Pedal to Perfection with the Peloton Endo Frame [A Comprehensive Review]

The Kickstarter campaign launched the Endo Frame, a new accessory for Peloton. The Endo Frame, a Peloton accessory for the original Peloton Bike with 8 features, is designed to store all your accessories and make it easier to access them while riding. Their team reached out and asked us if we would be interested in reviewing the product. They are still in the Kickstarter phase so they don’t yet have the final product. However, they were able create and send us a prototype 3D printed of the frame. It still has all the functionality of the final design. However, the final product will be injection-molded using a high-strength Polycarbonate ABS. This gives it a more polished look and ensures that accessories fit securely.

Their team sent the product to us to test out and we returned it to them. This review contains affiliate links. If you decide to buy the Endo Frame from our links, you will be supporting our site.

A hands-on video demonstration and review of the Endo Frame is available. It is embedded below. You can also find it on YouTube. For a detailed review of the Endo Frame accessory to the Peloton Bike, you can read on.

Endo Frame Review - 8 Feature Peloton Caddy

Endo Frame Pricing Information

First, you can purchase the Endo Frame through their Kickstarter campaign.

Their Endo Frame’s price is $149. However, they offer discounts for first-time signups, which brings the price down to $129. You will receive the frame, a fan with dual head handlebars, and a $30 BioSteel coupon.

KickStarter launched preorders for the product. The goal is to raise $100,000. Backers who don’t reach that target will receive a full refund. As an ambassador, Colleen Quigley (who won Peloton ESPN all star competition), has been signed on. You can also see a demo of the frame embedded below, if you want to take a closer look.

Endo Frame Installation

The Endo Frame is easy to install - simply slide it over your Peloton screen. (See the demo at the beginning of our video). It was easy to slide on and off the prototype, which was surprising considering its weight. After the frame has been mounted on the monitor, attach accessories and mounts. The components slide into the mounting holes and lock in place.

The Endo Frame is designed to keep the volume, power, and headphone buttons all accessible. Although the power button is a little more difficult to reach because you need to reach around to the bluetooth speaker, it’s easy to adjust to. Although the Peloton can be left on overnight without needing to use it, more people will need to restart to fix problems with their high 5s not working.

Endo Frame Accessories&Mounts

In use: The Endo Frame’s front. The Endo Frame’s front is in use. There are no funny cat videos included in your purchase.

The Endo Frame has mounting slots that allow for different accessories to be attached and moved around. You can also add new accessories in the future if you have the funds or need them.

The core package is launching with 8 features&mounts

  1. Water bottle holder
  2. Bluetooth Speaker Mount
  3. Magnetic phone holder with 3 magnetic back plates to suit different devices
  4. Towel hook
  5. Ledge for iPad/Tablet
  6. Shoe Holder
  7. Peloton Tool Holder (for those allen keys that came with your bike).
  8. Disinfectant wipe dispenser

You will receive, as mentioned, all mounts and a fan mounted on the handlebar.

Overview and thoughts on the 8 features of the Endo Frame

Endo Frame Water Bottle Holder

The Endo Frame was a great tool that made it much easier to use for a few weeks. Instead of using the Peloton’s built-in water bottles, which you have to reach down for next to the resistance knob of the bike, we prefer to ride with them on a small table beside us. (This is just a personal preference as it is easier than reaching over and picking up water from the holders). The water bottle mount on the Endo Frame made it much easier to get the water and replace it. The water bottle mount also allows for larger 32oz flask bottles. This is not possible with regular water bottle holders (unless they are swapped out). The Endo Frame worked well with both 32oz and 16oz bottles. Although we didn’t notice any rattling in the water holder, the Endo team suggested that it be included rubber

Endo Frame Magnetic Phone Holder

We loved the magnetic phone holder on the Endor Frame. We use the Power Zone Timer and Library toolwhile riding in order to keep up with changes in our zones. It’s simple enough to see the website on our phones while riding. The Endo Frame places the phone next to the display so that it is easy to see where we are during the ride.

It is easy to reach for your phone and send a message back. You can attach a phone, remote or baby monitor to the frame with 3M magnets. Mounts are intended to be used in conjunction with the 3M attachment magnet. We know that many modern phones have magnetic back plates so we tried to attach an iPhone 12 Pro and Pixel 3 without the backing plate. It was not strong enough to hold its own. The phone held perfectly still once we placed one of the 3M magnetics inside the case. This is according to the instructions.

Endo Frame Towel Holder

A towel holder is a nice addition. You can store your towel on the hook if you forget to wash it after each ride. It’s easy to grab your towel while you ride, take it off and then replace it. If you have a wrist-based monitor for heart rate, this can be a great place to keep it. (See our Recommended Accessories if you’re not sure which one to get).

Endo Frame Bluetooth Speaker Holder

The built-in speakers on the Peloton Bike’s Peloton Bike sound awful, right? This is actually one of the major upgrades Peloton made to the new. Endo’s speaker holder is a great way to get better sound. It can hold most cylindrical speakers such as the Flip or
Beats Pill+. You can make a huge difference in the audio quality even with a small cylindrical speaker (we show this difference in our video demo). The Endo Frame mount puts the speaker front and center. You can either attach a Bluetooth speaker to your bike’s frame or mount it to the handlebars using a 3D printed mount.

Endo Frame Tool Holder, Shoe Holder&Wipe Dispenser

The Endo Frame’s rear accessory holders

Although the 3 components at the back of Endo Frame are nice additions, they won’t make a huge difference for many.

These spots work well for shoes, but so does hanging them on the weight racks at our back. (See our video to see what we mean). If you don’t have somewhere to store your Allen wrenches, the tool holder is a great solution. The cleaning wipe holder may also encourage you to clean your bike more often, especially if it is sitting on your feet when you put your shoes on. Endo says they will offer a subscription service at $5.99 per month for those who use the wipes often.

Lip for Tablet or Smartphone on the Endo Frame

The Endo Frame also has a lip at the front that can hold a tablet. This makes it possible to relax while you ride. This worked well for smaller tablets such as the iPad mini and larger tablets such as the iPad pro. This does not cover the lower display so it is best used for casual activities or scenic rides. A SpinTray is a better solution to tablet use that doesn’t cover up the display. We also reviewed it here.

Future Expansion Options

The Endo Frame has a lot of slots in it. All of the Frame’s accessory mounts lock into place by using these slots. Some accessories can be moved around, such as the phone that can be moved up or down on the right-hand side. This means that accessories can be added to this frame in the future. Endo’s team told us they will listen to their customers and create new attachments as necessary. Kickstarter backers will also get VIP pricing.

Real-World Testing with the Endo Frame Accessory

When we first saw the Endo Frame, our main concern was about what would happen when we rode at higher outputs and efforts (i.e. During sprints in a HIIT, Tabata or Zone 6-7 in a Max Ride power zone. What would happen to our phone? How big would the water bottle rattle? What would happen to the iPad?

All of our tests were very successful. The magnet was either attached to the phone, or kept in the case. It didn’t move an inch regardless of how intense we rode. The water bottles did move slightly during our saddle max efforts, but it was not noticeable. The iPad did slide to one side during our most intense efforts, which was literally the maximum amount of saddle effort. However, it was gradual and we don’t think you will notice this if you are viewing a movie on your iPad. You should also watch the second half of the video as there are video demonstrations of how stable and stable the Endo Frame during maximal effort sprints.

Final thoughts on the Endo Frame Peloton Accessory: Would you recommend?

We loved the ease and functionality of the Endo Frame. The 3 things that we loved the most about the Endo Frame were:

  1. We had a more convenient phone and could use the Power Zone Timer to Peloton more easily.
  2. The water bottle was easier to access than the usual holders on the bike (and you can use a 32oz flask if desired).
  3. Mounting point for Bluetooth Speakers

Some might appreciate the BioSteel coupon and the added fan, but we would prefer a cheaper option to make the Frame more accessible.

It’s great that the phone holder can be moved up and down from the right side. However, it would have been nice to also be able to be used on the left side. The Frame system is modular and extensible, as we mentioned above. It’s possible that one of the future accessories will include a left-side-mounted phone mount.

We enjoyed the Endo Frame, and could easily see it as a permanent addition for our personal bikes. However, it is worth noting that you have other options. You can also buy individual items on Etsy and Amazon to build your own. Instead of using the shoe racks at the back of your monitor, you can use the weight holders on the bike. You can also add some 3D printed hooksacross the bikes. There are 2 water bottle holders on the Peloton, which can hold a water bottle or bluetooth speaker. You can also drape a towel across your handlebars, or you can purchase a 3D printed
phone holder (although it is possible for the phone to quickly become diluted in water if you sweat). It’s possible to save a few bucks by buying all the components separately on Amazon or Etsy. The convenience of an all-in-one solution is a plus, and that’s what the Endo Frame offers.

The Bike+ Frame is currently only available for the original Bike. The Endo Frame team told us that a Bike+ model was in development.

If the Endo Frame’s final production model works as well as the prototype, it is a great convenience product that we recommend. This might be a great gift for a friend looking for a Peloton-related gift idea. As we have returned to riding our Bike+, we are missing some of its features.

If you think the Endo Frame is something your Peloton would like, You can order your Endo Frame via their Kickstarter.

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