The Big Move: Peloton's Acquisition of Precor Shakes Up the Fitness Industry

Peloton announced the Precor acquisition back in December. This is the largest purchase Peloton has ever made. The deal was completed as of April 1, 2010.

William Lynch, President of Peloton, said that this was a significant milestone for Peloton as well as our global community. “We have spent the past few months learning about Precor’s unwavering focus on customer service and are now more excited about welcoming this talented team at Peloton. We believe that we are better equipped to bring the best connected health and fitness experience to more people worldwide, now that we have Peloton and Precor.

Barker stated, “The next few weeks will be the most exciting as Precor&Peloton collaborate to build for future and empower more people to lead the lives that they want.” Peloton Commercial will allow us to continue our relationships with our customers and scale the Peloton experience millions of people enjoy at home.

Precor President Rob Barker will continue to hold the title CEO, Precor, and General Manager, Peloton commercial, reporting to Lynch.

Peloton’s acquisition will create a significant U.S. manufacturing presence, increase its R&D capabilities and accelerate the growth of commercial verticals.

Many people have changed their views about global supply chains since the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are looking to diversify their product manufacturing locations so that they don’t rely on one source.

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