Stay on Track with Peloton's Comprehensive Class Schedule

Are you a Peloton newbie and have questions? Are you new to Peloton? Do you want to know the difference between live classes and encore classes, or on-demand classes? Don’t worry. You are my priority.

This article will provide all the information you need about the Peloton class schedule. It will also answer most of the most frequently asked questions about Peloton, including “How can I add Peloton classes onto my calendar?”

Where can I find the Peloton class schedules?

You can view the Peloton class schedule at five locations. It all depends on what Peloton equipment or how you take Peloton classes.

If you have the Peloton Tread or the Peloton Bicycle, the live class schedule can be found on your tablet. Logging into your equipment profile will show you any live classes, as well as those that are currently underway.

The bike appears in the upper left hand corner of your tablet. A horizontal list of classes recently broadcast or popular with your followers will also be displayed.

Remember that the Peloton cycling class schedule will only be displayed on the Peloton bike. The same applies to the Tread. You’ll only see the Peloton Tread class calendar.

One Peloton website class schedule

The One Peloton website is another place where you can view the live class schedule. One is the URL. This page contains the online class schedule for all Peloton disciplines (including bike and treadmill).

You will need to navigate to “My Membership” to access the schedule. Click on the person icon at the top right of the screen. You’ll then be taken to a homepage with links to classes, live schedules, collections, and challenges.

Participating in a live class

Here’s how the One Peloton live Peloton class schedule looks. It will say “Join Class” and you can click it to be taken directly to the live class even if it isn’t yet started. Similar functionality is available on the Peloton app as well as on the Bike&Tread.

You can usually join a Peloton live class around five minutes before the start. The instructor usually appears on camera two to three minutes before the class starts. The instructor will chat with you, even if you don’t have the ability to answer them back, until about 60 seconds before class starts. They’ll then do their introduction. This will appear in the On Demand version.

Why would you want a class to start a little earlier? Some instructors will make most of their shoutouts about milestones or birthdays during pre-class.

Peloton Live Class Schedule on the App

The fourth place to see the Peloton class schedules is the Peloton App. You’ll find class options for every discipline and all equipment on the Peloton app, just like the website.

Peloton Tread is not something I own. I instead have a Nordic Track treadmill.I can use the app and my treadmill to do any Peloton Tread classes like walking or bootcamp.

This is my Peloton review.

There are many people who have stationary or regular exercise bikes and can take the Peloton classes through the app. When I was on vacation, I knew that if there wasn’t a Peloton at my hotel, I would ride my cycling classes on any bike.

Are you looking for a list of hotels that have Pelotons? This blog post will help.

Peloton classes on Smart TV

The fifth location you can access Peloton class is the fifth. Peloton classes can be accessed via Smart TVs, such as Roku TVs.

You can also take On Demand and live classes through the Peloton channel. Below is a picture of my Roku TV showing the Peloton channel.

Smart TVs also have another advantage: you can cast your bike directly to them. If your bike is located in the same room with the TV, it will be able to cast your bike to the TV. This means that you can have a larger screen while you work out.

What is the Peloton live class schedule for?

It doesn’t matter where you can see the Peloton live classes schedule, whether it is on an item of equipment, the app or the One Peloton website. These three things are important to remember.

1. Classes versus schedule

Two options will appear when you log in to Peloton. These are schedules and classes.

Classes are classes that have been broadcast or recorded live. Schedule refers to the live class schedule. Peloton usually announces the live class schedule in two-week chunks.

2. Encore class available on the live schedule

An Encore class is one that has been previously recorded and is being rebroadcast as a live class. It will appear on the Peloton schedule as a Live class, but it will have “Encore” underneath it instead of “Live”.

3. Classes on demand

From having cable TV, I was familiar with the term “on-demand”. It’s basically a way to access a video that has been recorded before. You can queue it up and then press “play” whenever you are ready. It’s the exact same on Peloton.

Each class broadcast live is recorded and stored in an On Demand library. Instructors may record classes for On Demand only. These classes are found in the “Classes” category.

Instructors might refer to On Demand classes in older classes as “in the stream.” This is the same thing.

You can count me in for the live Peloton class schedule

You can tap the button to “count my in” when you see a class on the Peloton schedule.

The Peloton app has a circle that is blank to the right, next to the Live class you are interested in. Tap it to bring up the screen with the class you just opted in. It will be at the bottom and say “You are in.”

You can also tap on the class to bring up the second screen. You will see a white oval at the bottom that says “Count Me In”. Tap it to turn gray and say “You’re In!”

Benefits of counting in to the Peloton class schedule

You have two advantages to enrolling in a class. Peloton will notify you by email if the class is cancelled.

This can be helpful if you have a planned workout that revolves around the live class. It would be nice to know the class cancellation hours in advance, so you don’t have to log in to find out that suddenly, the class has ended.

Add Peloton classes on your calendar

You’ll also be able to add the class on your calendar. This is how it works.

You’ll receive the same confirmation pop-up when you sign up for a class through the One Peloton website.

It will then say “Add to Calendar”, and you’ll be presented with these options

  • iCal
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Outlook

This is how it looked when I added a live Peloton Yoga class to my Google Calendar. It even gave a short description of the class.

Although I don’t own an Apple Watch, I believe this “add my calendar” function works well with it. Let me know if I am wrong.

Bookmarking classes of Peloton

There are four ways to take Peloton classes. You can do it via the Peloton website or the Peloton App. Each option has a different method of bookmarking classes.

You cannot bookmark live classes. You cannot add live classes to your calendar or count yourself in.

Bookmarking and finding bookmarked classes for the Peloton bike/Tread

If you are looking for classes on your Tread or bike, you’ll see a rectangle “flag” at the top. To bookmark the class, tap that. The bookmark will be saved and the flag will turn white.

These are the steps to follow later if you need to locate your bookmarked classes on your Tread or bike. Tap classes from the tablet screen’s bottom. Tap the “Filters” button at the top right of your screen. Third, toggle the “Bookmarked” button to the on position. You’ll then see all the classes that you have bookmarked.

You can also bookmark a class once you have completed it. The “end” screen, for example, appears when you have completed a bike class. There are a few options at the top of this screen. Tap the “Bookmark” button to save the class for later reference.

You can bookmark classes in the Peloton app

Open the Peloton App on your smartphone or tablet to bookmark classes. If it does not automatically take you to the screen with On Demand classes, tap Classes.

You can choose which classes you wish to bookmark. You’ll be able to see the latest classes once that discipline of classes is open. You’ll also see the rectangular flag in the upper corner of the screenshot. Click to bookmark. The flag will become white.

Bookmarked classes can be found on the Peloton app

You will need to return to the class or discipline you are interested in finding bookmarked classes using the Peloton app. Next, go one-inside and look at the bubble that reads “Filters” at bottom of screen. Tap that.

You’ll see “Bookmarked” at the top. Tap this to reveal that the Red Classes button has been updated to show how many classes have you bookmarked. To view your bookmarked classes, tap that red button.

FYI: Bookmarked classes will remain bookmarked until you tap the flag. They won’t be deleted once you’ve taken them.

How to locate live classes on the Peloton app

These are the steps you need to take in order to locate live classes using the Peloton app.

  1. Open the Peloton App
  2. Look at the Schedule icon at the top of your screen.
  3. Tap Schedule
  4. Click the button at the top to choose the class you wish to take.
  5. Scroll down to view the live and encore classes for the next two weeks.

Bookmarking classes on Peloton’s website

Go to the Peloton website and click on “Take Classes.” Scroll down until you find the class or bookmark that interests you. Click on the category.

After the classes have been displayed, you will see a home screen that displays the most recent classes. The bookmark flag is located in the upper right corner. To turn it white, click on it and bookmark the class.

Bookmarked classes can be found on the Peloton site

You can now find classes you’ve already bookmarked on the website. This is a fantastic option that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Instead of selecting a class category, you can select “All” at the bottom.

Click on All, then go to the very right of the screen. Filter will appear. Click that. Scroll down to toggle the Bookmark button. This will display all classes that you have bookmarked in any category. This is a great feature.

Peloton classes can be saved to a Smart TV

Your Smart TV-I have an Roku-open the Peloton channel. Next, select the class or discipline you wish to take from the left sidebar.

Move the arrows on the remote to bookmark the On Demand class. Click OK.

You’ll be able to choose from two options when the home screen appears for that class. One, Start. That bookmark flag is two.

To reach the flag, use the right arrow of your remote and then press OK. To show that you have bookmarked the flag, it will turn white.

Smart TVs can be used to bookmark Peloton classes

Here’s how to locate classes that you have bookmarked on your Smart TV. The word Filter is located at the top of the screen. Move the cursor arrow to Filter, and then press OK on the remote.

The filter options are displayed. You will see the words “Bookmarked” at the bottom. Use the down arrow of your remote to reach “Bookmarked”, then press OK. To hide the filtering menu, press the left arrow. You’ll then see all the classes that you have bookmarked.

Final thoughts about bookmarking Peloton classes

Peloton’s greatest asset is the ease with which you can switch between the four options: website, hardware, Smart TV, and app. This includes bookmarked classes.

This means that if you have a class bookmarked on your bike, it will be visible as bookmarked in the app when you open the website, turn on your Smart TV, or go to the website. It’s also true in reverse. You can bookmark a class in one Peloton ecosystem and it will appear in another. If you have questions about bookmarking classes in the Peloton, please let me know.

Organizing your Peloton class schedule

You have two options to organize your Peloton class schedule. One is for the day, the other for the week.

First, this Home Cycle Workout, which I developed, is available for On Demand and live classes. It is available on Etsy.

It can be downloaded as a PDF file and printed out for your workouts.

You can also download the planner as a digital planner, just like many of those who purchased it. In her review, one user gave the planner five stars.

“I prefer planners digitally, and this can be downloaded into OneNote easily. Thanks!”

Peloton-Inspired Workout Calendar PDF Printable

This Peloton-inspiredcalendar was created because I realized that while I was good at keeping my cardio going (e.g., through cycling or walking on the Peloton App), I was neglecting other aspects of my fitness, such as strength and stretching.

After I made this planner, that is now on Etsy and was able to fill in the classes I would be taking each week, I became more adept at actually following through. This is from someone who has been using the Peloton since 2016.

It is easier for me to write down my workout plans on my calendar than it is to put them in a digital one. I can ignore the notifications.

This PDF’s Page 1 through 3 is from Monday to Wednesday.

Page 2 refers to Thursday through Sunday.

You can choose from a pink or red version, and a blue one. Print once, download it once and you will never run out.

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This is my blog post explaining more about the calendar.




Stacking your class schedule

The stacking feature allows you to organize your Peloton classes. You can’t stack On Demand classes, or classes that are already recorded. Live classes cannot be stacked.

Peloton stacked classes

Peloton began offering the possibility to combine classes or workouts in early 2021. What does this mean? You can organize your classes in one location by creating a workout or exercise program.

Once you have created a list of stacked class, you will be able to access them on the Tread website, app, or bike. Your stacked classes will flow together so that you don’t have to stop and look for the next one.

How to stack Peloton classes

These are the steps you need to follow in order to arrange your stackable classes. Find the class that interests you. A + sign will appear inside the box. To add to your stack, tap that.

The second step is to find the class you are interested in taking. Find the plus sign in the description of that class. To add to your stack, tap. Continue adding classes to your stack until you are satisfied.

Below is a video that demonstrates how to stack classes. Also, see this blog post dedicated to stacking Peloton class.

Peloton NYC studio class schedule

Peloton broadcasts the majority of the live classes that you will see on the Peloton Schedule.

NYC studios. Peloton has also established studios for cycling broadcast in London. This is a great resource for many reasons.

You can still attend live classes even if the weather is not good in New York City. This is because both the Peloton London classes and the German Peloton classes that were filmed in London are likely to still be broadcast live, though at different times.

One example: New York was once hit by a massive snowstorm. The city was closed for several days. It was not surprising that there were no live classes in New York. In any discipline.

Anyone who wants to ride a bike live or take a strength class can find something on the Peloton live classes schedule. This schedule is either from English-speaking instructors in London or German-speaking instructors in Germany.

Learn more about the classes filmed at the Peloton London studios.

Schedule: Different Peloton classes

European class times are also available for those who live on the West Coast or are night owls. First, classes will likely be broadcast from London if you are looking to ride in the live class schedule if it is the middle of the American night.

Fun fact: Leanne Hainsby and Ben Alldis, London instructors, are getting married. Okay, let’s get back to regular programming or blog posts.

If you don’t live in New York City and the Peloton evening classes are not convenient for you, you can always stream the European classes live online. They would still be available for you at 10 or 11 PM Pacific Time, but they would still be very late in the evening. This is still better than the New York City class times which are generally no later than 9 p.m. Eastern, right in the middle dinner on the West Coast.

Peloton live class schedule in German

Although it is true that most German instructors teach in German, it is not a common practice. My husband studied German in high school. He’ll sometimes ride along with them to practice his German, or just to see how well he remembers.

These classes are not recorded in Germany. Peloton’s German-speaking instructors are based in London. They also film their On Demand and live classes.

English classes for Peloton

You can ride with European instructors if you are interested. You can filter your On Demand classes by language if you don’t speak German. This can only be done on your bike. Peloton’s website and app do not allow filtering. It’s also not available for Live streaming classes.

Tap on “Classes”, at the bottom of your screen, while riding the bike. You’ll then see a list of the most recent classes. You’ll see filters at the top, including options for filtering by instructor, length, and type. A filter called “Subtitles” will also be displayed. Click on it.

You can filter classes in English or German by clicking on “Subtitles”. You can also filter for instructors from Germany who have taught English classes.

Live riding at the Peloton studio

Peloton studios used to offer live riding. This was true in London and New York City. However, the 2020 lemons meant that live rides options were also cut.

In fact, I was actually in New York City in February 2020 for a Power Zone ride with Matt Wilpers. The class was cancelled after Matt injured himself. A few weeks later, everything was shut down and all classes in-studio with other rides were stopped.

I wrote about riding in New York City live in this post about finding free Peloton lessons.In actuality, since I purchased a five-pack for my last visit to the studio, I still have a credit that I can ride until the end of 2024. The expiration date for this class pack was set to expire in 2020. However, I appreciate Peloton’s extension of the expiration date due to our current circumstances.

I hope to one day be able ride live in the Peloton studios again with my favorite instructors. It was great to be able to ride the milestones there.

That was my 450th ride. She stopped pedaling mid-class for an hour with Christine D’Ercole and shouted, “Where is Leah Pawsome?” Unfortunately, the great purge in 2020 saw that this ride was lost.

Final thoughts about what you need to understand about the Peloton class schedule

Peloton should Stack your Saved Classes. This is one of the many changes I hope to make to the class schedule. Or, the one you have already checked in.

Peloton classes are not a popular option for West Coasters. These classes are not convenient for those who exercise before work.

Peloton’s live classes are, for example, always at 6 a.m. Eastern. But, I have yet to see a live 9 a.m. Eastern class. That would be 6 a.m. Pacific. The Encores have been the most popular of all of these classes. If you want to ride a milestone, or give a shout-out on your birthday, you are out of luck.

Are you still unsure how to understand the Peloton class schedule and have I answered your questions? What did I miss? Leave a comment to let me know.

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