The Power of Peloton Heart Rate Zones: Getting the Most Out of Your Workouts

You can heart rate train on every ride with our Heart Rate Zones feature! Connecting a Heart Rate Monitor with your bike will allow you to adjust your effort, maximize your ride, and reach specific goals. You can also view your current Heart Rate Zones on the touchscreen.

What’s heart rate training?

This tool can help you make your workouts more efficient and precise. The sensors attached to your chest, a Heart Rate Monitor, measure your heart rate in beats per minutes (BPM). Your touchscreen displays the Heart Rate Monitor’s feedback. You can then monitor your heart rate and adjust your effort to meet your goals.

Heart Rate Zones

We use the Heart Rate Zone method for our Heart Rate Training feature. The Heart Rate Zone methodology consists of five zones. Each zone represents a different level or benefit. Your maximum heart rate (MHR) determines the percentage of each zone.

The touchscreen will display your heart rate and current zone in real-time. This will allow you to monitor your effort levels as you move between zones.

How It Works

Connect your Heart Rate Monitor to your Bike . You can buy one here if you don’t already have one.

Your max heart rate will automatically be calculated by default using the Karvonen formula (220 + your age). This is based on the age that you have entered in your profile. You can adjust your age in your profile settings.

Not all default max heart rates are accurate. It does not take into account factors such as fitness level. You may find the levels too easy or too hard as you start your heart rate training. You can set your own MHR by going to your Account settingson your bike via the menuin the lower left corner of the touchscreen. A field called Maximum Heart Rate will appear. This will allow you either to use the default calculation, or your own customized MHR.

Is this possible in any class?

Yes! Yes, as long as your Heart Rate Monitor is connected, the bike will display which zone you are in based upon your max heart rate. Not all instructors will announce zones in class. Start your training with our new beginner heart rate training series featuring Jennifer Jacobs or Christine D’Ercole. This series will help you become familiar with Heart Rate Zones, and improve your ability to achieve your goals. On the schedule, you can also find classes called Endurance, Power, Threshold, Max Capacity and Power.

Start Training

Are you ready to get started? Jennifer and Christine’s beginner training series in heart rate will be available on the bike’s on-demand library under “Heart Rate Zone”. You will get better results every time you put your heart into every ride!

Go ahead!

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