Get Fit with Peloton: Just Work Out!

Update During the keynote at Peloton’s Homecoming, Peloton spoke about this new feature. They confirmed that all activities and minutes from Just Work Out will be counted towards all challenges and that they will soon add more indoor workout types to “Just Work Out”. They claim Just Work Out will be made available this summer. They also mentioned the possibility of using it with third-party apps such as Spotify. Peloton also teased a new “Send Class Invites”, / “Class Invites”, feature coming soon to Homecoming.

Update 2- Peloton states that all iOS users of Peloton should have this feature in the “coming weeks”. They advise that you “stay tuned” for more information about Android.

Peloton has added a beta feature to its Peloton app. This will make cross-training with the Peloton Bike and Tread easier.

The new feature “Just Work Out” allows you to do the equivalent of “Just Run” or “Just Ride” on the Peloton Tread and Peloton Bike. It also makes it possible to go outside for outdoor activities.

The Peloton app allows you to track and receive credit for any run, walk or bike you take outside. To get credit, you had to first start any Peloton class via the app. You would need to play multiple classes if you wanted to do a longer activity.

You won’t be able to listen to a playlist or have a Peloton instructor talk to you during your workout. This mode will allow you to play your own music and create your own playlists while your session is active.

Overview of the “Just Work Out” feature.

Peloton’s new “Just Run” or “Just Ride” apps for outdoor activities are not yet available for all users. Only a select few users appear to have it. It is not yet known when it will be available to all users.

This feature appears to be first available for iOS users. We are unable to confirm whether Android users will also be receiving the feature at the same moment.

If you have access to the feature, it can be accessed via the main “Classes” page of the Peloton App. The new banner for “Just Work Out” is displayed at the top of this page, below your stacks, and above your tags.

The Peloton iOS app now offers the new “Just Workout” feature

You can then choose the type of activity you want to do. You have three options: “Outdoor Running”, Outdoor Walking, and “Outdoor Cycling” for now. We envision that will be available once the Peloton Rower launches there could also be “Outdoor Rowing”.

With the Just Work Out feature, there are new options for outdoor running, walking, and cycling in the Peloton app.

After your class starts, you will be presented with a new screen. You have two options: a stop and pause. buttons.

You can then view several metrics about your activity in real-time. You can view information such as pace, speed, elevation gain, calories burned and, if your heart rate monitor is connected, your heart beat.

Screenshot of an “Outdoor Running” class using the “Just Work Out” feature in the Peloton App. Image credit Peloton Homecoming Keynote.

Outdoor cycling classes will have an option to connect a cadence sensor and the app will track your cadence.

You can also track your cadence in an “Outdoor Cycling” class.

Tap on the tab at bottom to toggle metrics and take you to a GPS View, where you can see the track recorded. This works in the same way as Outdoor Running classes, except that you don’t need to choose a class or have the coach talk.

The GPS map and tracking view during an Outdoor walk using the new “Just Work Out” feature. Image credit Peloton Homecoming Keynote.

After a class has ended, it will show up in your profile, similar to “Just Ride” classes on a Bike or “Just Run” on the Tread. They will be counted as regular cycling or walking/running classes for credit towards milestones. These miles may not count towards the monthly challenges.

Completed “Just Work Out” classes on a profile.

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This feature is more appropriate given the launch of Peloton’s new body activity feature. Peloton wants its members to have that feature and, in turn, to be able use the classes Peloton recommends to target muscles that aren’t worked in recent weeks. It is even more important that Peloton members can log all their workouts into the Peloton ecosystem - even if they don’t take place on the Peloton Bicycle&Tread.

Are you going to take advantage of the new “Just Work Out” outdoor activity tracking features?

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