No More Struggling to Reach the Handlebars: The Perfect Peloton Adjuster for Every Rider

There is no way to tell how many of the 3 million Peloton members are short riders, like me. Here’s what I can say: There is a #shortietribe hashtag in the Peloton leaderboard.

A Peloton for Short Riders Facebook group has almost 10,500 members. There are many Pelotons for petite and short riders.

I am 5'4’’ and qualify for the Peloton Shortie Tribe. This is how administrators describe the Facebook group that focuses on Peloton for shorter riders.

“This place is for petite and powerful Peloton riders, if you’re 5'4’’ or less.”

Why not join the Shortie Tribe?

Although I have had my Peloton since 2016, it was not until 2016 that I realized how my vertical limitations might impact my ability to ride my bike. I also didn’t realize I wasn’t the only one facing this challenge.

There are many shorter people with Pelotons who are looking for help and community. Reaching the handlebars is a major challenge for shorties.

Peloton handlebars too far away

One of the most noticeable things about a Peloton bicycle is its design flaw. You can adjust the handlebars and seat of your Peloton bike.

You cannot, however, move the handlebars closer than regular spin bikes. You _can_move your seat forward or back. This handlebar problem is a major issue for many riders, particularly those who are short.

This is actually a common complaint. The problem is not solved by the new Bike+.The handlebars do not move up and down like the original Peloton.

If you are a shortie and not sure whether to choose the original Bike or the Bike Plus I recommend the Peloton Bike Plus.

This blog post is dedicated to answering your questions about the Peloton handlebars.

How a bike fitting can help

My review of the Matt Wilpers remote bicycle fit will remind you of my professional bike fitting feedback regarding the handlebars.

“I told him [my Peloton client] that I believed that the Peloton bike had a flaw. The handlebars couldn’t be moved forward or back. Only up and down. He stated that all the Peloton bike fitters these days agree with me 100.

Peloton handlebar extension to short riders

Many shorter riders want to learn how to raise the handlebars of the Peloton to bring them closer. These are the things that I learned during remote bike fitting. These are the things you should try before calling the cavalry (aka the bike fitter) or purchasing Peloton accessories to the handlebars.

One, if your torso is long, you can move your seat back to make it easier for you to reach the handlebars.

Two, lower the handlebars to reach the handlebars.

How does it work to make the handlebars feel closer? It forces your body forward, increasing your reach.

Also, don’t sit straight up on your Peloton. You will have difficulty reaching the handlebars if you do this. It is possible to reach the handlebars by leaning slightly forward.

Because it engages your glutes, this is a better place to ride in. This is a topic for another blog.

Setting up Pelotons based on height

Important to remember that this blog post does not address your bike settings, even though it is focused on Peloton for shorter riders. Readers of this blog have asked me to create a “Peloton height charts.”

They wanted a chart like a shoe size chart that would show them where their seat and handlebars should be based on their height. This is not the way it works.

Place to place your seat

Your seat height is more closely related to your leg length and inseam than any other factor.

Your torso length will determine how far or close your seat is to the handlebars. You should also ensure that your knees don’t extend over your feet while pedaling. This is a great way to cause knee pain.

The third factor is that your handlebar height will be determined by height, inseam length, and torso length. These settings are not universally adjustable.

Peloton is a popular option for Shortie Tribe members to fit their bikes. Christine D’Ercole, a Peloton instructor has a Facebook live video about bike fitting.It’s an excellent place to start.

You can also do it yourself and have a professional fit your bike. This can all be done remotely. Many of my Shorties have done this.

Peloton handlebars can be extended for shorter riders by products

Peloton short riders, and other small people who spin, have found many ways to extend the handlebars of their Peloton. Some swear to using a pool noodles as a handlebar. That is what I tried. It didn’t work.

Other users have also found an foam padding product for barbell padding on Amazon that you can attach to the handlebars. You can add a few inches to your handlebars to make it work like a pool noodle.

Since then, I have added the Aerow Grip to my handlebars (which I mentioned in the remote bike fitting blog post).

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This is my Aerow Grips on my Peloton. It helped to extend my handlebars for this shorter rider.

The Peloton Adjuster

The Adjuster The Spintray. I used it to convert my Peloton into a desk for exercise.

This is my blog about making exercise desks at your home.

The adjuster allows you to slide the Peloton handlebars and the screen up to three inches closer towards your seat. Although it is expensive, short Peloton riders swear to it.

They can really appreciate the extra inches. If you have difficulty reaching the handlebars, I strongly recommend adding The Adjuster (or any other tool) to your Peloton.

Save 10% when you shop at Top Form Design. Use code LEAH10 during checkout

The Adjuster is a Peloton product designed for short riders.

Peloton for short riders The Adjuster

Although I have tried many great accessories for the Peloton Bike, only a few are essential. The Adjuster from Top Form Design is essential for both short and tall Peloton riders. The brand released a updated version of the Peloton Bike+. I was finally able review it.

The Peloton is very comfortable for someone of average height (5-foot-9). My wife is 4'10” and has never experienced the same comfort as me.

My wife can ride the Peloton, but it is far from ideal. It’s hard to ask for help when you are so far away. It can be difficult to touch the screen or adjust the volume if you’re short. YouTube

It’s not just a great feature to be able to adjust the position of your Peloton bike screen and handlebars. It can make a difference for those with short or tall legs.

After The Adjuster has been installed on the Peloton you can adjust the screen or handlebars by moving them 3 inches forward or backwards from their original positions. You can also adjust the bolts to move it 1 1/4 inches further in either direction (there is a lot of “adjusting”) when “The Adjuster “!). is installed on your Peloton. It is quite simple to move everything back and forth, however you will need to lift the screen slightly to gain leverage.

It has a few things that I don’t like. The Adjuster will not work with the Peloton Bike+ without an external cable. This is included in the Adjuster’s package. The Bike+ looks a lot less expensive than it was before. However, you will be provided with a Velcro strap to secure it to the bike.

The Exposed Cable on the Peloton Bike+ with The Adjuster

Second, even with all bolts tightened to the maximum, there is still some screen movement. Although it’s not significant and most people won’t notice it unless they are riding hard, it is something to be aware of.

Last but not least, I hate that my wife and me have to make one more adjustment every time we ride the Peloton together.

You know what? The negatives are minor compared to all the positives. My wife is finally able to have a great time riding the Peloton. It makes her feel more at ease, she is able to hold a better posture and has fewer neck and shoulder problems. This is a big plus!

I believe that The Adjuster by Top Form Design, while a great accessory for Peloton riders, is essential to ensure they are in the optimal position.

Will I grumble a little as I adjust the Peloton to my riding style? Yes, I will. But I’ll be happy to do so because my wife can finally have the same amazing experience as I had riding the Peloton.

Get the Adjuster Here for the Original PELOTON Bike or Get the Adjuster here for the Peloton Bike+

As previously mentioned Adjuster is an aftermarket product adapter that allows you to slide the Peloton handlebars closer towards the seat. This is the perfect solution for any short rider!

Top Form Design, the maker of the Adjuster has now released multiple versions for both the Peloton Bike and the Bike Plus.

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Short riders can choose from a variety of Peloton bikes

Peloton bikes and Bike Plus are not available to everyone. Peloton can be used with any other spin bike.

This is my Peloton review.

There are many other spin bikes that allow you to move the handlebars forward or back. These include the Schwinn HTML4 bike and the Sunny stationery cycle.

To ride a Peloton, how tall must you be?

According the Peloton website they believe that 4'11 is the maximum height that a Peloton bicycle can handle. As I discovered in my Peloton post, many shorter people can make the bike work.

Peloton’s short rider standard was more focused on those who rode in the Peloton NYC studio rather than those who were riding at home. Peloton also has guidelines at the opposite end of the spectrum.

According to the company, the maximum weight is 297 pounds and 6'5 inches. However, I have seen people who are taller and heavier than the Peloton.

Peloton riders who are petite might enjoy activewear and workout gear for them.

Another challenge we short Peloton riders face is finding clothing that fits our shorter arms, legs and maybe longer torsos. That’s something I can appreciate.

Because I have shorter arms, I must buy petite jackets when shopping for jackets. Imagine tiny T-Rex dinosaur arms.

Crop tops don’t work for me because I have a longer torso. My inseam is 29 inches, so regular pants are too long for me. I prefer a shorter or cropped length.

All of this is true for my workout gear. This is why I choose the 7/8 length when shopping for leggings. They are an ankle length for me, whereas regular-height people might find them to be at the mid-calf.

Brands, stores and companies that sell petite clothing

Over the years, I have learned that not all clothing brands or stores stock clothing that is suitable for short people. They’ve made me a loyal customer when I find one that does.

One example is the petite clothing I love from online styling companies. This includes Stitchfix. You can ask your stylist for an activewear fix or athleisure, which will be sent to you home to try.

Learn more about my top online styling companies.

There are also many stores and brands that sell petite activewear. I don’t mean clothing that is too small or too large for very small people. Even if you are a plus size, bona fide petite sizes are what I am referring to. Do you feel the same?

These are examples of petite clothing from some brands that you might like to try out for your workouts, whether it’s on the Peloton or elsewhere.

Peloton for short riders: Petite workout clothing

These brands and stores carry petite-sized workout clothes for women.


Style&Co Petite Animal Print Pull-On Leggings, Made for Macy’s


GapFit leggings with high-rise in 7/8 inches

Tech Gear

Petite High-Waisted Leggings With Side Pockets


Salutation Stash Pocket 7/8 leggings

The Shortie Tribe is for short Peloton riders

As I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, the #shortietribe hashtag is on the Leaderboard and is a Shortie Tribe Facebook group. You must be at least 5'4” to qualify.

You will need to answer some questions in order to join the Shortie Tribe’s Facebook group. You will need to answer questions about your height. If you don’t answer all questions, admins will not approve your membership. It’s a great group of (short-tempered) people.

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