Is Your Peloton Covered? Understanding Insurance and Reimbursement

Riders may be reimbursed by their insurance provider or employer for the Peloton Bike, and/or membership. The coverage provided, if any is available, will vary depending on the insurance provider, plan and state as well as employee program . We recommend that you contact your employer and/or insurance company to determine if you and your family are eligible.

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For any additional questions or to work with Peloton on reimbursement,please email [email protected].

My employer and/or insurer offer reimbursement

How can I get reimbursed?

These steps can vary from one employer to the next. We recommend speaking with your insurance provider to find out what you should do.

Q: Is there a way to show proof of payment? What is the best place to find this information?

A: To bill the Peloton All Access Membership monthly:

  1. Members can log in with their information at
  2. Click on the appropriate Membership. The right will display the dollar amounts and memberships.
  3. Click on the dollar amount to see the invoice.

Pre-paid payments for the Peloton All Access Membership:

You can reference your Peloton order confirmation email or you can print a receipt by logging into your account on www.onepeloton.comand clicking on “My Orders”.

For instructions on printing monthly statements after your pre-paid period ends, please refer the section on monthly billing above.

Class payments at the Peloton Studio:

You can refer to your Peloton ridepack purchase confirmation email .

My employer and/or insurer require proof that I exercise. Is it possible to find this information?

Logging into your account, following these instructions, will allow you to print a record of your workouts.

  1. Click on “My Membership”.

  2. Click “Profile”.

  3. Click on “Workouts”.

  4. Members can download their workout history right here.

For equipment orders, my insurer or employer will require proof of purchase. How do I get that proof?

You can print the order history by logging into your account on and clicking on the My Account > My Orders

My employer and/or insurer require that I sign off as Facility Manager. How do I obtain this?

Please email [email protected] your required form attached. Within 5-7 business days, we will review your form and send you a signed copy.

My employer and/or insurer offer some type of fitness reimbursement. What can I do if Peloton isn’t eligible?

Employers and insurers that provide coverage for fitness-related activities may have different criteria about what is eligible for reimbursement. There are many criteria that employers and insurers must follow to determine what is eligible for reimbursement.

Please note that the above article only applies to the Peloton Bike and All-Access Membership. Studio classes are not included in the Peloton App. Transactions will not show payments for the app, waivers (i.e. unpaid transactions)

Disclaimer:Peloton does not assume responsibility for the coverage of any employer or insurance coverage. This is solely and strictly the responsibility of the rider. Peloton is not able to give specific reimbursement advice. However, it can provide information that will help users better understand general reimbursement policies.

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