It's Time For Your Peloton Homecoming: Welcome Home!

It’s May, so people should start asking “What’s Peloton Homecoming?” This is an annual event held in New York City. This is where Peloton users get together to run, ride and train with their favorite instructors.

At least, that was how it used to be. Peloton used to call it the “home rider invasion” before it was known as homecoming. Peloton bikers, who usually rode at home, would travel to New York City to “invade the Peloton studio” on 23rd Street.

Peloton relocated its studios in 2020 from 23rd Street on Manhattan’s West Side to Hudson Yards. The world was shut down before they could have homecoming 2020. It became virtual.

The same happened for Peloton Homecoming 2021. It was also virtual.

Despite having my Peloton since 2016, it has been more than a year since I last participated in homecoming. Homecoming will be going virtual for another year. I regret not taking advantage of it in person. Perhaps we’ll return to in-person homecomings by 2023.

Here’s what you need to know about Peloton’s homecoming

As I explained, Peloton homecoming is an event that lasts for several days and is open to all users and fans. It’s possible to get together, even if it is virtual, with your favorite instructors to share time and learn new content.

In the past, non-studio classes were possible at the Peloton-designated Homecoming Hotel. In 2019, the EVEN Hotel New York - Times Square South was the “host” hotel of the Peloton Homecoming (previously known as Home Rider Invasion). Many guests stayed at the hotel to ride at the Peloton studios or take the classes mentioned at the hotel with their instructors.

Questions about the Peloton homecoming

This article will answer your questions regarding Peloton homecoming. This includes:

  • When will Peloton return home?
  • How do you sign up to homecoming?
  • What happens at the Peloton homecoming
  • Why would I choose to attend my homecoming?
  • How can I see the Peloton homecoming?
  • How much does it cost to move into a home?

Let’s get to answering these questions.

When will Peloton return home?

Homecoming, or Peloton home rider invasion, is traditionally held in May. It’s the same in 2022.

Peloton 2022 homecoming is May 13-14. Here’s what Peloton said about the upcoming event when I received the “save-the-date” email in February.

“It’s baaack! This is the most anticipated event for the year. Join the global community to enjoy an inspiring weekend of live classes and virtual events, as well as all the surprises we have planned .”

FYI, rumors of the studios’ reopening began around the time this announcement was made. Multiple sources told me that Peloton was looking into allowing members to return to live, in-person classes during summer 2022. If I hear anything more, I will keep you informed.

Here’s my article about riding live in New York City’s studios.

How do you sign up to homecoming?

Peloton has created a landing page for homecoming activities on its website. To register for the page, click here.

What happens at homecoming

This description is from the Peloton website and it describes what you can expect at homecoming 2022.

“It’s here, Peloton! “It’s here, Peloton!”

Many people expect that the reopenings of the New York- and London studios will be one of the “exciting announcements”. A Tunde arms program is another expected announcement, similar to the Tunde arm challenge users created-and , which I wrote here. Many people also believe that the Peloton rower will finally be announced at homecoming 2022.

Peloton announces rower

Update: 2023-08-03T10:11:57+00:00 author: “Alex McRae”

If you don’t have a rower, there are plenty of people who use Tread Bootcamps to teach them how to row. They row during the cardio portion of the workout. They then get off the hardware for weight lifting and get on the rower to do the same.

Here is a link for the Hydrow rower. You can check back here before Memorial Day to find a coupon code for a rower.

These hotels have Hydrow rowers and Peloton bikes in their gyms.

Peloton Homecoming Lineup [2022]

Peloton plans to host panel discussions with their instructors at some of its homecoming events. The instructors included in the list are:

  • Robin Arzon
  • Leanne Hainsby
  • Bec Gentry
  • Daniel McKenna
  • Marcel Dinkins
  • Kirra Michel
  • Callie Gullickson
  • Andy Speer
  • Kendall Toole
  • Sam Yo

International Peloton Homecoming

You can expect to see the foreign language Peloton instructors participating this year. The following are included in this list.

German instructors at Peloton

  • Mayla Wedekind
  • Cliff Dwenger
  • Marcel Maurer
  • Tobias Heinze

London studios instructors

  • Ben Alldis
  • Hannah Frankson
  • Joslyn Thompson Rule

This is my article on the London studios.

Spanish-speaking Peloton instructors

  • Camila Ramon
  • Mariana Fernandez
  • Rad Lopez

Camila Ramon was my first instructor. It was her rock punk ride that was part the Rock 22 Challenge. Learn more about the Peloton Challenges here

Camila is worth your time. Camila is an incredible instructor, who can teach in Spanish or English.

Peloton Homecoming [2021]

John Foley, CEO of Peloton, kicked off the 2021 Homecoming celebration with a keynote presentation that announced some exciting new features. These include revamped programs and Strive Score improvements to scenic rides.

Peloton said more information will be released soon. However, you can still RSVP on their website to be notified. Peloton will likely offer special classes, additional video content, interactive activities and many other features. The full schedule of events will be released by Peloton in the early to mid-April. Questions about the event can be directed to [email protected]

We have the Peloton 2021 event announcement. This event will be digital, unlike previous ones. COVID-19 is the reason.

All are welcome. We celebrate you, no matter where you are in the world or on your Peloton journey. Our digital event kicks off April 30 at Register today. – Peloton (@onepeloton) February 3, 2021

Keynote Presentation

John Foley, CEO of Peloton, gave the keynote address at the Homecoming celebration for the connected fitness company. Foley gave a 15-minute overview of the year and introduced new trainers. He also highlighted the continued efforts made by Peloton to combat racism and discrimination in the world. These are the most important updates.

The pause button

Although this wasn’t Foley’s first announcement today, we wanted it to be at the top of our priority list because it is a significant change.

Peloton has finally implemented a pause function after years of debate. Foley explained that Peloton members are able to pause classes on-demand at their own discretion later in the year.

Homecoming viewers were also assured by the CEO of Peloton that they were working to preserve the integrity and competitiveness the leaderboard, in spite of the upcoming pause button. As the company nears a launch of the pause button, keep checking for updates.

Programs 2.0

Peloton announced a complete overhaul of its Programs structure starting this weekend. Programs are a series of classes that instructors create to help members achieve a particular goal.

Programs 2.0 promises members a more structured schedule. They are also more flexible to allow members to choose the right program for them based on their instructor, class duration and desired number of classes. Peloton elaborates:

You can also track your progress throughout the Program by adding a progress bar. Each class in the Program is meant to be completed in a particular order. Every class that you take will unlock the next. You can also choose to skip classes. You can earn achievement badges for completing classes, but not if your skip!

Programs 2.0 also offers a unique feature: the classes you are offered are only available to members of that program. This means you can’t find them elsewhere. Members can get a personalized and planned-out exercise program to help them reach their fitness goals.

Strive for a Score

The Strive Score is another new feature. Your heart rate is used to calculate your personal, non-competitive score. Peloton explains:

Strive Score tracks how long you spend in each zone of your heart rate to determine how hard you are working during every workout, from the bike, to the tread, to the floor. This will allow you to easily compare your performance across different workouts, even those that don’t have power-based output, such as strength, HIIT, and bootcamp classes.

After you have used this feature for some time, you will be able see your “Typical Strive”, which is calculated using Strive Scores from previous classes of the same type and length.

Strive Score is now available to all access membersstarting this weekend at Peloton Homecoming. It will also be available to digital subscribers later in the year.

A glimpse at new scenic ride and run locations

Enjoy refreshing scenic runs and rides

Peloton members discovered a disclaimer in the app this week stating that “scenic runs and rides will not be available starting April 30, 2021.” This led many people to speculate about new scenic routes.

Peloton’s CEO confirmed that a complete scenic refresh had been filmed and will start showing up this weekend. Peloton has added new views for you to enjoy from your Bike+, Bike+ or Tread+ . They also have different approaches to the scenic content to suit your needs.

  • Distance content - Run through New Mexico or ride through Hawaii’s stunning scenery until you reach your distance goal.
  • Guided Tours - Ride or run with Adrian Williams, Matt Wilpers and Selena Samuela to enjoy the beauty of Savannah and New Mexico.
  • Time-based content - Ideal for warm-ups and cool-downs, active recuperation, and everything in between. You can also enjoy music playlists that are updated daily to keep you coming back.

Peloton Home Rider Invasion

This event was previously held by Peloton and was known as the “Home Rider Invasion”. Tickets for $99 were required because it was an in-person event. It sold quickly. You got access to Saturday’s evening party, an apparel sale, as well as an in-person class at New York Studio.

Peloton did not host the 2020 event as the pandemic was still in full swing at the scheduled dates. Their 2020 virtual event was called “Together We Go Far”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose to attend my homecoming?

You can spend time with your instructors, even if it’s only for two days, by making homecoming a priority. This will be done outside of traditional classes.

You can see the human side of these instructors if you follow them on Instagram and TikTok. Panel discussions allow you to see a different side of these instructors.

Peloton 2021 was my homecoming. I signed up to participate in a panel discussion on the work-life balance issues parents face. Kristin McGee and Christine D’Ercole were the Peloton instructors. Both of them are single mothers.

I was touched by their honesty, vulnerability and comments during the chat. The panel also included Peloton users from real life who struggle with work-life balance. It was a lively discussion.

How can I see the Peloton homecoming?

Register on the website to view Peloton’s homecoming events, May 13-14, 2022. Each event that you wish to attend or view must be opted in.

Concerning the Peloton homecoming classes I only looked at the May 13 and May 14 live class schedules. I didn’t see any classes in any discipline that had homecoming. This doesn’t necessarily mean that new classes won’t be dropped. As of now, however, I do not see any homecoming classes.

How much does it cost to move into a home?

Homecoming is completely free. You will have to pay for your Peloton membership. You don’t need to pay any extra to attend.

In the past, the event fee was charged in addition to the hotel cost in New York City. If we return to in-person homecoming, it is unlikely that it will be again free.

FYI: If you are planning on visiting New York City, and need to find hotels close to the studio, or hotels with Peloton bicycles, can help.

Final thoughts

Did I answer all your questions about the upcoming member event. The only thing that makes it virtual is the ability to be attended by everyone.

There are more than six millions people in the Peloton Community these days. It’s impossible for everyone to attend homecoming in person. The last time they held the event live in 2019, registration was closed on the first day. This year, people were unable to register for rides and events. You can be thankful that homecoming 2022 will again be virtual so everyone can participate.

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