Get in Touch with Your Wild Side: Peloton's The Tiger Collection Now Available

The _ New York Post_reported by their sources that Peloton is currently developing a new handheld device called The Tiger, which could be released or revealed in the fourth quarter.


According to a source close by the company, the handheld gadget is about the same size as a Sony Walkman and can be attached to a computer or TV. It provides instant feedback on customers’ workouts.

Although it was unclear what type of training Peloton would offer, The Tiger has software that can assess the form and movements of customers.

The lens can also be covered with a cover that slips over it when not in use. This is presumably to prevent customers feeling like they are being monitored.

If real, the Tiger would likely be able to work with Yoga, Cardio, Strength, and other classes to count reps, and/or give real-time feedback. Peloton likely uses the technology from their recent purchase of Otari . Otari developed an interactive yoga mat with AI and computer-vision tech.

Peloton may be creating “The Tiger” using Otari’s Smart Yoga Mat tech.

I’ve tried various AI-based exercise feedback systems and have mixed results. However, I doubt that The Tiger from Peloton will provide much form feedback. Although it is easy to make a device that counts reps, it is not difficult to provide feedback for different body types.

This task would be much easier if it was released with the new Peloton Wearable. It is likely to come with the Strive Score, which will also help with heart rate. It could make use of the AI-voice technology Peloton has now, following their purchase of AI-voice company Aiqudo.

If Peloton is able to pull it off, I think the combination of an AI-based workout tracker and a new wearable would make a powerful tool that many Peloton users would be interested.

We’ll keep an eye on any developments regarding “The Tiger”, or whatever name Peloton chooses, as well as the rower and wearable updates, and Tread+ after their voluntary recall.

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