Peloton All Access Membership Vs Digital Membership

Discover the Differences Between Peloton All Access Membership and Digital Membership App [Definitive Guide]

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Peloton offers two types of memberships: the all-access membership or the digital app membership. Both memberships allow you to stream live classes and have access to the extensive Peloton on demand library. Are they really that different?

The features and cost of the two memberships differ. Although they share many similarities, you’ll soon realize why the names of the two memberships are different. We invite you to join us for a roadshow on the fascinating head-to-head comparison. Let’s take a look at each one first.

Peloton All-Access Membership

The all-access membership is usually only available to owners of Peloton equipment. It is however available to owners of a Peloton bike or tread plus, a bike plus, a Peloton tread or a tread plus.

The membership is $39 and opens up unlimited account possibilities for family members and household members.

Peloton Digital App

The Peloton digital app incorporates Peloton fans without the requirement of the Peloton equipment. One can also get it on their iOS, Android, Roku, and Fire devices. Most importantly, the app is way cheap and a great option when you work out alone.

Peloton All-Access Vs. Digital App Memberships

FeaturesPeloton All-Access MembershipPeloton Digital App
Free Membership offerNoneOne month
Live classesAvailableAvailable
On-demand classesAvailableAvailable
Peloton equipment requiredYesNo
Multiple memberships allowedYesNo
Scenic rides on the bike presentYesNo
Just Ride/ Just Run workout with no subscription paymentAvailableNot available
Century shirt offers are availableYesNo
Tracking output metrics featureYesNo
Leaderboard availabilityYesYes
Access to the high-five featureYesYes

1. Cost

Handing one dollar bill

The Peloton all-access and digital app memberships are different in cost. While the all-access membership costs $39, the digital membership costs $12.99. On top of that, the digital app comes with a free 1-month membership, during which you can test your interest in Peloton. The all-access membership does not offer this luxury.

The digital app is available to
teachers, students, and
personnel. This percentage will be added to your monthly payments. All-access members only benefit from purchasing a tread or bike from Peloton.

The all-access membership isn’t expensive. You can create as many accounts in your household as you wish. You can ride your family’s peloton bike, or use the exercise equipment. All users must be over 14 years old and weigh no more than 297 pounds.

2. Workouts

Peloton offers live and on-demand training via both the digital app or an all-access subscription. Peloton has become a leading indoor fitness platform thanks to its immersive workouts.

Special classes like scenic rides are where the difference lies. These classes are only available to owners of the Peloton bike and bike plus members who have the Peloton all access membership.

What if you don’t have enough money or don’t want to pay for a month? You can cancel both the all access membership and the digital app membership .

You still get the? Just Ride? membership. You still get the? Just Ride? feature on your bike and the bike plus with all-access membership. You can also use the? Just Run? feature if you have a tread or a plus tread. You can still use the? Just Run? feature if you have a tread or a tread plus.

Peloton digital app does not offer free classes without a subscription.

3. The Leaderboard Features

Amazingly, everyone on Peloton has access to the Leaderboard today. The Leaderboard is accessible for the highly coveted Peloton competition, regardless of whether you’re on the app or the equipment.

The all-access members ride along with the all access members. All-access members can view the digital app members as well, but they will not be able to access the Leaderboard. It’s as if all access members have priority when riding or running on the Peloton Equipment.

All Peloton members have the ability to send and receive high-fives via the app or all-access membership. The Leaderboard favors all-access members. This means that they have a better chance of receiving high-fives, than the app users.

The most significant difference between the two memberships is the metrics tracking feature. The Leaderboard can be used more efficiently with the metrics. They are also from Peloton equipment.

4. Equipment Needed

source: Peloton

The Peloton digital app doesn’t require you to have the equipment. Instead, you can explore other brands and, if you already own one, you can incorporate Peloton workouts into your equipment.

However, the Peloton all-access membership requires Peloton bike or tread equipment. You can also get the account only through the Peloton HD screen, which comes with the Peloton equipment. If you want the workouts on another screen, the Peloton touchscreen provides for a Miracasting feature. Hence, you can stream the workouts from your tablet to the TV or laptop.

The digital app can be used on any device, including your iPhone, iPad, tablet, or laptop. They are compatible with Android and iOS devices, ROKU, Fire, and Fire tablets.

5. Century Shirts and Referral Codes

Did I mention that you can enjoy all the benefits of Peloton’s all-access membership? They do. These benefits include access to
Peloton century shirts and referral codes.

Peloton members can refer their friends and family to the code. Peloton members get $100 off their next apparel and accessories purchases when they use the code to buy a tread or bike. The code gives the equipment buyer $100 off any accessory that they purchase with the tread or bike.

Peloton members receive century shirts for free after they have completed 100 runs on the tread or rides on the bike. The Peloton century shirt is a congratulatory gift and a huge deal for users.

These and many other benefits are not available to all subscribers to Peloton.

Peloton All-Access or Digital App Membership?

It all comes down to individual choices. The Peloton all access membership is the best choice if you’re looking for a family subscription that includes all the benefits of Peloton. The metrics tracking feature keeps you in control and makes it easier to reach your goals faster with the all-access membership.

The digital app is a great option if you are looking for a more affordable option and have other brand equipment. You will still be able to access the thousands of on demand workout libraries and live classes. Although you cannot manage multiple accounts, you can still stream the workouts together on the TV and share them with your family. Personalized workouts will not be missed by you.


Peloton all-access membership Vs. Digital app membership? I have compared the advantages and disadvantages of each Peloton membership. You will also be able to see the features and what you won’t get on each one.

You can now decide which of the two Peloton memberships you prefer.