Embrace Your Curves and Look Fabulous with Peloton Magic Pants & Shirts

Today, I was one year old when I discovered that magic pants were a popular item in the Peloton crowd. Are you unfamiliar with magic pants? These are leggings that people wear that look anything but black. They are either Peloton or another brand’s leggings with crazy designs. They can also be made from fabrics in bright colors that are anything but boring.

While I was learning about magic pants, Peloton and Peloton I also learned that Adidas has teamed up with Peloton to create shirts and other products. It’s called Adidas x Peloton.

Peloton’s latest collaboration is with Adidas.So AdidasXPelotonXIvy Park?

This article from Bicycling magazine states that this apparel line will include tank tops and shorts as well as hoodies, tees and crewnecks.

Partnership between Peloton and Adidas

I wonder what sort of magic pants the Peloton brains have come up with to sell Adidas. The Bicycling article stated that the line would include sizes (a common complaint by Peloton users regarding the Peloton clothing line, which isn’t always size inclusive). Many pieces from Adidas-brand will be gender neutral. You can also wear magic pants for men!

Peloton instructors have teamed with Adidas to make their clothing more popular. This is why I wrote this blog post on Peloton shirts, and magic pants.

This is my blog post on Peloton’s workout clothes.

Peloton magic pants&shirts

This will be a regular feature of this blog. It will help you find out where you can purchase the shirts, magic trousers, or other gear you saw your favorite Peloton instructor in class.

It will be even more fun if I do a “who wore this best” feature on my Instagram. (You’re following me on Instagram. Here is a link that will take you to my Instagram.

This means that I will find two or three Peloton instructors wearing the same shirts, the same color magic pants, or another similarity. I will show them side-by-side and ask you to let me know which one you like best in the Instagram comments.

While I’m posting the “who wore this best” Instagram contest, I will also be sharing shopping information in this blog post. This post on Peloton shirts, and magic pants will get very long. So that you can find what your looking for, I will probably have to break up my posts.

Peloton magic pants and shirts that instructors wear

Below are some examples of the types of sports bras, shirts and magic pants instructors often wear. As much as possible, I have included information about which brand each instructor wore.

You can shop by clicking the link.

Brand 925 Fit

925 Fit (Peloton sold the “Get in Line”, strappy sports bra by this brand; I have it in mint green.

Adidas brand

It’s likely that we will see a lot more Adidasbrand Peloton shirts, and magic pants. Peloton and Adidas have collaborated to create a new line. Cody Rigsby was wearing a hot pink Adidas shortsleeve shirt while riding recently.

All Access brand

All Access fitness is a brand that Ally Loves. All Access clothing can be found on Revolve, a shopping website. You should definitely visit it.

Alo Yoga

Many people have asked me where her Peloton instructor bought her ripped leggings. They are worn by her on rides with punk, goth, or grunge music like her 2021 Chris Cornell ride.

Check out the screenshot of an Instagram message that I received recently. Please follow me on Instagram if you don’t already!

They’re from Alo Yoga and come in a variety of ripped legging styles. These include a pair with rips on the bicycle shorts.

EleVen by Venus Williams

Becs Gentry wore the Wonder Woman bra by EleVen by Venus Williams in class recently. You can buy EleVen by Venus Williams online at her store .

These retailers also sell EleVen by Venus Williams clothing



Saks Fifth Avenue


FYI: I do know that you could request EleVen activewear by Venus Williams in plus sizes if you ordered a Dia&Co subscription box. This is another place you can look for activewear by this brand.

Free People Movement

Free People Movement is the activewear line under the Free People brand. Pro tip: Look for Free People activewear and magic pants at Nordstrom Rack.


GRRRL is a clothing brand that caters to all sizes, races, genders, and abilities. Get 20% off your first purchase by using code LEAH20 Tunde wore GRRRL leggings during class.


You may have seen Christine D’Ercole in leggings that look just like Beetlejuice’s, and that’s They call these their Signature Stripes.

Christine’s K-Deer striped leggings are a reddish-pink color that gradually gets darker. These are part of the K-Deer Laura Stripe Collection.

I love the size-inclusive KDEER leggings. Take the Laura Stripe collection. You can find them in sizes XS through 4XL.

Brand Koral

Kendall Toole has worn Maddox style Koral bras on at least a few occasions. Saks Fifth Avenue stocks Koral brand activewear.


Peloton instructors have been seen wearing Nikebrand bras. If you look closely, you can see the swoosh.

Tunde Oyeneyin, a Peloton instructor, paired lime green Nike Super Rep Cycling shoes with her lime-green outfit during a Live-DJ ride. Also, be sure to check out Nike cycling shoes.


Jess Sims, a Peloton instructor, recently wore a pair Reebok printed MYT leggings with blueaka magic trousers. People freaked out when Jess Sims, a Peloton instructor, wore a pair of Reebok printed MYT leggings in blue, also known as magic pants, at the ShopStyle.it/l/byOxh event.

Spiritual Gangster

I own a few Peloton shirts by the Spiritual Gangsterbrand. I also know that Kristin McGee, a yoga instructor, wore these leopard leggings during advanced flow classes.

Splits 59

A recent Instagram follower messaged me to inquire about a pair o leggings Kendall Toole, a Peloton instructor, had worn. These were maroon leggings, with cool orange and red stripes down the legs. They were so perfect that she had to have them.

They were found using my investigative skills gained from years of journalism experience. These leggings are from Splits59. The leggings are featured at the bottom of the post. They are currently on sale at Bloomingdales.

Under Armour

Under Armour seems to be Emma Lovewell’s favorite brand. On one of her recent groove rides, she wore a hot pink under Armour sports bra . A few days later, she was wearing Under Armour magic trousers in a purple Harlequin pattern. Go, Emma!

Peloton Magic Pants&Shirts: Leggings

Peloton Magic Pants&Shirts: Leggings

Galactic Purple Next Level Leggings

Galactic Purple Next Level Leggings

Jaden Striped-Trim Leggings

Jaden Striped-Trim Leggings

Alo Yoga High-Waist Ripped Warrior Legging

Alo Yoga High-Waist Ripped Warrior Legging

Eleven by Venus Williams Sunset70’s Leggings in Disco Pink

Eleven by Venus Williams Sunset70’s Leggings in Disco Pink

FP Movement High-Rise 7/8 Good Karma Tie-Dye Leggings

FP Movement High-Rise 7/8 Good Karma Tie-Dye Leggings

K-Deer 7/8 Sneaker in Laura Stripe

K-Deer 7/8 Sneaker in Laura Stripe

Reebok leggings. FYI, Jess Sims has been named Reebok’s ambassador.

Reebok leggings. FYI, Jess Sims has been named Reebok’s ambassador.

Venus Williams: Legging in Disco Chevron Eleven

Sports bras and magic pants

Peloton magic pants fans also love sports bras with crazy patterns, colors, or decorations. Some instructors have worn sequins-covered sports bras underneath their regular workout tops. Others have worn bras with pop culture references underneath their regular workout tops.

This is an example: Olivia Amato and Bec Gentry wore shop EleVen by Venus Williamsnavy bras featuring a Wonder Woman theme recently. On the EleVen. Venus Williams online shop, you can also find Wonder Woman-themed activewear.

I was searching the Saks website for fun sports bras for women that would match the magic pants theme. This is activewear with fun patterns. Below are some examples.

Sports bras inspired by magic pants

Peloton Magic Pants

These fun, patterned, and inspired by magic pants sports bras are what you might have seen your favorite Peloton instructor wearing during a class.

Eleven from Venus

Adidas Stella McCartney


Totally Tie Dye HiShine Sports Bra

FP Motion

Free People Movement Good Karma Tie Dye Sports Bra


Koral Dakota Blackout Sports bra

Sports bras with one shoulder

Bras for one-shoulder sports

Recently, I noticed some Peloton instructors wearing one-shoulder sports bras to class. Jess Sims and Rebecca Kennedy are examples of this.

Below are the brands that they wore. If the one-shouldered sports bras are no longer available, or have sold out, I’ve replaced them with reasonable fascimilies from those brands.

Peloton has also recently launched its own line in workout and athleisure apparel, which includes one shoulder bras.

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga Offset Bralette


This sports bra is a Harlow one-shoulder, reversible Harlow bra. Pink is the opposite side. Available in sizes up to 4X



High Support One Shoulder Cut-Out Sports Bra

Set Active

X REVOLVE Ribbed One-Shouler Sports Bra

, a regular feature on my Instagram account. It’s called “Who Wore It Best Wednesday”.

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