Does Peloton Have Rowing Classes? All You Need to Know

Peloton doesn’t have any classes that are dedicated to rowing at this time. Cardio workouts at Peloton are primarily on the treadmill and indoor bike, as well as outdoor running and walking.

Peloton could start rowing classes sooner than expected, given the rumors and pressure surrounding the Peloton rowing machine. The rumors are just a hint at how much Peloton fans would love rowing classes.

Peloton doesn’t even need to have a rowing machine business to fulfill this fan wish. Instead, Peloton fans would rather use the app on their own home rowing machines.

Peloton and Rowing Classes?

Peloton was the preferred choice for many members after Orangetheory closed in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. It was the best consolation because Peloton offers both HIIT as well as the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Peloton Bike Bootcamp.

classes, not to mention
which would be similar to an Orangetheory class.

Peloton also offers Power Zone classes that have goals and targets that are similar to the Orangetheory version.

It is evident that they miss rowing classes and that other rowing lovers are in love with Peloton.

These people enjoy the Peloton classes but rowing seems to bring them the most satisfaction.

John Foley addressed the rumors at the 2021 Peloton conference that Peloton would release a rowing machine. He did not provide a definitive answer but he did say?good guess? This was the answer that ignited our hopes for the Peloton rowing machine.

If John Foley’s answer is any indication, we might be waiting for a Peloton Rowing Machine and then Peloton Rowing Classes. It could have been Peloton’s plan all along or the company may have caved to public demands.

The Benefits of Rowing Classes on Peloton

These are the reasons why Peloton would be a great addition to rowing classes:

  • Peloton offers a digital platform that is competitive and includes all the features you would expect from digital classes.
  • Peloton Leaderboard encourages competition which is great for interaction, pushing oneself to be better than others and ensuring that you are in a good place among your competitors.
  • Peloton’s community is great for motivation and mental therapy, even when one works from home.
  • The rower is difficult to master and use fully. You will be able to manage the Peloton platform, beginner classes and overly talkative instructors.
  • The rower offers more options than the treadmill and bike for full-body exercise. The rower is a great option for those who don’t want to shift and are looking to lose weight or tone their muscles. It targets all body parts, including the legs, arms, back, chest, and abs.
  • With the addition of equipment, Peloton would be able to offer more workouts to their fans.

Rowing classes could therefore be incorporated into the Peloton workouts for both the company and the Peloton users.

Does Peloton Have Plans on Launching a Rowing Machine?

Peloton has been discreet about the topic and they keep it quiet if there are any plans. There are a few tips that can help you see the light at the end.

These are some of the tips:

  • Tonic Inc. manufactures Peloton gear. The company applied for a rower patent in 2020.
  • 9To5Google discovered secret codes in the Peloton Android App, which they decoded to find words that were associated with rowing.
  • John Foley didn’t dismiss the claims that Peloton might be making a rowing device, but rather dismissed them with a?good guess. ?
  • The name “Mazu” is a Chinese sea goddess. Insider rumors revealed that the name? Mazu, which means Chinese sea goddess, was discovered.

Could Be a Peloton Rowing Machine

So, Will Peloton Have Rowing Classes?

It is not clear at this stage if Peloton will take up rowing. If the tips are any indication, Peloton will join the rowing industry. It is evident that it will rock, just like it did with treadmill and bike classes.

Final Thoughts

Do Peloton offer rowing lessons? Peloton no longer offers rowing classes as of October 2021. It is worth renewing your peloton classes to make sure you don’t miss a chance at a surprise. Even better, I will keep my readers informed if there is any news about Peloton rowing classes.

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