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Introducing Peloton’s Newest Must-Have Products for Fitness Enthusiasts

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Stay ahead of the fitness game with Peloton’s newest products. Discover what’s new now!

Recently, there has been much talk about the
Rower, and many other products are on the horizon. Today we will be looking at five new products from Peloton – all we know about them, how much they are likely to cost, and when they should be available.

Peloton Rower

The Peloton Rower is the first device we’ll be using. This device has been in the news for many years. This is something that Peloton has been working to for some time now. Peloton even published job reports on it and has discussed it during interviews. and , my 9to5Google colleagues, decrypted some code and discovered that there were updates to instructions for rowing and stat tracking. The higher-end connected fitness rowers like Hydrow and Ergatta cost around $2,000 so that’s what we should expect to pay when Peloton launches its own.

The rower is not expected to be available anytime soon. Although the device has been available for some time, it doesn’t seem like a good moment for Peloton. The company seems to be focusing on the marketing of the new Peloton Tread. Peloton discussed the importance of the company entering the treadmill market. It will be able reach a lot more homes than a bike. Although rowers are very popular, they have a smaller market than treadmills.

Peloton also hired ten Tread coaches over the last month. I don’t think the company would shift their focus to a rower, especially given the supply and shipping problems all around the world. Many companies are beginning to reduce their marketing efforts regarding what products will be available for holiday season. They don’t want to disappoint customers.

Peloton disappointed many people last year with its ridiculously long shipping times. They don’t want this to happen again. Peloton will likely be more strict about its releases until there is less supply.

Peloton Tread Plus

The re-release Peloton Tread Plus is still awaited. Both the Tread Plus&Tread were recalled earlier in the year for different reasons. The Peloton Tread Plus is still not available, but it is now.

Peloton Tread had a simple issue. The screen was connected to the treadmill so it wouldn’t shake or fall while you ran on it. The problem was worse with the Tread Plus. Numerous reports were made of children getting hurt, with one child even being killed. The Tread Plus needs to undergo more design changes before it can be re-released. The changes must be made and approved by safety. This approval process can be lengthy.

Although no one knows where Peloton is on this timeline, most people agree that it’s unlikely to be released before 2021. It is most likely that the product will return in early to mid 2022.

Peloton Heart Rate Armband

Next is the new Peloton heart-rate armband. Although Peloton sells a heart-rate band, most people who purchase it are disappointed. Peloton acquired Atlas wearables earlier this year. This company produced smart fitness trackers. These fitness trackers not only counted reps, but also tracked your heart rate.

Peloton began reducing support for Apple Watch around the same time. Peloton Bike+ now makes it impossible to use an Apple Watch for classes other than cycling. Peloton then released the new Strive Score, which is a measurement that uses your heart rate data to determine how hard you are working. Bloomberg published a June report that confirmed everything. The Bloomberg report did not suggest that the heart rate armband could do more than monitor your heart rate.

It should retail for around $100. Although it’s not possible to predict when it will be available, it is possible that it will happen at any time. Peloton now owns two large manufacturing plants in the US after it acquired Precorearlier in the year. These factories are now producing Peloton products and are likely to be up and running. The Peloton heart rate armband will likely be available fairly soon, I believe.

Peloton Guide

Peloton Guide is the next product from Peloton. This 3D camera can be connected to your TV or your Peloton Bike screen and used to monitor your form in classes such as yoga or strength. The device was originally leaked as Peloton Tigre, but it was later renamed Peloton focus.

Recently, a Peloton Yoga class was accidentally uploaded. The instructor mentioned the Peloton guide as a way of helping you monitor your form.

Kirra Michel, a yoga instructor, said that during the pre-class warm up,

Peloton Guide can be used at home to help you find the right postures and ensure you are in the correct alignment.

Another acquisition also provided the technology used in the Peloton Guide. Peloton purchased Otari earlier this year. This company was developing a yoga mat with a 3D camera attachment. It would allow you analyze and monitor your form. Peloton sent price surveys, which indicated that it is testing out the Guide at a $599 price, so I suspect the Guide will cost around $100 less.

The Guide should be out very soon, as I expect it to have a release date. Peloton could not begin filming classes on-demand mentioning the Peloton Guide, if it wasn’t close to release.

Peloton Platform

The Peloton Platform is my favorite device. The Peloton Platform looks like it uses magnetic resistance for cable weight training. It can be attached to a variety of attachments. The Peloton Platform is similar to the Tonal. However, it goes on the ground and not the wall. This is a great idea, as it’s easier to create a structural load when you pull something from the ground than from the wall.

It is easy to use since it is located on the ground. It will likely work with the Peloton Guide. You can use the device with any screen provided you have the 3D camera mounted.

Peloton’s pricing survey suggests that the Platform will cost approximately $3,000 which is reasonable if it is as useful and functional as Tonal. It is unknown when the Platform will be released. It is unlikely that it will be released in this year, according to me. Peloton is expected to release the Platform sometime in 2022.

It will be interesting for us to see if Peloton releases any of these products this year, or if they wait until next year. We’ll be watching closely and posting any updates as soon as we get them.

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