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Peloton’s Metallica Artist Series: A Workout Experience Like No Other [What You Should Know]

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Sweat to the sound of Metallica with Peloton’s exclusive artist series, featuring custom rides and playlists curated by the band. Find our favorites in our essential guide

Peloton’s featured artist series gives users the opportunity to listen to a whole playlist featuring songs from the same artist or band. This was a chance for Metallica, the legendary heavy metal band. All tracks are still available in Peloton’s on-demand library.

It’s time to crank up the volume! Join us as we rock out with classic tracks from
@Spotify‘s Metal Essentials playlist. This playlist celebrates the 30th Anniversary of
@Metallica‘s Black Album?along all your hardcore favorites. Classes start at 9:08. — Peloton (@onepeloton)
September 7, 2021

Even better, the Metallica Artist Series was included in all categories of the Peloton. You can feel the band’s energy, no matter if you are a yogi, cyclist, or strength fanatic.

Peloton Metallica Classes

Given the huge demand list on Peloton, how can I get the Peloton Metallica Classes? It may be difficult because there is not a Metallica filter option. However, I have collected some classes and you can use dates to search for others. You can narrow down the classes to the month because they were in November 2020.

Some of the Metallica Peloton classes are:

  • 30 min Metallica Full Body Strength with
    Andy Speer, 17/11/2020 (under resistance training)
  • 45 minute Metallica Peloton Treadbootcamp with Olivia Amato, 19/11/2020 (Treadbootcamp training).
  • 30 minute Metallica Peloton Ride with Erik Jager on 23/11/2020 (cycling training in German)
  • 45 minute Metallica Peloton Ride With Kenda/ll Toole. Kendall enthusiastically invited users
    here on Instagram. (Cycling Training) on 18/11/2020

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I loved the German class option. This indicated that Peloton would be considering more languages in their artist series to ensure that they consider all their users.


Peloton Metallica was a unique partnership. While most artists will bring a specific artist to the series, they were bringing a whole band. Even though the classes are available on-demand, they bring in a live theater feel, especially if you’re a heavy metal music lover.