to reach milestones. They make it seem so easy and possible, and set high goals for resistance and cadence you never thought possible. Trust me, you will meet those expectations by the end of class.

However, MYX classes focus on cardio goals. You are encouraged to make your heart beat the fastest possible. This will make you a winner. MYX is only for you, and there is no leaderboard to show off your fellow riders.

MYX instructors are gentle and encourage you to do the best you can. The desire to do more is not there.

MYX is the best indoor spinning bike if you are able to maintain your workout discipline and not be pushed. Peloton is the best indoor spinning bike if you need motivation to reach your workout goals.

Both bikes offer on-demand and live classes, but Peloton live classes are more effective than MYX for most people. This could be due to the Leaderboard and the instructors? We are yet to prove this.

Peloton is more popular than MYX when it comes to the number available classes. It already has thousands of classes available on-demand, and these numbers continue to grow every day. MYX is still relatively new and has only hundreds of full-body workout classes that you can stream.

Peloton also offers accessories that can be added to your bike, in addition to the off-bike classes. The bike’s extra cost is still much less than buying the accessories separately.

3. User Height and Weight

Unfortunately, spinning bikes have a
ceiling and a minimum. They can also handle a maximum weight.

Peloton bikes can handle a maximum weight of 305lbs. To fit on the bike, the user must be between 4?11 and 6?5 inches tall.

MYX, on the other hand has a wider range of weight and height restrictions. It can accommodate people up to 6'8" tall and up to 305lbs in weight.

MYX is the best choice if you feel overweight or over 6'5?

4. Screen

Both bikes have large touch screens that can be used for workouts. They measure 21.5 inches in size. Peloton has the advantage with the bike plus, which has a 32 inch screen.

The screens are different. The original Peloton bike had a screen that could not rotate if it was fixed. The bike plus solves this problem with a

The screen that rotates 360° comes at a higher price.

The MYX bikes, on the other hand, have screens that can rotate 360 degrees.

A rotating screen is necessary for both the bikes and the workouts they offer. It also allows for easy ground and other off-bike exercises.

You can adjust the music and voice of the instructor on the Peloton bike screen. You must follow the instructor’s playlist even if you don’t like it.

The MYX bike screen, on the other hand, allows you to adjust the music and the instructor’s voice for balance and allow you choose music. You can also skip the playlist up to five times so you can ride with your favorite music.

5. Pedals

Both bikes have clipless pedals that allow you to wear
cycling shoes with cleats. The pedals used by both bikes are different.

Peloton pedals have Look Delta, which allows for three-hole clipping in. There are two options: You can use either the Look Delta cleats, or the SPD-SL cleats for your Peloton shoes.

MYX uses SPD pedals and requires that you use the two-hole SPD clamps. The MYX bike pedals can be clipped or clipped, but that’s not all.

You can also wear casual shoes while riding on the bike, even if you don’t have the SPD clip-ins. Clip-in shoes offer the best power transfer. Casual shoes are also available for casual rides or less intense rides.

6. Bike Dimensions

Peloton bikes are lighter than MYX bikes and therefore easier to transport. You can use transport wheels to move the bike around on uneven ground, but a lighter bike will make it easier. MYX is 134lbs and the Peloton bike is 125lbs. Flywheels are only 35 lbs and 41 lbs respectively.

This weight difference isn’t significant, and it helps to stabilize the bikes.

The MYX bike is smaller in dimensions and can be used in tight spaces. It measures 3?4 inches in length and 1?7 inches in width. Peloton, on the other hand, has a footprint that is 4 feet long by 2 feet wide.

7. Resistance

Both bikes have resistance, but the type and mode differ. Peloton bikes have magnetic flywheel resistance systems. Riders can adjust the resistance based on which rides they are taking.

MYX bikes have a mechanical friction resistance system. Your cardio fitness will also affect your resistance levels. It doesn’t really push you as hard as you would like.

So, MYX Fitness Bike Or Peloton?

It can be confusing to choose between the two, but both bikes make a great impression. Both bikes are durable and made of quality materials. They come with a competitive warranty as well as return policies.

But, I can help you: the MYX bike makes a great option.

Peloton bikes are the best option if you want to improve your workouts and day with community support.


Peloton vs. MYX fitness bikesBoth bikes are great for indoor workouts due to their many similarities. It is difficult to choose between the two bikes due to their vast differences. With a single goal in mind, however, you can be certain to get the perfect pick.

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