Strength Training Redefined: Get Fit with Peloton's Resistance Band Workout Classes

Does Peloton offer resistance band workouts? Peloton offers resistance training classes in the strength training section. There are currently no live Peloton resistance bands workouts.

23 classes of resistance bands are available on Peloton as of November 2021. They are not the only option for resistance bands on Peloton. Let’s now look at the classes you can use with resistance band workouts on Peloton.

Are There Resistance Band Classes on Peloton?

Yes, there are over 20 classes available on Peloton dedicated to resistance band training. Peloton’s instructors are some of your most jovial and fun instructors. These are Chase Tucker, Andy Speer, Hanna Corbin.

The classes are also varied in length. For your warm-up, there are five-minute resistance bands classes. You can then choose to take a class that lasts 10 minutes, 15 minutes or longer, or even 20 minutes.

5 Best Peloton Resistance band Classes

Owning a piece or accessory for your workout equipment is a strong urge. It is why I started using resistance bands. I like what I did.

Peloton resistance classes can be divided into four categories.

  • Full-body exercises
  • Lower body/legs and glutes exercises
  • Upper body exercises
  • Core exercises

This means you can cover all the areas you need to improve your fitness. Even better, each instructor teaches a class in at most two of these categories. You may want a different style of music, different instructors, or a shorter class. With the Resistance Band Workouts Peloton, you have many options.

I have taught at least 15 resistance bands classes. Based on my experience and the testimonials I received on Peloton platforms, here is a list of five resistance band classes that I believe everyone should try.

1. [Best for Recovery:

10 Minutes Resistance Bands (Upper Body) with Andy Speer

10 Minutes resistance Bands upper body workout with Andy Speer

This class is a winner when it comes to resistance band exercises during recovery. It is slow but very effective. It is also very effective and lasts for a short time. Therefore, it will not have any adverse effects on your body.

This workout is for you if your dumbbells or kettlebells are too heavy for you to allow your body to recover.

You will also love the music. It’s fast and exciting, which makes it easy to lose yourself in the music and forget any stress or pain. It can also be used as a form of mental therapy.

2. [Best for Legs:

10 Minutes Resistance Bands with Chase Tucker (Glutes and Legs)

10-minute resistance bands workout with Chase Tucker - Glutes and legs

The best thing about resistance bands is their versatility. You can use them on any part of your body. You could take this class with Chase Tucker if you want to focus on your glutes, hamstrings and calf strengthening. It takes only 10 minutes so you can incorporate it into your other workouts.

It is also a great way to get in shape if you are running late.

3. [Best for the Core:

Hannah Corbin’s 15 Minutes Resistance Bands: Core

Hannah Corbins 15 Minutes Resistance Bands Core

Hannah Corbin is my favorite core instructor, with or without the resistance bands. However, taking her resistance band workout for the core for 15 minutes is a core crusher.

Regular attendance at the class will help you lose fat, tone your abs muscles, and get the perfect mid-section. This class is great for strengthening your lower back muscles.

4. [Best for Beginners:

5 Minutes Intro to Resistance Bands with Andy Speer

5 minutes intro to resistance bands with Andy Speer

Are you unsure how to start resistance training with your resistance bands? Andy Speer will share his Tips & Tricks with you about how to use your resistance bands.

He begins with the do’s and don’ts of resistance bands, before moving on to the main workouts that use resistance bands.

The 10 Best Peloton Classes For Beginners

5. [Best for Full Body:

20 Minutes Resistance Bands (Full Body) with Chase Tucker

20-Minute resistance bands workout - Full Body with Chase Tucker

Chase Tucker offers a full-body resistance workout that will give you a full day of satisfaction. It’s not only fun, but also very effective. Although you won’t lose much weight, your calories will drop significantly.

Other Peloton Classes You Can Use with Resistance Bands

Peloton offers classes that use resistance bands only, but you can also look into other classes offered by Peloton.

Resistance bands are a great tool for strength training. These classes can be done with dumbbells or kettlebells as resistance bands. You can adjust the resistance band’s strength to meet your class needs. Depending on the set, they can weigh between 15 and 150 pounds.

Resistance bands can be used in Bootcamp classes for both tread and peloton bikes. Bootcamp classes allow you to mix cardio and strength training. You can also use resistance bands during strength training.

Do you prefer to cycle on the bike, or run on the tread using dumbbells or kettlebells? You can also use resistance bands if you need constant resistance to maximize muscle toning.

Finally, resistance bands for arms and lightweight strength training can be as effective as any light weights for your arms. If you already have the bands and are interested in joining the classes, you don’t need any more.

Advantages of Taking Peloton Resistance Band Classes

There are many benefits to resistance bands that you will be able to use in your Yoga and Toning package that came with your bike plus. Let’s start with the basics.

  • It is ideal for seniors who wish to increase strength and endurance training. While dumbbells and kettlebells can be too heavy, resistance bands are much easier.
  • Active recovery is the best option. You may want to consider adding resistance bands. Active recovery is more efficient and can be completed in a shorter time. They are effective without straining your bones, muscles, and joints.
  • This resistance band is suitable for a variety of body workouts. For maximum effectiveness, you can do a full-body or targeted workout in one session.
  • Resistance bands are lightweight and portable. If you travel a lot, resistance bands could be the best way to keep a routine and a work out going. They can be folded and packed in your travel bag without adding weight or taking up too much space.
  • Consistent endurance: Resistance bands provide a consistent resistance, regardless of how you position yourself during a workout. They can be used to complement heavier weights by replacing dumbbells or kettlebells.

In a Nutshell

Peloton resistance band workouts can be done in both a dedicated and a complimentary setting. You can also join resistance band classes under strength training. You can also use the resistance bands in any strength training class.

Alternately, you can use them in combination with your dumbbells or kettlebells to provide powerful strength training for your arms, legs, core, and chest.

Get your resistance bands and enjoy the Peloton-like fitness they offer.

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