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The Ultimate Guide to Peloton’s Cadence Sensors Support: Improve Your Performance

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Get real-time cadence feedback with Peloton Cadence Sensors Support – Your ultimate workout partner

Update – Peloton has removed the section on Bluetooth cadence support from their support page. We are not certain if they have put off the announcement/dates of the removal of Bluetooth cadence sensor support or if an employee added the words to the page by mistake (though it does include the cutoffs and dates). This information will be updated if/when Peloton makes an official statement.

Original articlePeloton quietly revealed this morning that Bluetooth cadence sensors would no longer be supported by their Peloton Digital iOS App (as it was not supported on any other digital platform).

They have published a notice on Bluetooth cadence support webpage, containing the following information:

Please note that the Bluetooth cadence sensor functionality will be unavailable starting 10/13/2020. Peloton members who joined after 10/13/20 will be temporarily supported until 6/30/2021. This functionality will not be available to members who joined after that date.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

This change does not seem to have a technical basis. It is more likely to attempt to separate the features between the actual and digital bikes, and encourage more people to switch from the digital platform to purchasing a Peloton bike. While it is possible that the Peloton certified preowned program will be available by then, this could drive some people away.

This seems to be a match for a Strava strategy. In September last year, Strava cut off Bluetooth cadence sensor completely. The team added them back almost exactly one year later. We don’t know how likely it is that Peloton will reverse their course in this instance, as we are awaiting a mass exodus digital users.

peloton cadence limited support announcement
Screenshot Of The Support Webpage With Information About Bluetooth Cadence Sensor Removal, Dates And Other Details.