Exclusive Offer: How to Take Advantage of the Peloton Membership Discount [Disclosed]

Peloton has announced new discounts for Peloton Digital members. Students, educators, first responders and military personnel, as well as medical professionals, will all be eligible for discounts.

The fitness giant has stated previously that the Peloton Digital Membership is a recruiting tool. It allows people to try out the connected community pool of fitness without committing to a full membership.

This strategy aims to convert digital subscribers into full Peloton members. The turnover rate has been better than expected, according Peloton. Peloton’s latest marketing move is not the first. Last week, it began offering $400 off refurbished Bikesto customers in certain zip codes.

A select group of customers can now enjoy a significant discount on access to Peloton Digital’s most recent update.

Who gets the discount?

This discount is only available to digital-only users. You will need to continue paying the $39.99/month for a Peloton Bike or Tread. There is no discount. The offer is currently only available to US members. Peloton suggests that they are currently working to expand the offer to other countries (Australian, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany), but do not have all details.

Peloton states that you will need to verify your status every year. Once you have been removed from an eligible group, you can revert to regular pricing. Peloton advises that if you have a digital-only subscription and would like to receive the discounted pricing, you will need to cancel it and sign up again.

Here are some details about who qualifies and some other points to consider. Below is a detailed breakdown of who can get a Peloton digital discount.

  • Military

    • Active duty
    • Reserve
    • Retiree
    • Veteran
  • First Responders

    • EMT
    • EMS
    • Firefighters
    • Police/Law Enforcement
  • Medical

    • Doctors and Nurses
    • Behavioral Health & Service, Chiropractors, Dental Providers
    • Dietary & Nutritional Service Providers
    • Eye and Vision Services
    • Nursing Services
    • Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Podiatry
    • Respiratory
    • Developmental
    • Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers
    • Speech, Language and Hearing Technologists & Technicians
    • Physician Assistants
    • Clerical and administrative support
  • Teachers & Educators

    • K-12 Teachers
    • Professors
  • Students

    • University
    • College


Peloton offers special pricing for educators, students, healthcare workers, first responders and military personnel in the US.

This special pricing is available to both new and existing Members. Existing Members won’t lose their performance and metrics -just follow the steps below.

  • $6.99 per month: University/College Students
  • $9.99 per month: First Responders, Military, Educators, Medical


Peloton requires that you prove your membership in one of these categories each year to maintain the discount. Evidently, the company intends to keep this offer for as long as possible. Cha-ching!

You can redeem the discounted pricing if you have a Peloton digital membership.

These discounts are only available to the Peloton Digital Membership, which can be accessed through the app. To access the required fitness content, you must pay $39.99 per month if you own a Tread or Bike.

This offer is only available to US residents at the moment, but Peloton did make the following statement on their Support page:

This offer is currently only available to new and existing Peloton members in the US. Keep checking back for updates about when this offer will become available in your country.

Peloton Military Discount

Does Peloton Offer Military Discounts

Yes. Peloton packages offer a military discount, regardless of whether you are active duty or a veteran. Let’s take a look at these tempting offers.

Peloton offers military discounts to anyone who is eligible for military benefits. You have the chance to receive a hamper that thanks you for your service, whether you’re buying a Peloton bicycle or using the Peloton app.

Military discounts are available to soldiers in active duty, veterans, retirees, as well as their immediate families. Let’s now look at the details of the Peloton military discount.

Peloton Bike Military Package

Peloton has a military discount for both the bike and the bike plus. However, the cost of either bike remains constant, which is $2495 for the peloton bike plus and $1495 for the original Peloton bike.

Nevertheless, you will get several accessories that will help avoid extra costs. And these are the accessories you may not do without for a full Peloton ride experience. The package usually referred to as the essentials package, is worth $150.

The essentials package includes the following:

You have the option to choose the shoe size and the weight of the shoes. This package, along with the bike or bike plus will allow you to begin the Peloton rides. You will only need the heart rate monitor to get started.

Peloton Digital App Military Discount

You can also access military benefits if you prefer the Peloton App. The monthly cost for the digital app subscription is generally $12.99. Your monthly subscription will be $9.99 with the military discount

What if I didn’t know about the discount but am already on the full payment plan? Can I cancel my subscription? You can cancel your subscription if you didn’t know about the military discount or if you already use the Peloton app and pay the full $12.99 amount.

You will be able to get a discount if you mention that you are a veteran, military family member, or serviceman.

My metrics will be affected if I switch to a military discount subscription. They won’t. Your account will not be affected by the new membership option. Only thing that will change are your monthly payments, which range from $12.99 to $9.99.

Limitations to Peloton Bike/Bike Plus Military Discount

  • The Peloton military offer on the bicycle and bike plus is great news for military personnel, but there are some limitations. There is nothing you can’t handle or that is worth worrying about.
  • The offer applies only to the bike and the bike plus, and not to any other equipment or accessories.
  • Even if you have multiple accounts, you will only receive one essential package for one bike.
  • After purchase, the offer will be applied at checkout. You cannot exchange the package for something else. You cannot also get a cash value for the package. This means that the essentials package cannot be substituted for a portion of the bike’s cost.
  • You may not be eligible for this offer if you have any other peloton offers. This offer could also nullify any other Peloton offers.
  • This offer is only valid in the USA and Canada.
  • The Peloton will reimburse you for the cost of the bike/bike plus the $150 or $200 essentials package cost if you return the bike/bike plus without the essentials pack.
  • The offer is valid only while supplies last. Peloton reserves all rights to limit or cancel it at any time.
  • Unfortunately, the offer is not valid in areas where military discounts are prohibited.
  • The military discount cannot be transferred to family members or friends.

Peloton Medical Discount

What is a Peloton Healthcare Discount? This is a discounted membership for healthcare workers. It’s a Peloton discount for healthcare workers.

This discount includes people who work in healthcare fields such as nurses and doctors. Peloton recently extended this discount for healthcare workers to include veterinarians, and other medical technologists.

It is important to remember that the discount is only for the Peloton App and not the hardware. This may change in the near future.

What healthcare professions are eligible for Peloton discounts?

The discount is not only available to healthcare professionals, but also to all other professions.

There is also a Peloton membership discount for first responders. This applies to EMT, EMS and Firefighter as well as Police/Law Enforcement.

Here’s a list of people who are qualified in the medical field from the Peloton support webpage:

“Doctors, nurses, Behavioral Health & Social Service, Chiropractor, Dentary Provider, Dietary & Nutritional Service Provider, Emergency Medical Service Provider, Eye, and Vision Services, Nursing Services, Pharmacy, Podiatry, Respiratory, Developal, Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers, Voice, Language, and Technologists & Technicians, Physician assistants, Clerical and administrative support, Veterinarians and Veterinary Aids, Veterinarians, and Veterinary Hospitals

Peloton Education Discount

As a teacher, educator or student, you are eligible to receive discounts for Peloton membership discount if you live in the USA.

Peloton bikes or bike plus can be discounted as well as the monthly digital membership subscriptions.

What Teachers/Educators are eligible for Peloton Discounts?

Teachers and educators in the following categories are eligible for the offer:

  • Teachers in K-12
  • Professors

Who are the eligible students for the Peloton App’s special pricing?

This offer is only for US college/university students attending accredited institutions.

Peloton Education Package

You will receive an additional essentials package for teachers and educators when you purchase a bike or a plus bike. These are the components of an essentials package.

  • Peloton shoes (comes with Peloton Look cleats
  • A pair of weights
  • Headphones

There are two options for weights and shoes. This allows you to choose the best size. There are three weight options: 1, 2, or 3 pounds. Peloton footwear is available in sizes 36-43 for women and sizes 40-48 for men.

Peloton Digital App Teachers/Educators Discount

You still qualify for the educator or teacher discount if you use the Peloton app digitally. The best part is that all your monthly subscriptions will be discounted.

Peloton digital membership typically costs $12.99 per monthly. For the same subscription, you will pay $9.99 if you are a teacher or an educator.

What if you used the Peloton before becoming a teacher? You can still modify your membership in this situation. You can still change your membership, even if you didn’t request a discount.

Your progress and metrics will remain the same as long as your account is unchanged. However, your pocket will gain $3 each month with the new subscription.

Peloton Corporate Discount

Does Peloton give a corporate discount?

Peloton continues to amaze us. In addition to the teacher and military discount, they now offer a corporate discount. Employees of the same company are eligible for the discount. They pay less for the digital app and get discounts on the tread or bike.

Many companies have taken advantage of this offer, including Accenture Interactive, Nasdaq and Samsung. You will be tempted by the testimonials and reviews from these companies.

Peloton Corporate Discount

Peloton, through William Lynch, its president, announced the introduction and promotion of the corporate discount in June 2021 at a press conference.

After acquiring the Peerfit property, it was expected that Peloton would offer a discount to corporate customers. It was used to improve team members’ wellbeing and well-being, so it was almost obvious that Peloton would adopt this idea.

How do corporates gain from the Corporate Discount at Peloton?

The program basically helps employees live happier and healthier lives. Employees who are healthy will be less likely to take sick leave and are more productive, which is a benefit for the company.

Peloton also explains that it is a way for companies attract and retain top talent. Peloton is a highly-regarded fitness company. If your company offers the fitness platform at a discounted rate, even more competitive talent will want to work for you.

Peloton also has a team experts who can provide real-time advice and solutions. You can also trust the experts with your company information because they have a confidentiality key.

Peloton encourages employees to focus on their fitness as much the other aspects of their life. Peloton also offers classes that promote mental wellness such as yoga and meditation. As we all know, mental wellness is crucial to productivity.

Physical fitness classes are interactive, and employees can immerse themselves in music that will leave them feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. The instructors are also great, as they never stop talking about the workout, motivating, joking, and creating the perfect environment for anyone to escape the pressure.

Who doesn’t want happy, healthy employees? You will find this with the corporate program at Peloton.

Is the Peloton Corporate Discount Available for Digital App Users?

Yes, it is. Whether you use the bike, the tread, or the App with Peloton, you will get a corporate discount. You can get your employees the most favorable option. If most have the equipment or could afford one, you can get the offer on Peloton equipment. On the other hand, if most employees benefit from the app, taking the offer on the digital app will work best for you.

How to Access Peloton Corporate Discount Program?

This means that you are interested in the corporate discount offered by Peloton. You will need to enter your details such as name, phone number, email address and company details.

After you have completed the form, Peloton will contact you with details about the program.

Is the corporate discount program offered worldwide? Unfortunately, the program isn’t yet available worldwide. I am still monitoring the availability details and will keep you updated with any slight changes. The corporate discount is available in all 50 states, including the USA, Canada and the UK. It will also be available soon in Australia.

Peloton Features for Corporates

Corporates can benefit from the features of the Peloton platform. Let’s take a look at the most popular features.

Hashtags (#)

Peloton #s are located underneath the user profile. Click on the profile to see the?add hashtag. You can also use existing hashtags on Peloton, or create new hashtags.

You can create a common hashtag for your company that identifies you to other students in the same class. You can interact with and even compete with colleagues on the Leaderboard.

You can also join a hashtag at your institution that is a hot cup or tea. You can also join in a discussion, or even start a discussion to get suggestions from others on Peloton.

Riding with Friends

Peloton allows you and a friend to ride, run, or exercise together. Simply choose an on-demand class and set the time and date. Then, go to the invite section. Invite colleagues and friends from your department. You can have a great time running or riding together, and even competing.

You can either communicate with your friends to sign up for a class or check out the schedule to see which classes your colleagues have taken part in. You can then join the classes to exercise with them.

You can use a Peloton spin tray to work on your laptops, hold a video conference and send and receive email while still using your peloton equipment.

Video Chats

Equipment for Peloton: The tread plus, the tread plus, the bike plus and the tread plus all have the option of video chats. Video chats can be used to communicate with colleagues, have fun together riding and running, or just to talk about work.

Peloton High Fives

Peloton offers high five options. These are the rewards you can give and receive for reaching a milestone or making progress on Peloton. If you ride with colleagues, you will have someone to give high fives to. And when you improve, you can also expect them to give you some.

Peloton keeps you connected and encourages you to give high fives.

Peloton digital and Peloton pieces are both available for high fives. It is available for both live classes and on-demand classes. You can check the Leaderboard to see the option.

Stacking Feature

Did you know you could plan your workouts ahead of time? You can take classes up to 2 weeks, add them to your stack and then you can do your exercises when you are ready.

This feature is great for personal planning, especially during busy weeks at work. It helps employees stay on schedule and allows them to take a few minutes to exercise.

24/7 Availability and Convenience

Peloton classes can be arranged to fit into any company’s schedule. No matter if you have day workers or a 24 hour economy, your employees will always find a class that suits them.

No matter what your schedule may be, the on-demand classes can be accessed at any time. Live classes, on the other hand, are available as early as 1 AM and as late as 11 PM depending on the time difference between the different Peloton studios.

Peloton has studios located in Los Angeles, New York City, and London. You can also take advantage of the London studio classes if you work in odd hours and live in the US.

Peloton offers classes in Spanish, German, and English. Employees who speak one of these languages can still exercise in the other language.

Peloton Discount on Health Insurance

You don’t need a credit card to get this additional discount on your Peloton membership. You can obtain it through your employer, or your health insurance provider. You can also get it through your healthcare plan. Really.

Reach out to Human Resources

First, contact your spouse’s or your employer’s human resource department. You can also check to see if your health plan covers memberships to health clubs and fitness centers.

This is what I did for my husband’s employer since that is how we get health insurance. Peloton was not recognized by them as a legitimate health club membership, so I was SOL. Planet Fitness and YMCA would have been eligible, but I prefer to exercise at home. However, as I mentioned, our healthcare insurance company didn’t recognize at-home exercise as being eligible. (Hey Blue Cross Blue Shield! Get with the times!

If your Peloton membership qualifies for a discount, or reimbursement, you will need to find out how to get it back. This could be similar to filing a claim for out-of-network insurance.

It is possible that you will need to print, copy and mail paperwork. You may also be able do it online. To continue receiving the discount, you will likely have to do it monthly.

What employers might do to cover a Peloton membership

This option to get reimbursed for a Peloton member’s fee was discovered by me through the various Peloton Facebook groups that I am a part of. There are just too many to mention.

Here are some examples shared by people. This was how they were able get a full reimbursement or a discount from their health insurance company for using their Peloton.

Reimbursement for health insurance

One woman received money back from her insurance company if she went to the gym more often than 100 times per year. After COVID struck, the woman went back to her insurance company to ask if Peloton classes count. With proof, they said yes. She downloaded her workout history and submitted it to get 100% of her year-end membership fees back.

This blog post is for beginners to Peloton. It explains how you can download your workout history.

United Healthcare Peloton offers

Another person discovered that her insurance company, United Healthcare, offered $100 per year in fitness reimbursements. Peloton was included. Although $100 doesn’t cover a whole month of membership, it’s still better than nothing.

United Healthcare recently made an announcement about the coverage of the Peloton app by certain members. Here is what the announcement stated:

All eligible UnitedHealthcare plans now include a 1-year Peloton Digital membership with access to the Peloton app or a 4-month All Access Membership waiver at no additional charge.

This is my Peloton review.

Employer reimbursement

A third person can still work for a company that offers gym memberships as a benefit. No questions asked. He didn’t need to send any money to his insurance company to get the money back. The money was added to his paycheck by his employer.

You can find out how to get your Peloton membership reimbursed by visiting the Peloton Support Page.

Peloton Summer Pass Discount

Peloton offers a “Summer Pass Discount” for the Peloton Digital app. Peloton Summer Pass is a membership that allows new members to pay $12.99 USD for one month and then receive two additional months free.

From July 1 to July 31, the Peloton Summer Pass discount will be available. To sign up for the discount, you will need to apply here: https://www.onepeloton.com/digital/checkout/digital-mtm-3for1

This discount applies to the Peloton Digital App. You can access it via your smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, or devices such as Roku and Fire TV. Peloton App membership covers all live and on-demand classes in the Peloton Library. The full membership ($39.99 USD/Month), which is required to access the Peloton Bike and Tread, does not include “Scenic Rides”.

Today marks the start of the 2021 All For One Music Festival. It’s a great time to get on the Peloton Digital App. The digital festival features 25 top artists across dozens classes, and runs from July 3 to 3. Learn more about it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this offer apply to the UK/ CAN/DE/DE?

This offer is currently only for existing and new Peloton members in the US. Keep checking back for updates about when this offer will become available in your country.

What classes are available on the Peloton App

Members have unlimited access to all our class content including thousands of on-demand and live workouts such as running, biking, strength training, cardio, yoga, barre and Pilates.

Does this offer include the Peloton All Access Membership?

No, this offer only applies to the Peloton App membership on Apple iOS, Android Web, Roku and Android compatible apps.

How can I reactivate my Peloton membership to take advantage the special pricing on the Peloton App?

To reactivate your Peloton membership to take advantage the pricing offer on the Peloton App you will need to reenroll using the Membership Offer.

Will I lose my workout history if I cancel my membership to the special pricing deal and then sign up again with the same email address?

No. As long as you continue to use the same email address, your workout history and performance data will not be lost. Please use your existing Peloton email address to verify your SheerID account. The email you used for SheerID notification purposes will not affect your eligibility status.

How do you check if I am eligible for this promotion?

Your information will be verified through SheerID, an ID verification service provider.

What does SheerID do?

SheerID asks you for information to determine if you are eligible for the Peloton App’s special pricing. This may include personal information. SheerID guarantees the highest level security and privacy. Learn more about SheerID’s privacy practices.

When will I be notified about my eligibility status?

SheerID responds to your verification request via email, after having reviewed your documentation.

What happens if I am no longer eligible to receive the special pricing?

The special pricing offer will remain available as long as you’re a student, educator, healthcare provider, first responser, or healthcare provider. This status will need to be verified on an annual basis, unless you are in the Military category.

For more information about the verification process, contact SheerID or visit their website SheerID FAQ.

How do I get a free trial of the Peloton App?

Start your 30-day commitment-free trial today

Apple iOS

  • Download Peloton App on your iOS device.
  • Create an Account by entering a valid email address, and selecting both a username (and a password)
  • A prompt will appear allowing you to begin your free trial, provided that you have not already signed up for a trial.
  • After activating your trial, you’ll have full access to all classes and features in the Peloton App. Clickhere to explore the App’s features.
  • After your trial period is over, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using the app.
  • Unless you choose to upgrade to a paid access plan, no charges will be made.


  • Download The Peloton App from Google Play Store and open it.
  • Create an Account by entering a valid email address, and selecting both a username (and a password)
  • A prompt will appear allowing you to begin your free trial, provided that you have not already signed up for a trial.
  • After activating your trial, you’ll have full access to all classes and features in the Peloton App. Clickhere to explore the App’s features.
  • After your trial period is over, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using the app.
  • Unless you choose to upgrade to a paid access plan, no charges will be applied.

What are Peloton Guest Passes Free 60-Day Membership?

Peloton Guest Pass is a way to share a free 60-day Peloton membership with your friends and family. This membership is for those who have never been to Peloton before.

This guest pass is not available to those who have an Android phone, or hope to access Peloton via a Smart TV.

Is it possible to purchase more than one membership at a time?

Peloton App Membership gives you full access to all classes and features on the app. There is no need for additional plans.

You can stream up to three devices simultaneously with your current access plan. You may need to buy additional memberships if you exceed this limit.

How do I cancel my Peloton App membership?

Peloton App memberships can be cancelled at any time. You will still have access to your membership after you cancel your membership. Logging into your account will allow you to reactivate the membership at any moment after you cancel.


As Peloton grows in popularity, I am sure there will be more discounts and incentives for members. It wouldn’t surprise me if more health insurance companies and healthcare providers cover usage or reimburse members.

Additionally, I bet that more employers will offer this benefit. We keep hearing about the shortage of hiring. It would be interesting to see if a free Peloton could encourage people to apply for jobs.

If you know of a way to receive a discount on your Peloton membership, let me know.

Peloton offers corporate discounts and a ton more benefits than the discount. Technically, employees will want to stay with a company that is so popular as a partner in fitness.

Both the employees and corporates benefit tremendously from the program.

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