The Ultimate Guide to Peloton & Strava Integration: Track Your Progress Like Never Before

Peloton made some minor changes to their Strava integration over the last few days. If you own the Peloton Tread or Bike, you can set up your account to have any Peloton workout automatically uploaded to Strava. Strava will export your entire heart rate, speed and power. You can then browse the charts and graphs and view them as any other workout.

The text description of the workout will not be affected by the new integration tweaks. The text description was previously created automatically by the integration. It included the name of your workout and your Peloton name. It would display, for example, “45 minute Power Zone Endurance Ride starting at 7/30/20.” This was taken by PeloBuddy using Peloton.

Strava has a new description field.

The raw data seems to be exported exactly the same as before. Any tweaks seem to be affecting the description. The name of the Strava workout is the same as the Peloton workout. There is no way to view the Strava workout and see the original date or the time (i.e. The time displayed in the Peloton Library. If the workout does not have a unique name, it will be impossible to locate the class in Peloton’s database. This is because you cannot cross-reference your workout history in the Peloton application. Friends who see your Strava history won’t be able tell which class you took based on the description and workout name.

In June 2019, the last public change to this integration occurred. Before that, every time a workout was uploaded, it automatically attached a photo to the Strava workout. The attached picture was the preview image of the workout. It is the same image that you see when previewing a class on the app, bike or tread. These images were removed by Peloton in June without explanation.

Strava upload starting in 2019 with photo

Update - Peloton has quietly restored the attachment of preview images to Strava workouts as described above. It was not explained why the attachment of preview images to Strava workouts disappeared for over a year.

The Strava integration is not available for users of Tread or Bike. The setup screen for Strava can only be seen on these hardware devices. It is not available on any other app. This can be fixed though. You can borrow a bike or tread from a friend. You can log in temporarily to their bike/tread. After logging in, you can set up your Strava connection. You can then log out and delete your account from their bicycle. After the integration has been set up once, Strava automatically uploads your workouts to Strava for any workout.

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