Unique Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Peloton Personal Training Room

We didn’t know that people were interested in ideas for Peloton rooms when we sold our New Jersey home a few years back. How did we find out this? We would return from a show or an open house and find notes on the bike.

“Love your Peloton Room.”

“You did an amazing job placing your Peloton into a small space.”

“You have the best Peloton setup.”

Even notes were left asking us to follow that person on the Leaderboard.

This is how our Peloton room looked.

Setup of the Peloton

It was funny at the time. It was funny at the time. But, now that Peloton is more popular, I see how much more Peloton owner care about their setup. They’re searching for room ideas from , which is why my Pinterest boards on the Peloton topic are.

According to this article from Realtor.com people desire a Peloton area when purchasing a home. I believe they are looking for houses with a Peloton so they can see where their Pelotons can be placed if they choose to live there. If you are selling a house that has a home gym, it might be easier to find a buyer.

Why not write about Peloton rooms ideas?

Some ideas for decorating a Peloton area- have been covered in my blog post about Peloton instructor quotes. So I decided it was time to write a blog post dedicated to Peloton room design.

This post will give you suggestions on where your Peloton can be placed in your apartment or home. You can also find out how much space is needed for a Peloton Bike+, or an original Peloton Bike+. I’ll also offer decorating tips.

Ideas for a Peloton exercise room

The first thing to think about when designing your Peloton room or where you want to place it in your home is the space available. Peloton owners who live in apartments may not have the space to add a bedroom for their Peloton room. They are looking for ways to accommodate a Peloton in small spaces. We’ll be discussing this more in a moment.

Photo by Lauren Coburn LLC

Peloton in the bedroom

Now, let’s talk about that extra bedroom. It could be used as a Peloton space. That’s great. The Peloton room in our New Jersey home was actually just that, an extra bedroom.

One, if your Peloton is in an additional bedroom, it’s a smart idea to ensure that they don’t need to be disturbed. Let’s hope your guests are also Peloton-lovers.

A guest bedroom with a door is more likely than a master bedroom. You can also close the door when you’re done working out.

A bedroom usually has enough space to accommodate a bed. The Peloton’s footprint is actually smaller than that of a twin bed. The Peloton bike can fit in a bed, just like a twin bed.

However, the Peloton Tread is a different story. Below are the dimensions of the Tread so that you can measure it.

Peloton in small spaces

You have more space if you only have the Peloton cycle. As I said, the Peloton footprint can be smaller than you might realize.

Consider the size of the mat underneath the Peloton bicycle. It measures 36 inches by 72 inches. Or, it can be measured at three feet by six foot.

This blog post contains more information about the Peloton Mat: Best Peloton Mat Review.

You could also put down rubber tiles in your Peloton area. These are the ones I found at Wayfair.com.

For your peloton room, fitness flooring

Wayfair.com offers many flooring options for your Peloton room . These are my favorites.


Foam tiles available in 8 colors.

Great Mats

Interlocking foam tiles available in 15 colors


These foam tiles are very similar to hardwoods.

Peloton height

The height of the Peloton bike depends on the setting. My husband stands 6’ 3" tall. Our handlebars are set at the highest setting-P.

It measures 56 inches from the touchscreen’s top to the floor. Or just under five feet. These dimensions would be enough to fit a Peloton into a walk-in wardrobe.

Photo by Stringer Construction&Design

Dimensions of the Peloton Tread

Here are the dimensions of the original Peloton Tread (now known as the Peloton Tread+) according to Peloton.

72.5" Lx36.5" Wx72" H

Here are the dimensions and footprint of the smaller, more affordable Peloton Tread.

68" Lx33" Wx62" H

It’s clear that a Peloton Tread will require more space in order to fit it into a room.

What space is required for a Peloton?

As I have just mentioned, the dimensions of the Peloton equipment are as follows:

  • Peloton Tread+: 72.5" x 36.5" W. x 72" H.
  • Peloton Tread: 68’ L x 33’ W x 62 " H
  • Peloton Bike and Bike+ 36 by 72 inches Or, 3 x 6 ft. The screen measures approximately 65 inches high when fully extended.

Based on your wingspan, or how far your arms spread out, I recommend that you add space to the sides of the bike. This is important if you are doing any classes that involve arms, such as Intervals and Arms or Light Weights Arms and Weights, and you will need space on each side. This will allow you to see how much space your Peloton bike takes up depending on where it is placed.

Corner Peloton

Many Peloton instructors taught classes from their homes during Spring 2020. It allowed you to see where the instructors had placed their Peloton bikes in New York City and what type of setup they used.

Many people created a Peloton area in their living rooms. The New York Post articlereported on New Yorkers’ ability to create a Peloton area in their tiny apartments, despite the fact that gyms were closed.

The picture even shows Jess King, an instructor who teaches a class at home. The Peloton bike is placed in front of a wall with windows, close to a bookcase in the corner, and near what appears to be a desk at work. This shows how little space her bike takes up in her living area.

Peloton for your home office

A great way to create a Peloton area is to put it in your home office. This idea is great because I am a big fan of building an exercise table at home.

The Spintray is one of the products that will help you create a home office or a Peloton area. It helps me to log my miles and keep track of my blog posts.

Photo courtesy Fowlkes Studio

How easy is the Peloton bike to maneuver?

You can still move the bike around, even if you have an idea for a Peloton gym. It is technically on wheels.

Smooth floors are easy to roll the Peloton bike from one place to the next. Is the Peloton bike simple to move from one room to another? It is.

It was actually quite simple to move the Peloton bike from one corner of our living room to our Peloton gym in our guest bedroom. I just tilted the bike so that the wheels, which look a lot like Rollerblade wheels were touching the ground. Then I just moved the bike from my living room into the guest bedroom.

Peloton home-gym ideas

Perhaps you are thinking more about a home gym when you think about Peloton room designs. These are often set up in finished basement spaces, as I have seen many. This is especially true for those who are adding a Peloton tread to their home gym.

Don’t put Peloton in garage

Peloton in the Garage is another home gym idea that I have seen shared on social media. If you don’t have a climate-controlled garage, do not put expensive equipment outside. A Peloton garage gym is not a good idea.

The same applies to the question of whether you can leave your Peloton bike outside. Even if you buy a bike cover like a grill cover, it is not recommended.

Peloton garage gym

Why is it that I refuse to join the Peloton garage gym. Let me count the ways.

One, humidity can be a problem if you live near a hot area.

Zwei, your Peloton should not get wet.

Have you read my blog about Peloton maintenance . It’s about keeping your bike’s metal parts dry and sweat free.

There are reports of bikes that have been damaged.

Three: There are three people in the official Peloton Facebook group who have shared their experiences with a Peloton kept in a garage. They had to scrape the bikes.

It wasn’t immediately obvious. Someone tried to fix the problem by tightening the pedals, or doing something else with it and found that the entire bike had rusted. They needed a new frame. This is not covered by your bike’s warranty.

Apartment Peloton Room Ideas

Many people can find space in their apartment to set up their Peloton, as I have mentioned before. Peloton instructors were also able to teach their classes remotely in Spring 2020.

As a way to attract renters, I remember that apartment buildings used to add Peloton bikes in the community gym. Unfortunately, 2020 was a bad year for Peloton rooms. Many apartment dwellers had to purchase their own Peloton bikes.

This is what happened to my sister in North Carolina. Her boyfriend and she fell in love with the Peloton at their apartment gym. They knew that they had to have their own Peloton once the gym closed. They did. You are now a member of the cult!

Apartments for rent with Peloton bikes

As an incentive to rent, some apartments offer Peloton bikes within their apartment. StonehengeNYC is an example of a group of apartments in New York City. One of the rental properties they own has what they call a Fit Apartment.

It is a very fit apartment. It comes with a Peloton bicycle. It’s an apartment that has its own Peloton area.

This building is called Stonehenge70. It can be found on West 70th Street, Manhattan, near Lincoln Center.

Apartment noise from Peloton

Don’t be concerned about the noise that a Peloton bike can make in your apartment. Bluetooth headphones are the most common way that people use their Peloton. There isn’t much noise unless you are singing at the top your lungs.

The bikes are also quiet. My husband even wakes up in the morning to do his Peloton workout in the adjacent room. What is it that wakes me up? It’s not the sound of his ride, but the clipping out of his pedals. This is, for some reason, the most loud part of the Peloton bicycle.

Different Peloton Tread Noise

The Peloton Tread doesn’t seem to be as quiet as the Peloton cycle. This is understandable. This is likely to be a more intense workout than running, or the tread. That’s why there is a lot of pounding. There’s also the motor.

If you’re concerned about noise, I would not place a tread in an apartment unless either of these two things happen. You don’t share a wall or space with your neighbors. You are also on the ground floor, with no one below you.

Ideas to hide a Peloton

When asked how to conceal a Peloton I joke about putting clothes on it. It’s funny how exercise equipment, such as a treadmill or stationary bike, eventually becomes a place to hang clothes. My Peloton bike has never been that way.

In all seriousness, Peloton owners who use a Peloton in small spaces like a living area will often use privacy screens, dressing screens, or foldable roomdividers. When entertaining, they will put them up to act as a backdrop for the room and hide the bike behind them. They’ll then take them down after they do some exercise.

Pelotons have been seen in spaces that are supposed to be closets. The owner then installs sliding barn doors to shut off the space and hide the bike when it’s not in use.

You must see these Peloton room decoration ideas

I have seen amazing Peloton room ideas and inspiration in four different places.

First, Instagram. One of my Instagram followers shared this photo of her newly renovated Peloton area. I was even granted permission by her to share the photo. Here is her Instagram, with a link back to her website.

Are You Following Me on Instagram Yet?

Second, real estate listings. It seems that more people are searching for homes with a Peloton area in them, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Third, Etsy. My Peloton-loving friends are shopping for Peloton decor on Etsy. These include the aforementioned Peloton instructor quotes. There are many ideas for wall decor for your workout room.

Fourth, builders websites. Or home renovation companies.

A recent search on the website for home improvement Houzz.com revealed a number of companies who are promoting Peloton rooms. These are based upon projects they have already completed.

Photo courtesy KraftMaster Renovations

Final thoughts on Peloton Room Ideas

Did I miss answering your questions about the idea of a Peloton area? Let me know if you have any questions about a Peloton room by leaving a comment.

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