Is the Peloton Tread Worth the Hype? Our In-Depth Analysis

To be completely honest, I didn’t want the Peloton Tread. I had originally planned to wait for the premium Peloton Tread+ to come out after it was recalled last summer.

Peloton’s current state, however, made it clear to me that the Tread+ would not be available again soon. I decided to order the Peloton Tread, so I caved and ordered it instead. I am glad I did.

Yes. The Peloton treadmill is available at a fraction of the price, and it’s almost half the price of the original. It costs $2495, which is almost the same price as the Peloton bike plus.

The new Peloton tread is designed to reach a wider audience, especially those with limited budgets.

The best thing about the new tread is that all its parts are safe. This was a measure that was taken just before it was released.

Where do I start?


You need to think about more things when bringing a treadmill into your house than with other types. You need to consider space requirements beyond the treadmill itself. A power source is also required and safety concerns must be considered. Peloton Tread is 68" long by 33" wide. However, you must ensure that there is enough space behind you to prevent injury and also to your side for ease of use.

For me, there is four feet of clearance between me and the Tread. There is plenty of room to the side to get on and off the wall and six to eight inches between them. Peloton recommends that you have at most 78 inches clearance behind the tread and 24 inches on each side.

Safety considerations

After narrowing down your list of spaces with sufficient space in your home, it’s important to consider whether you will be using the tread in a room shared by pets or children. To keep them from getting in the way of the equipment, I recommend purchasing a kid fence. While it won’t provide complete protection from injury, it can be useful in combination with the safety features mentioned later.

As I do with most home-connected fitness equipment, you should get a surge protector. An electric surge that permanently damages your Peloton Tread is not something you want.


Once you have turned on your Tread, the first thing you need to do is create a lock passcode. This four-digit code is used to make sure that everyone on the Tread has it. It also helps avoid accidents with animals or young children. Every time you use the Tread, you will need to enter the lock passcode. If you use the Tread for longer than 30 seconds, such as during Bootcamp classes, the code will need to be re-entered.

Peloton Treadlock

Controlling Speed & Incline

There are three options to control the Peloton tread: increase or decrease speed, and/or incline. Rotating the knobs to either side is the first and most common way. The right knob controls speed and the left knob controls incline. You will need to practice a lot to become more familiar with how the knobs must rotate in order to achieve the desired speed or incline.

You can also increase speed or incline by pressing the button on each knob. One press on the left knob to increase the incline by one percentage. This means that regardless of whether you’re at 1.5% or one, a single click can increase your incline to 2%. The right knob can be pressed to increase speed by one mile per hour. This means that no matter how fast you run, whether you’re running at 5.2 or five miles an hour, one click will increase your speed to six miles per minute.

You can also control speed and incline by using three shortcuts that you can create. This allows you to quickly jump to numbers that you are familiar with. Simply press the speed or incline numbers on the screen to display your custom shortcuts. You can select which numbers you want to customize by pressing the ‘customize shortcuts" button on the screen.

Personaly, I recommend setting the lowest number to whatever your walking speed and the middle number for your jogging pace. The highest number should be set to an incline or speed you are most often at during your runs.

Safety key and stop button

You will find a large red “Stop” button right in front of your treadmill if you are ever in an emergency situation. The Tread safety button is located below the button. It is recommended that you unclip it and attach it to your body during each run. The treadmill belt will stop immediately if the key becomes detached from the tread, such as in the event of a fall. This will prevent friction burns and other injuries.

After you use your tread, the screen will automatically go into sleep mode. The power button at the back of your screen can be used to turn it off completely. Peloton recommends that you take out the Safety Key and place it somewhere your children can’t find it.

Statistics & History

If you go back to the profile screen and select ‘Calendar’, you can look through each month to see which classes you took, your best outputs, and who your top instructor was for that month. You can view the details of your workout by selecting your ‘Workout History’.

Your workouts are sorted according to date. This will give you a lot of useful information, including your leaderboard rank, achievements, total output, average output, and all of the metrics related to heart rate. This will show you your Strive score as well as how long you spent in each zone. This graph has an important tip: You can adjust your maximum heart beat manually by clicking the “Customize” button. This is a great way to get more precise heart rate data. For most people, the old formula of 220 divided by your age is not accurate. This article explains how to calculate a more precise max heart rate.

Personal Records

Adjusting your Personal Records can be like manually setting your max heart beat. The red gear icon located at the top right of your profile screen will bring you to an area that allows you to adjust most of the settings. You can also view and edit your Personal Records. You may not want to compare your records to what you have done in the past, such as when you are injured or take a lot of time off. Click ‘Manage’, then ‘Calculate Based on Workouts Since’, and finally ‘Edit Date.’ You can choose the date that makes sense to you.

More Profile Settings

This is where you can change your photo and personal information. You can also change your content preferences under ‘Preferences", such as hiding explicit language classes or pre- and postnatal classes if they are not of interest to you. You can also disable Strive score display on your workout screen to hide it from other people who might see you in a particular class.

You can enable or disable video chat and hide the visibility for an age group or gender in the leaderboard. Or, you can make your profile secretive from members who have not been approved by yourself. Your Peloton can be connected to Facebook, Strava or Fitbit.

How to find members and use hashtags?

If you wish to search for other Peloton members, go back to your profile screen. To do so, click ‘Find Members’ in the upper left corner and enter the username. You can also edit your hashtag from the profile screen. You can join groups in Peloton by using hashtags. You can filter the leaderboard using a hashtag to view other members of that class. You can have as many hashtags as you like, but each member must choose a leaderboard tag. This is the tag that all other members will see when they take a class.

Peloton Badges & Challenges

Your earned badges and completed challenges can be viewed in the Achievements section of your profile. There are three levels of achievement in most Peloton Challenges: bronze, silver and gold. It is important to note that there are many Challenges on the Peloton Tread and bike. To avoid missing any, I recommend checking them all regularly.

Types of Peloton classes

There are three types of broadcasts that Peloton offers when you’re ready for classes.

  • On Demand classes can be accessed at any time.
  • Live classes can be streamed live. The instructor may give you a shoutout if everyone is at the same stage of the workout.
  • Encore classes combine on-demand with live. This is prerecorded content, but it will be available on the live class schedule. It will also have a live leaderboard.

Categories of Tread Classes

These are the top categories you should know when getting started with the tread:

  • Hiking is more about speed than incline. This will help you to build leg strength.
  • Speed walking with very little inclines, the goal is to increase your speed.
  • The Hybrid Run-Walk is great for beginners. It combines running and walking in a single run.
  • Endurance is a lower intensity exercise that can be held for a longer time.
  • Interval runs at a higher speed, possibly with some maximum effort.
  • Bootcamps combines running and strength training. These are some of the most popular classes Peloton offers!

Peloton Tread Programs

You can choose to join one or more of the Programs instead of taking individual classes. These classes are meant to help you achieve a specific goal. Programs classes cannot be found anywhere else in the Peloton library.

Each Program has a certain number of classes that must be completed in the correct order. Once you have completed a class, you will be able to unlock the next class. Even if you don’t complete all of the classes in a given week, the Program will continue to the next class. Badges can be earned through Programs.

Scenic runs

Three different Scenic Run options are available on the Tread:

  • Guidedruns provide a coached class with an instructor who will guide you through an outdoor run.
  • Distancescenic run are uncoached. They are set for a specific distance and the speed at which you run will determine the speed at the video plays. This is a great way to test yourself. You could do a one-mile or 5k time trial.
  • Time-basedruns feature scenic routes with videos that run at a specific speed for the duration selected.

“Just Run” on the Peloton Tread

The Just Run option gives you only metrics and no instructors. This is the only option you have on your Tread if you cancel your Peloton membership.

Peloton class search and “Collections”

You can filter your search by length, instructor and music genre to find an On-Demand class. You can filter down to the classes you’ve already bookmarked or those you have not yet taken. Multiple filters can be used to get a more specific search result. You can also type in a keyword to search for classes.

Peloton has created collections that combine On-Demand classes. These classes are organized by special events, music genres, or a particular theme.

Sessions & Stacking

Sessions allow you to view a live leaderboard while taking an On-Demand class. Session start times are much faster than Encore classes. Sessions can be started as often as every five mins. Leaderboards have fewer users. This allows you to coordinate with your friends and take On-Demand classes together. Or, you can jump in with any Session participant.

Stacking is a unique feature of Peloton. You can combine different workouts into one workout to create a complete workout. You could do a warmup, followed immediately by a run, then a strength and stretching workout.

Peloton makes it easy to stack your classes. You can add classes to your stack by pressing the Stack icon at the center of the class. You can also add classes to your stack by clicking on the thumbnail of the class. After you have started to build a Stack the icon at bottom right will take you where you can modify or start your Stack.

How to start your Peloton Tread class?

Once you have selected your class and clicked the Start button, you will see a screen asking you to pair Bluetooth headphones or a heart rate monitor. You can also switch the visibility of your hashtag on the leaderboard.

The coach will usually give a brief introduction to most classes. This includes a description of the workout, how the knob and button functions work, and metrics. This intro can be skipped by pressing the on-screen button at the top left. After the intro, you will see a warm-up by an instructor.

One-screen Metrics

The Tread provides many metrics on its screen. The left side shows your current incline percentage with the instructor’s recommended incline range. The same goes for your speed in miles per hour. This is the instructor’s suggested range. These suggestions can be hidden by pressing the arrow beside them. You can view your current mile pace and your total wattage as well as the speed between these two (current inclines and speed). Your rank in the leaderboard will be determined by your total wattage output.

Peloton Tread metrics


The Leaderboard can only be viewed by those who are streaming the same stream as you when you take a Live, Encore, or Session class. You can view an On-Demand class leaderboard that includes everyone who has taken the class or only those who are currently taking it. You can interact with users taking the class regardless of the class type. You can tap their profile pic to send them a high-five. You can filter the leaderboards by gender or age group, friends, hashtags, and more.

Heart Rate & Strive Score

Wearing a compatible heart monitor will show your current heart rate as well as your Strive score to the left of your screen. Peloton’s Strive Scores are a unique concept that reflects how hard you work during your workout. It’s not something I would have thought about, but it is there.

Captions, Music, & Sound adjustments

You cannot control the music being played during classes. However, if you like the song, click the heart icon to “favorite” it. You can view all your favorite songs under your Peloton profile and connect them to Spotify or Apple music later.

Tap the buttons to the right of the monitor to adjust the volume or decrease the sound level during class. This will let you adjust the volume, and allow you to choose whether the instructor or music is louder.

Captions for all classes are a little-known feature I love. These can be turned on under Settings, then Subtitles. If you have difficulty following the music playing, this could be helpful.

Extended Warranty

My first suggestion for accessories is not an accessory: an extended warranty. This treadmill comes with a one-year warranty. Even though you still have one year to obtain an extended warranty, I recommend that you get it done immediately. This is something you should not forget.

Peloton is known for making quality equipment. However, treadmills have been known to develop problems over time. An extended warranty will cost you more than the cost of fixing one issue. Peloton is not the best place to purchase your extended warranty. You will receive better service and repairs if you use a third-party warranty provider.

Out of all the companies I researched, I chose Upsie as my extended warranty. Peloton’s three-year warranty would run you $230. Upsie is only $141. Pelton’s three year plan is not available for those who want to extend their warranty. Upsie, however, offers a five-year plan for as little as $141.

In case you need more convincing, Upsie warranties can be transferred (whereas Peloton’s aren’t). You’ll be the only person selling your Tread Plus with an extended warranty, so if you ever have to dispose of it or upgrade, you can sell it for a substantial amount more.


A small towel is necessary for comfort and to maintain the appearance of your Tread. I use Drip Towel from Drip Accessory. It attaches to my Tread and doesn’t impede my run. The towel is also retractable making it very easy to use. It doesn’t require any special washing instructions. Just throw it in the washer/dryer to make it ready for another run.

The Peloton Tread is extremely sleek. However, this comes at the expense of one feature: it doesn’t have a built-in fan. I did extensive clip-on fan testing on our Peloton bike and transitioned , the Sky Genius fan, onto our Tread. You will get different bounce feedback depending on where your Tread is located.


Peloton is a great platform. There are so many classes to choose from that no one can claim to have done all of them. The Peloton Tread, at its core is a treadmill. You can connect any USB-C device to the back of your monitor.

There are many options for device holders and trays. Top Form is the best for Peloton equipment. The tray turns my Tread into a walking space and the tablet mount that I use for my Peloton bicycle works well with it.

Internet speed

Peloton’s production quality is among the best in streaming fitness. There are very rare instances when a broadcast has problems. You can run a Speed Test if you are experiencing streaming problems with any class. This will check your network speed and tell you if it’s the problem. You might decide to place your equipment in a different location than you intended. However, this could cause streaming problems.


Standard specifications

  • Standard running belt
  • Tread Lock is used to prevent unauthorized access
  • Running space of 59 feet
  • 23.8" HD touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 68" Lx33" Wx62" H
  • Weight: 290lbs
  • Speeds between 0 and 12.5 mph
  • Grades from 0-12.5% incline
  • Safety key
  • 12-month limited warranty

Sound & Screen

  • 23.8’ touchscreen
  • 1080p HD
  • 2.5 GHz Qualcomm QCS605 Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 16 GB internal flash storage
  • Stereo speakers for front-facing use
  • 2.2 Channel with rear facing woofers
  • USB-C charging port for devices
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Bluetooth(r) 5.0 compatibility
  • 8-megapixel front-facing camera with privacy protection for video chats between friends
  • Built in 4-digital array microphone

Release of the Peloton New Tread

The peloton bike and declaration by Foley (Peloton CEO), that Peloton would release an affordable tread created excitement among Peloton enthusiasts. Peloton fans use the digital Peloton app to do tread workouts. However, they only chose not to purchase the original tread because it was too expensive.

The tread is now available on the market and is much cheaper than we expected. The tread is also a relief for most Peloton indoor athletes, as it bears the name of a Peloton.

The tread was first released by Peloton in the UK and then in Canada. The release of the new tread in the USA and elsewhere was delayed after the death in the US of a child who had been using a tread plus.

Peloton management complied with the UCPS’ request and worked together to ensure safety measures were taken prior to any further sales. Peloton had to stop all tread supplies for three months.

This aside, here are the release dates for the different countries when the new tread was made available.

  • UK: 26th December 2020
  • Canada: 9th February 2021
  • USA: 27th May 2021

The tread was available in other countries, such as Germany, after the launch in the USA.

Features of the Peloton New Tread

You might be wondering if the tread is cheaper because it is less expensive. This is not true. It’s all about convenience. The tread plus is more convenient that the new tread.

Let’s look at the features of the cheaper Peloton tread.

  • The HD touchscreen measures 23.5 inches. This is smaller than the tread plus. 32-inch screen.
  • It functions by using the traditional running belt. The belt has a woven nylon base and a textured PVC top with a red centerline contrast. It measures 59 inches long and 20 inches wide.
  • The handrail is made of strong carbon steel but has a soft-touch coating for palm protection. It can be combined with the tray, which consists of a combination of polycarbonate lining and rubber lining. Two water bottles are included in the tray for your convenience.
  • Its running space measures 59 inches, which 8 inches less than its counterpart. It measures 68 by 33 inches by 62 inches gross (L x WxH).
  • The speed range is 0 to 12.5 mph, similar to the tread plus. However, the incline reduces from 0 to 15% to 0 to 12.5% grade.
  • There are also control knobs that can be adjusted, which are fortunately still adjustable.
  • The user’s height and weight remain, ranging between 4'11 to 6'4 inches and 105 to 300lbs. However, the tread set-up height reduces to a ceiling height of 20 inches higher than the user height.

The tread screen is larger than the tread plus screen, but it is still very competitive. It actually has features that are comparable or better to the tread plus screen. Let’s get into the details.

  • The processor used to create the screen is 2.5GHz.
  • It has a RAM of 4GB and an internal memory of 16GB.
  • It even comes with a USB C charger that allows you to swap the charger with other gadget chargers like your phone or laptop.
  • Bluetooth connectivity has a 5.0 version, which makes it easier to connect with external speakers, headphones, and heart rate monitors via Bluetooth. The tread supports ANT wireless connectivity, in addition to Bluetooth.
  • Video chats will be clearer and more efficient with an 8MP camera.
  • It is lighter at only 290lbs per tread.
  • Lastly, the tread plus has many of the same intricate features as the tread.

Peloton Tread Design

Peloton Tread is a well-designed and attractive treadmill.

The design feels simple and uncluttered, which is part of what I love about it. The hand bars and screen are placed so that you can use as much tread as possible. It is easy to use everything here.

The knob system that they designed to adjust the Tread’s speed or incline is what I love most about the design. These knobs make it much simpler and quicker to adjust the Tread’s speed and incline while running than buttons, which is what most treadmills do.

You can also adjust the speed or incline of the treadmill by pressing the button at the top of each knob. This makes adjustments quick and easy and elevates the Peloton Tread above other treadmills in terms its design and ease-of-use.

Peloton Tread Belt

The overall design of the Peloton Tread treadmill is great, but the running experience on the Tread belt is not. The Peloton Tread is a little less popular than some other treadmills because it has a narrower and more shock-absorbing running surface.

It is not a bad feeling to continue running. Most runners will find it sufficient support. For someone like me, who doesn’t run all the time, this may be more obvious. I can’t run as long on the Peloton Tread with less support than I can with others.

Peloton Tread Content

For the sake of this review, I will ignore the non-tread classes because they are very cheap and accessible without a Peloton Tread. Instead, I will concentrate on the content that is most important to them in terms of their $39 per month membership.

Peloton has easily the most populated live classes of any platform. It’s not hard to see why. They are generally excellent instructors and produce new classes frequently enough that most people will not have trouble finding at least one coach they like.

The classes can also be accessed on demand. This is what I like because I cannot always time my schedule to take a live class.

Music is a big part of the appeal of peloton classes. The Peloton Tread class is for you if you enjoy the idea of listening to an instructor motivate you through your workouts using a variety excellent playlists. You will find classes for runners of all levels, including those who aren’t running.

Peloton Tread Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamps on Peloton have you running on the Tread, bike or doing strength training. Bootcamps on the Peloton Bike are great, but I prefer them on the Tread. The Tread makes it much more easy to move back and forth, with less downtime because you don’t have to change your shoes.

Peloton appears to lean heavily towards these Tread Bootcamp classes, with a new Bootcamp almost every day (and some days with more). These classes are a great way to experience the same feeling as CrossFit.

Peloton Programs (or lack thereof)

Peloton’s classes are great, but they are far behind in the area of programs. Peloton offers very little structure and guidance, except for a couple who start programs.

Peloton doesn’t seem to be focused on creating programs. Peloton wants members to spend their time on more interesting content, so there’s more interaction on the leaderboard and a more community feel to classes.

This can make it difficult for an average person to develop a training program that is both progressive and produces long-term results.

The Power Zone classes make it so that I don’t have to worry as much about the lack of programs for the Peloton Bike. Power Zone classes are my favorite part of the Peloton Bike. They allow me to improve and structure my life. It is noticeably less powerful than the Tread’s Power Zone.

Cons of the Tread Plus

The tread plus has many attractive features, but it could also be the reason it’s cheaper. These are:

  • It has a 23.5 inch screen, which is smaller than its 32-inch counterpart. The tread screen cannot be rotated for floor exercises and is fixed.
  • The tread does not have a Free Mode. This is available in the tread plus.
  • Despite the similar challenges of the tread and the tread plus, the incline decreases. The Leaderboard will show tread users at a disadvantage.
  • Comfortable running is made easier by the shock-absorbing, slat belt on the tread plus. The tread plus belt is wider and longer, which allows for a longer running platform.

Is the New Peloton Tread Worth It?

Yes. Although the tread of the new Peloton tread is not as good as the original tread, it is still worth the investment. It is cheaper and more durable than other brand treads on the market.

The tread also allows you to access all services of peloton as a tread plus user. The Peloton app can be used, and you will get the same warranty conditions as a tread plus user. Not to mention that there are other features that are more satisfying than the tread plus.

You can get a peloton plus bike plus for slightly more than the price of a single tread plus. You will be able to diversify your workouts as well as those of your family members. The tread plus is more like a class that you can skip to get more options for your workouts.

You can use the new tread just like with all Peloton equipment. The workout options will be limited as the? Just Run’ option will not be available. You will only have the? Just Run? option, and there are three other workouts. However, it is worth it in months when your budget is tight or when you are too busy to do your own workouts.

The Peloton Tread, currently at $2,795 plus shipping, is one of the most attractive and well-designed treadmills available for its price. The Peloton Tread is a great option for anyone who already has a Peloton Bike but wants to build a home gym.

The fact that it’s not the most comfortable treadmill and that there are very few programs and guidance options, makes me doubt that this membership is the best for everyone. These things may be important to you, so if you don’t already belong to Peloton, you might want to look at other treadmills such as those offered by NordicTrack before you make a decision.

Frequently Askes Questions

Why is Peloton recalling Tread?

Peloton and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission are re-calling the Tread due to the possibility of the touchscreen console falling off the Tread, posing an injury risk.

Customers who purchased the treadmill should stop using it immediately and contact Peloton to get a complete refund or any other qualified remedy, as per the press releases.

Peloton also announced that it has stopped selling and distributing the Tread+, but continues to work on hardware modifications. CPSC had previously warned consumers about the Tread+ back in April.

Statement by Robert S. Adler (Acting Chairman of CPSC)

Peloton and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have reached an agreement to ensure that Tread+ and Tread users are protected. This morning, the Commission approved the agreement. It requires that Peloton immediately cease selling and distributing Tread+ and Tread products in America and refund all purchase prices to anyone who returns their treadmills. After weeks of intensive negotiation, the agreement between CPSC&Peloton was reached. I believe it serves both the best interests of Peloton as well as consumers. I want to thank the CPSC technical team for their tireless efforts to protect consumers as well as warn the public. We have taken steps today to stop further harm from these products.

Statement by John Foley, CEO of Peloton

Peloton’s members and their families felt that recalling both products was the right decision. Peloton’s initial response to the Consumer Product Safety Commission asking that we recall Tread+ was a mistake. We could have worked more productively from the beginning with them. I am sorry for this. This announcement is a reflection of our understanding that by working closely alongside the CPSC, it will be possible to increase safety awareness for our members. We are passionate about the future of at home connected fitness and we will work closely with the CPSC in setting new industry safety standards regarding treadmills. We are committed to being an industry leader in product safety.

How can I tell if I have tread?

The Peloton Tread features a 23.8-inch HD touchscreen console, a running space of 59inches and a non-slatted belt. On the treadmill deck’s front end cap, the model number TR02 is written in black. Photos available.

Between November 2020 and March 2021, only 1050 units were sold in the United States.

What do I do if my Tread is broken?

If you are certain that you have a tread, you should immediately stop using it and go to the following link to review your options.

What’s Peloton doing to respond?

Peloton, in collaboration with the CPSC, implemented a voluntary recall of the Tread in May 2021. We will now install the CPSC-approved repair in August 2021 to make sure that the touchscreen console stays attached to the tread at all times. To schedule your free service visit, please check your email for instructions or reach out to support here: Enter your request if you wish to request a full refund.

I am a Tread member. I had an incident with the product, but I didn’t report it to the company. What should I do next?

We are grateful that you brought this to our attention. We would love to hear more about your experiences. Please email us at [email protected] or call Member Support. After you reach out, someone will call you back to provide more details. We are required to share the personal contact information of U.S. members with the CPSC.

Is it possible to continue using the Tread?

We strongly recommend that you stop using the tread until your repair has been approved. This is stated in our joint press release with CPSC. To schedule your free service visit, please check your email or contact our Support team here:

How can I book a repair for my tread?

If you are the subscription owner, you can schedule the visit or change the time. The subscription owner can schedule the repair. If you’re experiencing issues scheduling your appointment, please contact our Support team here:

What is the repair appointment?

Peloton-trained technicians will visit your home to repair your touchscreen.

Peloton Tread Lock

Tread Lock is a safety device that locks the Peloton Tread+ or Peloton Tread+ automatically after you have put your Tread+ or Tread+ to bed or after 45 seconds of inactivity.

What is the secret to it?

You will be asked to activate the Tread Lock as soon as your Tread or Tread+ has the latest software update or your Peloton device is activated.

After the passcode is set, your Tread or Tread+’s belt will lock automatically after 45 seconds of inactivity, or when the Tread or Tread+ is woken from sleep or restart. To unlock the belt, you will need to enter your Tread Lock password.

You will be asked to activate your passcode if you don’t currently have an active membership with Peloton. Click the just run/take sample run button.

To ensure your Peloton device remains safe, Tread Lock is an essential feature. Tread Lock will need to be set up.

What is “Inactivity?”

Peloton Tread+ or Peloton Peloton Tread+ are considered “inactive”. Tread Lock will only be activated if all the following conditions are met.

  1. You have not touched the screen in at least 45 seconds.
  2. Your speed at 0 mph.
  3. The incline is not adjusted for at least 45 seconds.
  4. You’re not in a particular class.

It is important to note that the Peloton Tread+ or Peloton Tread+ belt will stop when it has been set at a speed of more than 0 mph. The belt does not detect runners.

After the class has finished, the belt will automatically lock. You will then be asked to enter the Tread Lock code to continue.

Before you begin the Bootcamp floor section, please make sure to stop the belt completely.

How do I reset my passcode?

Tap the “More menu” at the bottom of your screen to change your passcode. To reset your pin code, click on “Tread Lock” from there.

To reset your password if you forget your passcode or are unable to log in to your class menu please choose “Forgot your Device Lock Passcode”. To change your passcode, you will need to enter your account password.

To reset your passcode, you can also do a factory reset. To reset the passcode, you will need either the activation code login or the member login.

Are you unsure where to locate your Activation Key. Look in your email and search for the subject “YourTread+/Treadis Available for Delivery”’.

  1. Tap on the settings icon in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on “Device Settings” to proceed to “System”.
  3. Click “Factory reset” and then click “Reset Tablet”.
  4. Re-activate your Peloton unit.
  5. After you have reactivated your unit, you will need to enter a passcode in order to activate the Tread Lock

Notice: Only one passcode is required for your Tread+ or Tread. This should be shared with all household members who meet the criteria in theTread+ User Manual.

Peloton Tread: Updates

Subscription update

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommended that current owners stop using their treadmills immediately after the incidents with Tread and Tread+.

Peloton will provide three months of All Access subscription for free to current Treadmill owners. This is in an effort to alleviate some of their inconvenience. Peloton also sent the following email to Tread+ and Tread+ owners, with an update about the situation:

As a Tread+ Owner, we are also offering a three-month free All-Access Membership. We hope that you enjoy the strength, yoga, and running classes. These can be accessed on any iOS or Android device, including the Peloton Bike, Bike+, Fire TV, Roku TVs, Chromecast, Android TV, and on the web. These waivers will be added to your subscription in the early part of next week. They will go into effect on your next billing date.

We don’t plan to stop making our amazing running and strength content. It can be used indoors or outside, with or without a treadmill.

Update for Peloton Tread

Foley later admitted in the call that the US launch of a cheaper tread has been halted indefinitely. The Tread relaunch and initial US launch cannot be resumed until the CPSC has reviewed the proposed fixes by Peloton for the current Tread issues.

There has been a history where the treadmill’s video tablet fell on people. Peloton has been informed by the CPSC that reviews usually take six to eight weeks. However, it is possible for them to take longer. Peloton cannot commit to a hard launch date for the Tread at this time due to the fluid timeframe. However, the company hopes that it will be available once again in July.

Update for Peloton Tread+

Safety concerns around the Tread+ cannot be fixed quickly and may need more time and additional parts to make sure that no one gets sucked under ever again. The CEO of Peloton stated that this safety upgrade would include additional hardware to enhance safety.

It will take longer to develop, manufacture and test these parts, as well as to implement them. The CPSC will have to approve all changes made before the Tread+ can again be sold. Peloton didn’t give a timeline, but it is likely that it will take longer than the standard Tread to roll out.

In just a few days, Tread+ and current Tread devices will receive new software-based safety measures via over-the-air updates. A new safety measure that will be implemented on Tread touchscreens is a digital passcode.

Bottom Line

Is Peloton releasing a treadmill that is less expensive? The new tread is already in use. It is also very affordable, cutting the original cost by nearly half. The original tread is called the tread plus. The new tread is the tread for pelotons.

Without one thing, all this will be pointless - your Tread. My biggest advice to you if you’re just starting out is to take it slow and be consistent. You can get excited about your new Peloton Tread. If you are new to running (or have been for a while), you should do less than you think you can handle each session. Keep the Tread on your schedule and increase the intensity of the workouts over time.

Running is very different from biking. It can cause more injuries if you do it too fast. Running has a greater impact than biking and can lead to more injuries.

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