Peloton Live Classes vs. On-Demand: Which One Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster?

Peloton offers two types of classes: live and on-demand. The features of both classes are so similar, it’s hard to tell the difference. Both classes offer a live Leaderboard and all the fun that comes along with a Peloton class.

live Peloton classes
can be cast live from the Peloton New York Studio in real-time while
on demand classes
are recorded. Some classes are available for streaming, while others are available as live classes.

So, Peloton Live Vs. On-Demand Classes?

Peloton live and Peloton on-demand classes share many similarities. But there are also some differences. Let’s compare the two.

FeaturesPeloton Live ClassesPeloton On-Demand Classes
AvailabilityDifferent workouts with different instructors available at specific times of the dayAlways available
LeaderboardAvailableNot available
Play own musicNot availableavailable
Stacking optionNot availableavailable
Real-time instructoravailableNot available
Pausing featureNot availableAvailable

1. Cost

You can access both the live classes and the on-demand classes when you purchase a
Peloton membership. Live and on-demand classes are tied together so there is no separate payment option.

Peloton offers two subscription options: the all-access membership or the digital app membership. The all-access membership is available only to owners of Peloton equipment, while the digital app is available to everyone, regardless of whether they have the Peloton gear.

The all-access membership costs $39 and includes both live and online classes. The membership allows you to create multiple accounts. The digital app costs $12.99 and only allows one account registration. The digital app membership will allow you to access the live and on-demand classes.

2. Availability

You should check the instructor’s schedule if you are interested in working out live. You must exercise at the time the class is available.

You can still take the same class on-demand, but without any time restrictions. The only problem is that you might have to wait at least 24 hours to receive the class with all features.

3. Real-Time Feel

It is true that it almost feels like you are in a live class when you are in an online class. You can also create a Leaderboard to allow you to interact with others who are riding along at the same time.

However, the instructor will be recorded and you won’t get any high-fives or shout-outs from your best teacher. You will also hear the instructor calling out names in a previous class.

I find the motivation in an online class less appealing than the live class motivation.

To get a real-time feeling and motivate myself, I will be taking the live classes on Peloton.

4. Stacking Option

Peloton’s stacking feature is a new feature. This allows you to plan your workouts ahead of time by putting classes in a stack. Next, you can schedule your workouts and put classes in a stack.

You can simply log in to the app and start looking for your stack. You can then work out the details by letting each class leave the class immediately.

Stacking saves time searching for classes for the day, especially during busy weeks.

This feature is not available to live classes. It is only available for on-demand classes.

You can also pre-check the workout and get a better understanding of the program before you decide to attend or decide to take it.

The on-demand classes will win.

5. Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is available both for live and on-demand classes. All users who are taking the class at the same time will automatically be able to see the live Leaderboard.

You will need to filter the Leaderboard to “Now” when using the on-demand Leaderboard. Otherwise, you will see a list of people who have taken the class before you.

The high-five feature can be used on both live and on-demand classes. You can also send and receive them from the

The Leaderboard feature allows both live and on-demand classes to win.

6. Playing Your Music

Peloton was sued for using some music that was mostly the fans’. Since then, the music has been removed from the workouts.

Live classes require that you follow the instructor’s music selection, even if it is not your favorite. You could also choose to sacrifice your instructor in favor of one that plays your preferred music. What if the ban prevents you from listening to your music?

You can take the on-demand classes. You can also choose to use your own music during the on-demand classes.

The on-demand classes here will be the mainstay of the day.

7. Pausing the Workout

Live classes are live and cannot be paused. You can’t rewind and catch up, however.

You can pause classes during on-demand workouts, since they are recorded. On-demand classes are great for those who want to be distracted during their workouts.

Peloton Live or On-Demand Classes: Which One is better?

Each class is unique and great in its own way. It all depends on what you are looking for in a class. Live classes are my top choice for maximum motivation and a true studio atmosphere. Peloton’s on-demand classes are my best option if I have a busy week ahead of me and need to plan ahead.

Bottom Line

Peloton lets you stream live and on demand classes under one subscription, unlike other platforms
such as Beachbody. This makes it difficult to choose between the two workout options.

Both are available for exchange until you find the right one. Are you ready to embrace the convenience and variety that both the peloton platform and the treadmill offer?

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