Stop Suffering: How to Tackle Pain and Discomfort During Peloton Workouts

Do you feel more Peloton pain or discomfort when you ride? This is not the first time you have been on a spinning bike. This may be your first experience with pain or discomfort from riding the Peloton bike.

What the heck, am I wrong?

I believe there are quite a few things going on.

What makes riding a Peloton different?

One, when you rode your spin bike at the gym you went home. You’ll be riding the Peloton more than ever, whether it’s in your living room, bedroom or basement.

Two, when you ride a spinbike at the gym you can adjust the seat up or down, forward or back, as well as the handlebars up/down as well as front/back. The only way to adjust the handlebars on the Peloton is up or down.

Three, you had a teacher at the gym to help you adjust your handlebars and seat. Peloton is a group that helps you wherever you are.

Visit a Peloton shop for assistance

Are you near a Peloton shop? This is a link to the Peloton Store Locator on the Peloton Site. If so, you might consider visiting the store to ask for assistance setting up your seat and handlebars.

A professional bike fit is a great option if you don’t live close to a shop or don’t want the hassle of driving there. This service is offered by many people.

The best Peloton instructor Matt Wilpers, and his Team Wilpers are my favorites. This is my review about my virtual remote bike fit. It shows how it reduced my pain and discomfort.

Feel the Peloton pain or discomfort wherever you are

This blog post will outline the most common areas where people feel pain or discomfort after using a Peloton. These include:

  • Knee pain
  • Butt and saddle pain
  • Foot pain
  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder and arm pain
  • Pain in the back
  • Leg pain

Here are the areas where you might feel pain or discomfort. I will then explain the reasons you feel the way you do, and provide some simple solutions.


Peloton riding can cause knee pain

You’re not the only one experiencing knee pain when riding your Peloton. Two reasons are most common for knee pain. Your seat position. Your cleat position.

What causes knee pain from your seat? Your ability to pedal smoothly will depend on where your seat is. Your knees will pay for poor pedal form.

How your posture affects your pain

My belief is that people who ride a Peloton suffer from knee pain most often because their seat is too forward. Because the handlebars of the Peloton are not as close to the seat as they can be on a traditional spinbike, I believe this is true. The tendency is to move the seat closer towards the handlebars to make them easier to reach.

My seat was in the “A” position when I first rode my Peloton. This way, I didn’t have the need to stretch in order to reach the handlebars. However, my knees started to hurt.

How fitting a Peloton bike helped me with my pain

After fitting with Team Wilpers I realized that I was riding too high up. This means that I was not engaging all my muscles in my legs - just my quads and the muscles at the front of my leg.

Because of my position, my knees were coming up to my feet when I pedaled. This is bad form.

Your knee should never touch your foot. This is something you will have experienced if you have ever tried squats.

However, after I moved my seat back towards D 1/2, my knees stopped hurting.

Handlebar adjuster

A company called Top Form Designs created a product to allow you to move your handlebars forward and back on the Peloton bike. This adjuster works on both the Peloton bike and the Bike Plus.

There are two types of handlebar adjusters. The Fixed Adjuster is the first. This makes the handlebars 3 inches closer.

This second one is simply called The Adjuster. The handlebars can be moved to more than 4 inches closer using a sliding mechanism. Below are the models I have shown.

Save 10% when you shop at Top Form Design. Use code LEAH10 during checkout

This discount code is not available on Amazon.

Peloton handlebar adjuster

Handlebar Adjuster for Peloton

The Adjusteris a product adapter for after-market products that allows you to slide the handlebars of the Peloton closer to your seat.

Top Form Design, the maker of the Adjuster has now released multiple versions for both the Peloton Bike and the Bike Plus.

Looking for a TFD promo our coupon code? Here you go.

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The Adjuster - Top Form Design For Original Peloton Bike

Save 10% by using code LEAH10 when you check out.

The Adjuster for Plus Bike

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Adjuster Fixed (Peloton Original)

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Other places can cause knee pain

These are two other places where you might feel pain in your knees and how to treat it.

One, your knees may hurt if you are standing or riding out of the saddle. It is possible that you don’t have enough leg strength to stand up while riding.

You may not have enough resistance. Your pedals may be “slipping” when you move them, which puts pressure on your knees.

Two, pain behind the knee. Two things are usually associated with pain behind the knee. Your seat is too far back. Your seat is too high.

It could be that the seat is too high or too far back. You can experiment with different seat positions to find the one that feels best.

Let me ask you, last but not least: Are you strength training off your bike? My kness pain significantly decreased after I began following the Harcore on the Floor program, which is strength training.

Harcore on the Floor program, which is strength training.

How do cleats in cycling shoes impact knee pain

You should be aware of where your cleats are located on your cycling shoes when you ride your Peloton. They can be moved to different positions depending on how you feel discomfort.

If you feel pain around your knees, for example, move the cleat closer towards your inside foot. Alternately, you can move the cleat closer towards the outside of your feet if you feel pain in the knee.

Cleats keep your shoes in their place

These cleat positions can affect how your foot sticks to the pedal when it is clipped in. If your cleat is not in the right position, you could find yourself pedaling with your knees out or in. Your knees should always be moving forward.

You might feel pain in your right leg but not your left. You would then move the cleat that is bothering you on the affected leg only.

Team Wilpers had me talk about my cleat position during the remote bike fit. A local bike shop can help you with your bicycle shoes.

Peloton bike seat pain

The most common complaint from new-to Peloton riders is the discomfort in their bike seats. As I mentioned in the introduction, many riders experience saddle, tailbone, and butt pain when riding their Peloton more than they did at the gym.

The Peloton seat is very soft. I have experienced the road bike seats for outdoor riding, and they are rock solid. The Peloton seat is more comfortable.

However, I think that the fact that the handlebars can’t be adjusted makes people sit “funny” on the saddle. They end up with sore butts.

How to avoid butt pain

Once you become comfortable riding, the pain will go away. If you ride for long periods, invest in padded shorts. Christine D’Ercole and Matt Wilpers, Peloton instructors, are both experienced cyclists. They always wear padded shorts for longer rides.

Wearing padded shorts with underwear is a bad idea. This can cause chafing, and saddle sores.

This article will explain everything about saddle sores when you cycle.

Products to ease butt pain

Terry for Women and Baleaf are our favorite brands of padded pants. To save 15% on any item you buy from Baleaf, use code LEAH15

Use a chamois or glide cream in areas that are sore. It can be used as a lube to help you ride.

My husband rides in padded shorts despite the fact that he has invested in padded pants. However, he still uses a padded seat to prevent butt and groin pain. We love our Komfy gel seat covers.

Two bikes were purchased so that one can be washed-yes, machine washable-and the other can go on the bike. Save 10% with code LEAH10 on the Komfy website. (Note: This discount does not work on Amazon.

You might also like to see my article on making the Peloton chair more comfortable.

Terry Padded Shorts

Terry Cycling Shorts

The Terry padded shorts are my favorite. I own five of them. They keep my peloton’s butt from becoming sore.

So that you can choose whether you prefer Terry shorts for men or women, I have gathered a variety of Terry shorts. This way you can find the right fit for you and keep your hands from getting sore on the Peloton, or any other spin bike. Terry’s lifetime warranty is one of my favorites.

Shorts by Terry Brand are available for purchase on

Shorts by Terry Brand are available for purchase on

Breakaway Short - Women’s Terry

Breakaway Short - Women’s Terry

Holster Prima Short - Women’s Terry

Holster Prima Short - Women’s Terry

Bella 8.5in Short - Women’s Terry

Bella 8.5in Short - Women’s Terry

Bella 6in short - Women’s Terry

Bella 6in short - Women’s Terry

Terry Touring Long Bike Shorts

Peloton foot pain

Peloton was a Peloton that I bought in 2016. It caused me a lot of foot pain. Two things were going on. My high arches meant that my cycling shoes were not supportive enough. Two, my feet are wide so I needed wider cycling shoes.

The solution to my foot pain. First, because I had orthotics in my shoes I made sure they were in my cycling shoes.

Second, I went to my local bike shop and inquired about wide-waisted cycling shoes that would be suitable for me. They fit me with Bontrager brand shoes, which I have been wearing ever since.

This article is about wide-waisted cycling shoes in . You can also buy Bontrager wide-width cycling shoes online. Below are a few examples.

Wide-waisted cycling shoes

Peloton Shoes For Wide Feet: The Best

A few websites sell wide-footed cycling shoes that you can use with your Peloton. These websites are

These are the wide-waisted shoes that can be used for the Peloton bicycle. I’m wearing Bontrager, Sidi, Lake, and Shimano. Here are links to some of these websites and brands.

FYI: Since REI stores have physical locations across the country, you can always buy online and use curbside pickup if your shoe is in stock at your local shop.

FYI: Since REI stores have physical locations across the country, you can always buy online and use curbside pickup if your shoe is in stock at your local shop.

Shimano Men’s Wide Cycling Shoes

Shimano Men’s Wide Cycling Shoes

Lake Wide Cycling Shoe - Men’s

Lake Wide Cycling Shoe - Men’s

Lake Wide Cycling Shoe for Men - This shoe is even available in half sizes.

Cleat positioning and foot pain

The same way that cleat position can impact the pain in your feet, the same goes for knee pain. Cleat positioning was a part of Team Wilpers’ remote bike fit. To support my high arches, they had me move my shoes to accommodate my cleats.

The Achilles or back of your heel are another area where you may feel pain. A cleat adjustment is usually enough to relieve the pain. According to my research, moving the cleat closer to the arch or the center of your foot can make a huge difference.

Peloton hip pain

Hip pain is more about how you ride the bike than what you do on it. Peloton riders spend a lot of time sitting. Your hip flexors, the muscles connecting your legs and torso, can become tight. You should stretch after each ride.

After a ride is over, the post-ride suggestions will be presented. Don’t forget to go back. Make sure you do one. Even five minutes of stretching can make a difference.

You should also stretch longer. You can also try a foam rolling class This article will explain all about foam rolling and who teaches it

You can also use the Peloton app to do some yoga. Filtering for a 10-minute focus under Yoga would be a good idea. Look for the ones that are hip-focused.

Peloton arm, wrist and shoulder pain

Again, I believe the Peloton handlebars cause this type of pain. You might not be able to reach the handlebars comfortably. This could indicate that you are using your arms or shoulders in a way that causes your pain.

Short Peloton riders face their own challenges. This blog post can help.

Maybe you ride with your shoulders high and your ears up. Christine D’Ercole, Peloton instructor, said at the start of a ride that “Drop your shoulders and drop your baggage.”

As we ride, our shoulders tend to grow higher. Be aware of this and remove them from your ears.

Arm pain can be caused by weak core strength

A weak core is another reason for arm and wrist pain. Weak core.

Denis Morton, a Peloton instructor, has spoken many times about the importance of putting your hands lightly against the handlebars and not relying on them for support. This can be achieved by having a strong core.

Last month, while I was in a cast to heal a broken wrist, I was unable to hold on to the handlebars. I was forced to sit up and ride no-handed as I did when I was a child on my outside bicycle. However, I have been strengthening my core strength by using the Hardcore on the Floor calendar. That was a big help.

This is my article about Peloton strength , along with the best Peloton weights.

If the handlebar distance is causing pain in your arms, wrists, and shoulders, I recommend that you look at purchasing the handlebar adjuster by Top Form Design.

Peloton bike for back pain

Are you still a bit confused? You can probably blame the handlebars for any lower-back pain you might be experiencing. If you reach for them, you could be putting undue strain upon your low back.

A professional bike fit was possible with the Matt Wilpers team.

Another reason your lower back pain could be caused by tight glutes. Glutes are the muscles under your butt.

My back hurt from riding longer on my Peloton

When I began riding more in Power Zone challenges, I noticed a lot of lower back discomfort. Because I was stretching my legs after each ride, I could not figure out the reason. I had heard it all: tight hammies can lead to low back pain.

It turned out, I had to stretch my glutes. While the figure four stretch is helpful, foam rolling classes are what really get to the point.

Foam rolling is a great way to get rid of knots in your back. Below are some of my favourite foam rollers. Cork balls are also available for those who don’t have enough time or space to foam roll.

Products for foam rolling

Foam Roller for Foam Rolling Classes

LuxFit Extra Firm Speckled Foam Roller With Online Instructional Video (Blue 18-Inch).

LuxFit Extra Firm Speckled Foam Roller With Online Instructional Video (Blue 18-Inch).

Amazon Basics 36-Inch High-Density Round Foam Roller in Black

Amazon Basics 36-Inch High-Density Round Foam Roller in Black

TriggerPoint GrID Foam Roller, Original (13 Inch), Black

TriggerPoint GrID Foam Roller, Original (13 Inch), Black

OPTP Pro-Roller Soft Density Foam Roller - Blue 36 Inch

OPTP Pro-Roller Soft Density Foam Roller - Blue 36 Inch

Gaiam Restore Muscle Therapy Foam Roller in Marbled Purple, 18”

This is my foam roller.

Peloton leg pain

You might feel pain in your legs after or during riding your Peloton. Quad pain is a sensation that occurs at the top of your legs. You might also feel pain in your back, which could indicate sciatica.

After I got my bike fitted, I was able to use and feel all of my legs’ muscles. Instead of riding quad-dominantly, I started engaging my glutes, hamstrings or hammies as Matt Wilpers calls these muscles at the back of your legs.

After class, stretching and foam rolling helped. What really helped me was to start taking cool down rides after my workout.

Your muscles build up lactic acid when you ride hard. You’re more likely to have sore muscles if you don’t allow your legs to “flush out” the lactic acid after a ride.

A pain in the front or back of the leg

You may have similar problems to those who suffer from knee pain if you are experiencing pain in the front of you leg, such as in your quads. Make sure your seat is not too high or low.

Also, be aware of your posture while you bike. You may also need to adjust your cleats or raise your seat if your knees bow out as you pedal.

Imagine a grown-up riding a bike too small for them. You don’t have to look so grown up, with your knees outstretched.


Consult your doctor if you feel sciatica in your back. Sciatica is often a sign that there is a pinched nerve. I am not qualified to offer a solution.

Final thoughts about how to solve pain and discomfort while riding the Peloton bike

This advice should have targeted the areas of your body that are causing you pain or discomfort. Let me know if you have any questions.

It’s a good idea that you make sure your handlebars and seat are in the right place to allow for comfortable riding. Also, consult a professional regarding the placement of the cleats on your shoe’s bottom.

When you get off the bike, download the Peloton app to stretch or foam roll. Cross-train with strength classes and core strengthening. You will feel more comfortable both on and off the bicycle if you do all of this.

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