Unlock Your Inner Strength with Peloton Split Strength

Four new strength programs have been released by Peloton exclusively for the guide. This is Peloton’s first strength-connected product, which was launched earlier in January. These programs were first published at the end January.

Peloton shared this via Instagramthis AM:

Split training is now possible! Split training is now possible! There are three- and five-day intermediate and advanced classes that @calliegullickson and @mattymaggiacomo lead. These classes will focus on building muscle and strengthening specific muscles.

Callie Gullickson Intermediate 3 Day Split Strength Programme

Today’s Guide features four new programs with Callie Gullickson and Matty Maggiacomo as instructors. Robin Arzon and Adrian Williams are also available. There are two 3-day and two 5-day options. Each program can be completed in one week. Below you will find information - including links and class lists - about each program.

Peloton Split Strength Training Programmes

Matty Maggiacomo Intermediate 5-Day Split Strength Program

These are the first ever split strength programs by Peloton. Instead of focusing on the traditional upper and lower bodies, they focus on the whole body. The classes are focused on a particular set of muscles identified in the class title. Except for Callie’s 45-minute class, all classes last 30 minutes.

Robin Arzon’s Advanced 3 Day Split-Strength Program

Split strength programs are only available to Guide members for seven weeks. However, if you don’t have the Guide, and you want to access the classes immediately, you can either use the program page to start the class in a web browser or add it to your stack and complete it on your bike/Tread/App. You will not be able to earn a badge for taking these classes. You won’t earn a badge for taking the classes this way. Refer to our complete listing.

Adrian Williams Advanced 5-Day Split Strength Program

This is the second batch of programs that will be available exclusively to Guide users. In late May/early Juni, Peloton launched a new Floor Bootcamp program with Jess Sims&Selena Samuela. A complete list of all programs is available in our database.

The Peloton Guide was published at the beginning April. For more information about the Guide, please see our recent overview article .

Guide users can begin the new split strength programs immediately, while all other members can look forward to the programs becoming available in June.

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