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Peloton Protection Plans: How-to Keep Your Investment Secure?

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Worried about protecting your Peloton bike? Our Peloton protection plans have you covered. Discover our range of options and find the right plan to fit your needs and budget

You can train day in and out with confidence when you add extra protection to your Peloton product.

Peloton product owners might be eligible for an optional protection plan that covers accidental damage and surge protection. This will also extend the 12-month warranty period.

  • The 48-month comprehensive protection is offered by Tread:Peloton, Bike+, and Bike+. This extension extends the manufacturer’s 12-month limited warranty by 36 month and includes accidental damage and surge protection starting at the date of purchase. Some components, such as the Bike/Tread frame, will receive a longer parts warranty. They will not receive extended labor coverage.
  • Guide:Peloton provides comprehensive coverage for 24 months. This adds 12 months to the 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and includes accidental damage and surge protection starting at the date of purchase.

Protection Plan Coverage

Peloton Protection Plans include:

  • Protection starting at:

    • Electrical and mechanical breakdowns

    • Failures due to normal wear and tear

    • Power surge failures

    • Unintentional damage caused by handling, such as drops, spills or tip-overs

  • Repairs by Peloton Authorized Technicians using genuine Peloton Replacement Parts

  • A simple claims process that is managed directly by the Peloton Member Support team

  • On-site service /in-home repairs

  • Replacement of your Peloton Product, including shipping costs, if it is not repairable

  • $0 Deductible with No Hidden Fees or Annual Limit

  • Plans can be transferred to new owners

Peloton Protection Plans do not cover:

  • Any cosmetic or finish damage, such as paint, plastic or scratches, chips or rust, that does not affect the functionality of the product

  • General hardware maintenance

  • Damage caused by natural disasters or moves afar

Limited Warranty vs. Protection Plan Coverage

Hardware Type

Types of Coverage

Coverage Length

12 months

24 Months

36 Months

48 Months

60 months

Bike, Bike+,Tread



Walking Belt*

All other Components

Labor to Repair

Accidental Damage Protection

Surge Prevention



Labor to Repair

Accidental Damage Protection

Surge Prevention

* Only applicable to tread

Limited Warranty
Plan of Protection

No Coverage

For more information, please refer to the appropriate Terms and Conditions for your plan.

How to Request Service

  1. Contact us: Chat with us online or call 1-866-679-9129. We are available 7 days a semaine, 9am-9pm ET.
  2. Show proof of purchase: Have your Peloton product receipt and serial number along with your order confirmation for your protection plan.
  3. Get support Whether you need it over the phone, or on-site by a Peloton-authorized technician. Our team will assist with any concern.

Pricing and How to Purchase

These are the prices for protection plans:

Protection Length

Hardware Type

Full Price

Financing with Affirm*

(Contingent upon the purchase of a Peloton Bike or Bike+, Tread or Guide)

48 Months



$5.11/mo with 0% APR for 39 months *



$5.79/mo with 0% APR for 43 months *



$5.79/mo with 0% APR for 43 months *

24 Months



$1/mo for 24 months with 0% APR *

You can buy by:

  1. Add a protection plan to your checkout when you buy your Peloton Bike, Tread, and Guide.
  2. Chat with us or call 1-866-650-1996 to order up to 12 months after your Peloton product has been delivered.

    • Accidental damage coverage is available for plans purchased after equipment delivery. It starts 30 days after protection plan purchase date. It ends 48 months after you receive your Tread, Bike+ or Tread delivery date. Your Guide delivery date is 24 months. All other coverage components start on the protection plan purchase date. They end at the same time.

Peloton Protection Plans are available for return at any time, regardless of whether you decide to finance or pay upfront.

Protection Plans Terms&Conditions

Your date of purchase determines the Terms and Conditions for your Protection Plan Agreement.

Protection Plan Terms and Conditions by Purchase Date

After April 5, 2022

between May 22, 2020, and April 4, 2022

Before May 22, 2020

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligible items for Peloton protection plans

Peloton Bike+ and Peloton Tread, as well as the Refurbished Peloton Bike+ and Bike+ units, are eligible for the Peloton Protection Plan. Peloton Bike+, Peloton Bike+, and Peloton Guide protection plans can also be purchased in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Protection Plan Availability

Continental U.S.



Puerto Rico

Other U.S. Territories











When does my Peloton Protection Plan begin?

Surge protection and accidental damage start the earlier of the product delivery date or purchase date of your protection plan. After the 12-month coverage period expires, extended coverage under the manufacturer’s limited warranty becomes effective.

Is it possible to purchase a Peloton Protection Plan even though I have already purchased my Peloton equipment.

Peloton members who received their equipment less than 12 months ago can purchase a protection plan. After delivery of the equipment, members who purchase a protection plan will be covered for accidental damage. This coverage begins 30 days after the plan purchase date, ends 48 months later for Tread, Bike+, and Tread, respectively, and ends 24 months after Guide’s product delivery date. All other coverage components start at the plan purchase date and end at the same time.

What is the difference between 3rd-party coverage and Peloton Protection Plans?

Peloton protection plans include genuine replacement parts and service by Peloton-authorized technicians. There is no reimbursement process or third-party communication.

Do I need to register my Peloton Protection Plan after I have purchased it?

Registering is easy. After your product is delivered, you will receive the Terms and Conditions of your Protection Plan. Keep your product receipt and confirmation email for future reference.

Can my Peloton Protection Plan be transferred to a new owner if my product is sold or gifted?

Transferability is possible for protection plans purchased after April 5, 2022. In the event that you need future service under the plan, make sure you request and keep the confirmation of the original owner if you’re purchasing an older Peloton product.

Will my Peloton Protection Plan protect me if I move from my country to another location?

Yes. Peloton Protection Plans still apply, provided you don’t cause any damage to the product or move to an area where Peloton has active sales.

Will my Peloton Protection Plan protect me if I move abroad?

The Peloton Protection Plan does not apply to the country/territorial where you purchased your Peloton product.

Is it possible to purchase a Peloton Protection plan if I’m the second owner?

Peloton Protection Plans can be purchased by a 2nd owner after April 5, up to 12 months from the original product delivery date.

Are there any deductibles or limits on the number of claims that I can make under Peloton Protection Plans.

You don’t have to pay a deductible or limit the number of claims you submit, as long as your maximum liability limit is not exceeded in your terms and condition.

Does the warranty apply to attachments and accessories purchased from third parties?

The warranty applies to all Peloton-branded components, provided that the failure was not caused by a 3rd-party accessory or by installation of a third party accessory.

*Ability of financing warranty conditional on purchase of a Peloton Bike or Bike+, Tread or Guide. Peloton Bike, for example, can be purchased at $50/mo for 39 months at 0% APR with $0 down. Based on the full price of $1.495 + $250 delivery + $199 Warranty. Peloton All Access Membership is separate. Peloton All-Access Membership gives you access to all classes. Credit approval and credit checks are required. An initial payment may be required. Taxes are not included in the estimated payment amount. All previous purchases are not eligible. These lending partners provide payment options through Affirm: See for details.