How to Get Your Peloton Century Club Shirt? [Complete Guide]

Latest update

Beginning August 31, 2022, digital Peloton members will no longer receive the Century Club T-shirt for free. All Peloton members were entitled to a free Century Club T-shirt if they completed 100 workouts in any category. Peloton has sent digital members an email to inform them that the Century Club Tshirt is no longer available.

Peloton Digital memberships have had to remove the Century Club T-shirt, one of many features. They were also removed from the digital application when Peloton updated their scenic rides earlier in the year. Members without the Peloton Bike+ or Peloton Bike+ will not have access to the Peloton videogame “Lanebreak”.

Peloton seems to have removed the Century Club and other perks as part of their overall strategy to expand and discount their digital app. Peloton stated that their digital membership was created to reach more people to promote full memberships and equipment.

The removal of the T-shirt was likely to be inevitable given Peloton’s recent increase in student and military discounts and partnership between United Health to offer many of their 6,000,000 members a free digital subscription.

What is the Century Club T-shirt?

What’s all the fuss about the Peloton century shirt, you ask? How do you get it? The Peloton century shirt represents 100 completed workouts. It is a congratulatory reward that Peloton gives to users who have completed 100 workouts of the same type. It could be 100 rides on the tread, 100 runs on it, 100 yoga workouts, 100 bootcamps completed with success, or any other Peloton workouts.

Sometimes, Peloton will email you the congratulatory message along with your order code right away. Other times, it might take up to a week. You will receive your century shirt if it is something you deserve.

Who is it for?

Peloton is different for everyone. Some people access it with a bike and others with a tread. Others have success with the Peloton app. You will receive a century shirt, regardless of whether you use the tread or the bike, once you have completed 100 workouts. The century shirt, which was offered to all Peloton users previously, is no more available for users of the Peloton digital apps. The offer was canceled by Peloton on August 31, 2021.

Peloton Terms & Conditions


Remember, you can only get the shirt if 100 workouts are done. For example, 100 rides on a bike. You will not be able to get the shirt if you have taken multiple bikes, used a few treads and done strength training, which adds up to 100 workouts. Peloton will only issue one shirt per user, regardless of how many workouts they have completed.

What if there are two people using your equipment and you both do 100 workouts? You have an account for each user if you have more than one Peloton user. Accounts are allowed to receive the shirt, so each account will get its century shirt.

Sizing and Design

The current Peloton century shirt has a round neck and most people find it true-to-size. Some users, especially men, find it to be too small. If you have a large chest, you might need to choose a larger size than your usual shirt sizing. The shirt comes in a variety of sizes to suit different user sizes.

The shirt is only available in black Peloton, with a white Peloton name clearly inscribed at the chest. Although I have seen some long-sleeved shirts, the most popular are short-sleeved.

The tees can be worn by both men and women, and are unisex. Its high-quality cotton makes it comfortable to wear outdoors.

Then there’s the matter of washing. You might be unsure which wash to use. The shirt will not fade so you don’t need to worry about it. You can machine wash it in cold water to prevent shrinking.

How to get the Peloton Century Shirt?

Within 1 to 7 days of completing your 100th workout, or ride, you will receive an email from Peloton with a code that allows you to join the century shirt club. Copy the century code and then paste it on the Peloton Century Club Page. Next, click on Get My Shirt Then, click on Get My Shirt to be taken to the sizing page. Next, choose the size you prefer and then add the shirt to your shopping cart. Check out and wait around three days for delivery. The team will reach out to you via email regarding how you will receive your shirt.

The code can be used for a year so there is plenty of time to redeem it. Who wouldn’t want the shirt as soon he or she receives the code?

The best thing about the century shirt? It is free! Peloton will ship it and deliver it for you free of charge.

Please note that you must be over 13 years old to receive the century shirt by Peloton. Each user gets one shirt.

Final Thoughts

Peloton century shirts will remind your that you are finally a pro at a particular workout in Peloton. You will always have the option to ride all Peloton, from shirt to shoes. It’s a Peloton, after all! Who wouldn’t want one? Welcome to the Peloton Century Club

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