Go Viral with Peloton Hashtags: The Definitive Guide

Peloton has made home workouts less lonely and boring than one might think. Peloton Tags is one of my favorite interactive features. It allows you to connect with others with similar interests.

You can have multiple interests, which is often the case. Peloton allows you to create and join up to 10 hashtags. You can also add another hashtag to replace an older one if you find one that is even more interesting. The older hashtag will disappear by itself. This is quite interesting, right? So, shall we dig into more details?

How Peloton Hashtags Work

The interactive feature of the platform includes Peloton hashtags. You can follow any Peloton discussion about the topic by joining a hashtag.

You can filter the Peloton leaderboard to find classes with similar hashtags or people who use them. This makes your classes more interesting and allows you to connect with more people.

Hashtags are trendy and popular. Sometimes you can choose tags that are specific to your friends or locality. You can then see who is using the tag and decide if you want to join the community.

You can filter the Leaderboard during classes to see trending hashtags. You never know, you might become interested in a topic.

How to Create/ Add Peloton Hashtags

You can either browse existing tags or create your own hashtags. You can choose from popular, trending, featured and friends hashtags. This is only if you wish to join existing hashtags.

Here’s how to quickly create or add Peloton tags.

First, log into your Peloton account. Below your profile photo and name, there is a small box that says? Add tags. Click on it and
a large blue “#?
will prompt you to the most popular hashtags. Click on the most interesting hashtag you’d like to join.

You can also type your hashtag in the search bar and click on an option to add it to your list.

If you are unable to find your hashtag of interest, there is an option to create it as a custom hashtag.

Your profile can have up to 10 tags. If you feel that another hashtag is more interesting, you can add it your profile. It will replace an older hashtag you probably don’t use anymore.

Once you have all your tags in place, choose one to be displayed on your Leaderboard. You don’t have to use one hashtag on your Leaderboard for a single workout. You can change your mind as often as you like to fit your interests during the workout. You might start with? #BlackLivesMatter? then #PelotonMums probably finish with #PelotonYogaBeginners.

  • #BlackLivesMatter
  • #PelotonMoms
  • #PelotonNewbies
  • #WorkingMomsofPeloton
  • #Pelo4Wine
  • #PowerZonePack
  • #TogetherWeGoFar
  • #PelotonDads
  • #BooCrew
  • #FeelGoodLookGood
  • #30DayChallenge
  • #GeorgiaTech
  • #PelotonCanada
  • #hardCORE

Are Peloton Tags Available on the Digital App?

They are. You can use the Peloton hashtags regardless of whether you are using the Peloton bike or tread, or the Peloton digital application. Every user on Peloton has access to the tags feature.

Why Are My Hashtags Turning Blue?

You may have noticed that blue hashtags appear when you add tags to your list. These tags will be easy to identify because of their blue tag color. The rest of the tags are white. That’s the real difference.

The blue hashtags are already in the list so you can’t reselect them. However, the white hashtags aren’t in the list and you have the option of adding them to your list.

In a Nutshell

Peloton hashtags improve your community feature on Peloton. This allows you to limit your Peloton group to those who share your interests. You can then ride with them and do some exercise together as you discuss or reinforce your common interest.

You can also join trending hashtags, which are popular in the community and might have taken you longer. You don’t need to join Peloton on Twitter to receive the latest news.

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