Peloton's Robin Arzon's Prenatal Workouts: Strengthening Your Body for Labor and Delivery

Chapter 1

Peloton Instructor and Vice President of Fitness Programming Robin Arzon announced her pregnancy to the entire world on a September Friday in New York City. Robin stood from her saddle and exclaimed, “We’re having a baby!” It is my first child and I want to share it with all of you. If anyone doubts that this bike is more than a Bike they should reconsider.

Our community was overwhelmed with joy at hearing the good news. Robin’s embrace with Drew, her husband, was the best. Pequeno is now officially introduced to the world. Robin says, “I talk to Pequeno every day.” Robin says, “I talk to Pequeno all the time.” She says, “I’ve shared so much milestones with the peloton community.” “Why not this?”

Robin is a Peloton member, so it’s likely that you have taken a class with her. Robin teaches strength classes on the Tread, Bike, and Mat. You’ll feel confident that you can conquer any challenge the world throws at your way after each class. Robin’s unwavering belief in herself and her philosophy about fitness and life are what inspire this confidence in others. Our three-part documentary series will give you a glimpse of Robin’s purpose and precious moments from her home life with Drew. It also gives you a look into her view on motherhood. Robin says that our greatest challenges are our greatest opportunities. “And I’m glad that my past as an athlete will allow me to approach childbirth and motherhood. Although I can’t predict what will happen, I do know that I am strong. It’s all going to be okay.

Robin, on that famous ride, called the #PelotonMoms leaderboard tag and asked, “Do you have more space for a Wolf in the Wolfpack?” She tapped into a community who knows what it takes to find strength. Peloton parents were excited about the possibility of prenatal classes after Robin’s announcement. We couldn’t disappoint. Robin will be bringing you new prenatal workouts as she continues to teach Peloton classes during her pregnancy. We’re starting with 6 classes, from Prenatal Core basics to Prenatal recovery rides. All of these classes will have OB/GYN-approved modifications and intensity cues. Each woman’s pregnancy is unique, as is her health and fitness level. Prenatal classes are a good opportunity to monitor your intensity and adjust your movements to suit your comfort level and fitness level. Your doctor should approve you to participate in Peloton classes.

“Pregnancy can be one of the most incredible things ever,” Dr. Heather Irobunda says, a board-certified OB/GYN and newest member of Peloton’s Health and Wellness Advisory Council. You are not only maintaining your body, but also ensuring the survival and provision of another person’s life. Peloton member Dr. Irobunda recommends that pregnant women engage in cardio activities such as running or cycling to maintain endurance and prepare for labor. Robin emphasizes that it is important for expectant mothers to exercise during pregnancy if they have not been active before.

Dr. Irobunda acknowledges that expectant mothers may also face mental and physical challenges. Expecting mothers are often faced with anxiety and depression. There is so much uncertainty, especially during these times. This uncertainty can be combined with anxiety about not being in control of everything during pregnancy. It can make things even more difficult.” She advises that you make sure you have a support network both clinically with providers such as therapists and socially with your family and groups like the #PelotonMoms tag. Of course, exercise helps, too. “All kinds of fitness activities can help reduce stress. This has many positive effects on your mental health.”

Robin said that women are warriors. Our new prenatal classes will make strength your standard. To take a class on-demand, click

Chapter 2

After taking maternity leave in March, Robin Arzon, Peloton’s Head Instructor and VP has resumed coaching Peloton classes. Robin hosted her first cycling class with Daddy Yankee in the Peloton All-for-One Festival.

Robin had been coaching her daughter throughout her pregnancy. She did a series of prenatal cycles and strength classes. Robin declared that she would be taking much-needed time off after giving birth to Athena.

It seems that Robin Arzon is returning to Peloton classes as a coach, but it is not clear how much. Robin posted on Instagram that “All For One” was back and stronger than ever, and she is so proud of it! (Sorta… More news soon, Fam!) )"

Robin’s post suggests that Robin might not return fully to coaching classes. It is possible that she will coach less frequently to care for her 4-month-old girl.

Robin is not only returning to Peloton classes but also has a new mental strength class with MasterClass and has a new children’s book called Strong Mama.

We’ll keep an eye out for any additional information Robin may have about her return to Peloton, and we hope to have more information soon.

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