Peloton Bike vs Peloton Tread: Which is the best workout for you?

You must love the Peloton workouts and be able to choose between running and cycling. Both are great cardio pieces and allow you to enjoy the incredible experience that Peloton offers.

It is normal to wonder what equipment is best for you. I have listed the key features that distinguish them. This will make it easier for you to make a decision.

A Summary Table of Peloton Treadmill Vs. Bike

FeaturesPeloton BikePeloton Treadmill
ModelsPeloton bike Peloton bike +Peloton Tread
CostBike: $1495 Bike +: $2195$2495
check the latest pricecheck the latest price
SizeBike: 59″ L x 53″ H x 23″ W68” L x 33” W x 62” H
WeightBike: 135 pounds Bike +: 140 pounds290 pounds
MaterialWelded steelCarbon steel
Screen sizeBike: 21.5 inches Bike +: 23.8 inches23.8 inches
Screen rotationBike plus onlyno
WorkoutsCycling, bike BootcampRunning, walking, tread Bootcamp
Maximum user weight297 pounds300 pounds
Minimum user age16 years16 years
Bluetooth Compatibilityyesyes
Peloton all-access membershipyesyes
Membership cost per month$39$39
Live and on-demand classesavailableavailable
Scenic workouts availableScenic ridesScenic runs
Availability of other Peloton workoutsyesyes
Wifi and wireless connectivityConnects to Wifi, Bluetooth and Ant+Connects to Wifi, Bluetooth and Ant+

Similarities and Differences Between Peloton Bike and Tread


Woman touching touchscreen while exercising on Peloton Treadmill

The touchscreen is customized for Peloton classes and can be found on the Peloton bike, bike +, and treadmill. The touchscreen on the standard bike is 21.5 inches, while the touchscreens on the bike plus and treadmill are 23.8 inches.

All touchscreens are compatible via Bluetooth, Ant, and home wifi. Bluetooth and Ant feature allow you to connect to external speakers, headphones, and heart rate monitors that are not made by Peloton.

The touchscreens also have high quality speakers that enhance instructor and music sounds. The speakers can be used to video chat with your friends and family via a headphone jack or quality microphones. The camera allows you to live-chat with a friend or relative located on another continent.

The bike plus features a rotating screen that is unique among treadmill touchscreens and standard bikes. The bike plus can tilt horizontally, while the other two can only tilt vertically. Tablet tilts vertically, and can rotate horizontally 180 degrees to each side. It can rotate 360 degrees, making it ideal for floor exercises.

The best choice for optimal screen features is the Peloton plus.



The cardio component of both the treadmill and bike workouts may be similar. They are however different in every other aspect.

The fitness bikes provide indoor cycling and spin classes. Peloton offers a variety of cycling classes, including the Bootcamp, which combines strength classes with cycling in a HIIT format.

Peloton cycling includes more than just the bike Bootcamp. It also includes music, music, intervals and music theme, groove, pro cyclists, live DJs, power zones, and heart rate zone classes.

Tread workouts are basically running and walking. Peloton offers a variety in tread running and walking, and the tread Bootcamp where you can combine tread training and strength training.

Peloton tread running is a combination of running skills, warm up/ cool down, live DJ, endurance and speed, intervals as well as music and thematic classes. There are also walking classes, such as warm-up/cool down, music and power walk, hiking, or walk run classes.

Both tread and bike workouts offer live and on-demand classes. Peloton seems to place more emphasis on the bike classes. This is evident by the number of classes that are available each week. Contrary to popular belief, the treadmill workouts may only be available in a third of the live classes.

Tread users can benefit from the on-demand classes. There are approximately 5000 classes for running, walking, and tread Bootcamp. The library grows each time there’s a live treadmill class.

Peloton’s many options for workout classes are a tie. You can also take non-equipment classes on Peloton such as yoga, stretching and strength training, in addition to the main workouts on the tread or the bike.

Workout Goals

What are your goals for Peloton? Do you prefer to tone your upper body or lower body? Do you want to lose those extra calories that make you look bad?

If you are looking to tone your quads and glutes as well as your legs, the Peloton bike is for you. It will help you lose fat from your calves and thighs and give you the athletic legs you want.

The bike also improves leg muscle strength, which is essential for stability and outlook.

The treadmill is faster than the bike for losing weight. The treadmill can help you lose 300-500 calories an hour after an intense workout. In an hour of intense running or climbing, you’ll also lose approximately 400 to 700 calories.

The tread is a great option for targeting the upper body. The tread is great for running, walking, or climbing. It will give you a flatter core and tone your arms faster than the bike.

Depending on your workout goals, you can easily choose between the tread or the bike. The tread wins for upper body goals.

Workout Results

Two smiling women doing yoga pose while high fiving

This is the catch: running, walking and cycling all count as cardio, but the results can vary. Let’s look at the basics.

Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, running ranks first. The body burns more fats because of the heart-beat that occurs within seconds of running. It is not surprising that you can lose significant weight in a matter of a month using the treadmill, although it may only take 30 minutes per day.

A spinning class is a great way to lose weight. To lose weight, it will take you longer to ride the bike than the treadmill.

The treadmill is definitely better if you are looking to lose weight quickly and still have time for classes.

Burning Calories

The treadmill will burn more calories than the bike for weight loss. This is because you require more energy when running than you would on a bike. It results in calorie loss.

It is a matter if you ride for the right amount of time. The peloton bike could burn as many calories as the tread, but you would need to cycle for at most thirty minutes more.


I find that the bike gives you the same endurance as the treadmill. As long as you take endurance classes, you will get the same results. In this instance, the tread and the bike tie together.

Knee Joint Protection

Do you want to avoid a serious injury to your knees? Peloton’s spinning bike is designed so that knee injuries are not a problem as long as the seat height, depth and width are correct. You will also be able to recover from knee injuries by cycling, especially in low-impact classes that you sit on the seat all the time.

Low-Impact Classes

Peloton cycling offers low-impact classes that do not include the Peloton tread workouts. The Peloton bike is better for those with an injury, senior citizens, or people with heart conditions. It offers a variety of speeds that allow you to pedal slowly, but still have a positive impact on your heart health and fitness.


Do you have a tendency to get injured after working out? Is your knee meniscus worn out? Is your injury healing?

Peloton bikes have been ranked amongst the best for knee and foot recovery, while preventing injury.

The tread is more impactful than the exercise bike, so it has a lower impact. It is therefore better for injury prevention and recovery.

Seniors can also ride the bike comfortably without fear of knee, foot, or joint pain. The bike is highly recommended for seniors.

The tread can pose a risk to those who are new to indoor exercise. The tread can cause injury if one trips and falls while the machine is running. The bike is safer and easier to handle, even for beginners.

It is better to start with low-impact workouts if you are just starting out. The bike, along with the tread and Peloton bike, will provide you with low-impact options.

User Age and Weight

All-access memberships to the Peloton bike, treadmill, and bike plus are guaranteed. You can have multiple accounts on the treadmill or bike for $39 per month. The users are the ones who will use the home gym.

The maximum weight for the Peloton bike is 297 pounds, and the minimum age for use is 14 years. The treadmill’s maximum user weight is 300 pounds. This is not much more than the bike. The treadmill user must be at least 16 years old.

If your household includes young teens and seniors, the bike may be more beneficial. The exercise bike is more suitable for seniors due to its low-impact ride options, and the minimal knee joint pressure.


Many people have limited space, especially beginners or those who are gym subscribers. You might be looking for the smallest piece of equipment in your home to fit this criteria.

This bike is a great choice. It also measures 2 feet by 4 inches, which makes it very slim. Even though you could leave some space around it, it would still require less.

Peloton bikes also have transport wheels that allow you to easily move them to storage. You can reuse the storage space if it is not in your workout area.

You will need to have more space for the treadmill. It doesn’t fold like other treadmills on the market.

For space-saving reasons, let’s just choose the Peloton bike.

Peloton Workout Platform and Membership

Peloton offers two types of memberships that allow you to access its platform. The all-access membership is available and the digital app membership is not. All-access membership is available to owners of Peloton equipment, including the treadmill, bike and bike plus. The digital app is also available for users who do not own Peloton equipment.

For this reason, both the bike and tread owners have access to the Peloton all-access membership. The all-access membership is not only convenient for multiple users, but it allows the tread and bike owners exclusive ranking on the Leaderboard. The digital app users only appear on the Leaderboard, but they don’t rank. Thus, owning a Peloton bike or treadmill allows you to compete on the Leaderboard, as your metrics and output are recorded.

The all-access membership also gives you access the scenic runs on the treadmill and the bike rides. These features are only available to all-access members and can be used on Peloton equipment that is not available on other brands. You can also access your workouts without having to pay a monthly subscription. Even though you may know your month is going to be short, there will still be times when you need to go for a few more runs or rides. The Just Run feature on the treadmill is available for free, while the Just Run feature on the bike is available at no additional cost.

The Peloton app has been installed on your bike or tread touchscreen. All you need to do is register for or log in to an account.

Peloton equipment owners get unlimited access to the digital app platform. The app can be downloaded on a TV, phone or personal tablet so they can access Peloton workouts while away from home, or for floor exercises.

The all-access members can also use the Peloton digital app, if they prefer it to the all-access membership. They can also switch to digital membership for $12.99, which is much cheaper. I find the switch option convenient, especially if I live alone or have a limited budget.

Both treadmill and Peloton owners can enjoy the same subscription benefits.

How to Use Peloton Bike and Tread Without Subscription

Just Ride/ Just Run Feature

Amazingly, you can work out with or without a subscription when you own the Peloton tread or bike. If you are not able to commit to a month, you can cancel it.

A tread will allow you to enjoy the Just Run workouts and the Just Ride feature. You can use the loophole to do your workouts for as long as it takes, regardless of whether you have a tread or a Peloton bike.

Special Shoes

No brand running shoes and a bottle of plain water

The Peloton tread is great because it can be worn with any type of running shoe once you have purchased it. Although you can run barefoot on this tread, it is not recommended for health.

Peloton bikes don’t allow you to have this freedom. To enjoy your bike in your regular shoes, you will need to either buy clip-in shoes or toe clips.

The bright side is that I do love my clip-in Peloton shoes. You feel like you have the right shoes for the workout platform but you long to be part of the full force.

So, Peloton Bike or Tread?

It is up to you to decide whether you want the tread or the Peloton bike. The tread cost was prohibitively expensive for most people a few years ago. The introduction of the $2495 option allows you to get what you want, regardless of its price. The standard Peloton bike costs $1495, if you are concerned about cost. Peloton also offers payment plans for either the tread or the Peloton bike.

Both equipment options can be used for cardio. The Peloton reader is the best choice if you are looking to tone your upper body and lose weight. The Peloton bike is best for you if you prefer lower body strength and endurance.


Peloton’s two options for equipment are tread and peloton bike. You can enjoy your Peloton workouts with either. It is up to you now to choose which piece of equipment you prefer. There is a price drop on both and a payment plan option.

So, let’s get on the most appropriate Peloton equipment.

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