Diagnose and Fix Peloton Internet Issues: Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

To log in to your Peloton, access your content and profile, and connect to your network, your touchscreen must be connected to the internet. It is possible for your Peloton touchscreen not to connect to your network but still experience internet connectivity problems.

To activate your Peloton device and switch riders, access classes and a rider profile, you will need strong internet connectivity.

You may not have the internet connectivity required by your Peloton if you receive the following error messages:

  • “Unable to load Profile”
  • “Error in Getting Subscription details”
  • “Server Error in Accessing Device Details. After some time, please press the Home key.
  • “Unable to load live ride”

Please refer to this guide for more information about testing your wireless connection.

Poor internet connectivity can be caused by:

Weak WiFi: We recommend that you have a minimum connection speed between 10-15 mbps for the touchscreen and 2.5 Mbps upload. We recommend that you move your Peloton closer (e.g., to an access point) if your WiFi connection is weak. If you experience a weak WiFi connection frequently, we recommend moving your Peloton closer to your access point (e.g., a router). While boosters and extenders may improve the range of WiFi signals, they can also decrease the signal strength. We do not recommend using them to increase connectivity.

Your WiFi signal strength or connectivity may be affected by obstructions. These obstructions could include:

  • Walls and furniture (if the router’s location is closer to a corner or lower than the ground, then other furniture and walls could impact the signal strength).

  • Appliances like microwaves and home phones.

  • Certain materials, such as brick or metal, are not suitable.

  • Other wireless frequencies: Wireless connections may also be interfered with by other devices. Wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices and wireless headsets are all possible.

Congested WiFi: Multiple devices may be using your wireless network’s bandwidth. This could reduce the signal strength and speed of your Peloton.

Refreshing your network connections can help to resolve poor internet connectivity issues and ensure that you are connected to your WiFi via your Peloton. Follow these steps to refresh your network connections between your Peloton and your Peloton.

  • Navigate to the Settings screen on your Peloton touchscreen and choose WiFi. Tap on the network and choose Forget.

  • Turn WiFi OFF on your touchscreen after you have forgotten about the network.

  • Turn off the touchscreen. Once the touchscreen has been completely turned off, disconnect the power cable.

  • Restart your router after the power cable has been unplugged.

  • Restart your router by plugging your power cable in again.

  • Make sure the date/time is correct. Powering off your device could cause it to revert to its original settings.

  • After your touchscreen has been turned on, go back to the Settings screen and click “WiFi”

  • Connect to your network. To return to your home screen, tap the Peloton P logo located at the bottom.

If the problem persists, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Please refer to this guide to test your wireless connection.

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