Common Peloton Errors Issues And Troubleshooting

Peloton Troubleshooting Solutions to Common Problems [Comprehensive Guide]

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It can be quite confusing to suddenly discover a problem with your Peloton tread or bike. It’s even more frustrating if you don’t know the problem or see only negative comments about it on social media.

All Peloton users will have to deal with a problem. It is not always frustrating if you have already gone through the steps to solve the problem. We will now discuss common Peloton problems as well as their solutions.

Every Peloton owner will need to troubleshoot their bike at some point. You might find your bike isn’t turning on. You might also notice a clicking sound from your pedals. This is something you should know to check.

Well, don’t worry. This blog post will provide solutions to some of the most common Peloton cycle issues.

This is your Peloton troubleshooting guide. You’ll probably find the answers to any questions you have about your bike here.

One last point before we dive right in. Your bike is still covered if it has been owned for less than 12 months. If you have any problems with your bike, don’t attempt to fix them yourself. Contact Peloton, or chat with the customer service team on the website. Make sure you take advantage of your warranty while it is still valid.

The Peloton Bike/Tread Won’t Turn On

You should check your power supply if you find yourself in a situation that prevents the Peloton equipment from turning on. It is possible that you have run out of power. Sometimes your cable plug is loose and you will need to reconnect it to ensure the tread or bike receives enough power.

If the above problems are not solved and the equipment does not turn on, you should check the power supply. Although you may have enough power to power the Peloton equipment, it might not be enough. The Peloton equipment needs a voltage between 100v and 220v to function properly. Your power supply must be between 100 and 240 volts to operate the equipment. You should be concerned about a power surge if your power is higher than the range.

You should replace your touchscreen or cable if you experience a power surge. Peloton will replace your accessories if you are still within the warranty period.

Peloton Screen Won’t Turn On

Many people end up with a problem with their Peloton bikes screen not turning on. This is often due to a problem with their power cord. How do you fix this problem?

Remember that a Peloton Bike is often very similar to your modem. It’s as simple as unplugging it, counting to 30 and then plugging it back in. Sometimes, it is easy to reset your bike.

It could also be that the power cord isn’t plugged in fully. If you are unsure, take it out and count to 30, then plug it back in.

A third possibility is that you blew a fuse. You should make sure your bike is plugged into a power strip. A power surge could be caused by plugging your bike into a wall. A power surge can be dangerous for computers, but it could also cause damage to a Peloton bike which is basically an Android computer.

FYI: I prefer surge protectors or power strips with a plug that lies flush to the wall. These space-saving devices were discovered by us when our daughters went to college.

Peloton customer support can send you a new power cord, or a tablet screen, if all else fails.

How to turn on a Peloton bicycle?

Look at the back side of the Peloton tablet screen.

The second is to locate the rectangular button at the top of your tablet’s back. Depending on your bike’s age, the button will either be gray or orange. The Peloton power button for turning it on the Bike Plus is round.

Third, hold the power button down until the screen turns on.

That’s all. This is how to turn on a Peloton bicycle or the Peloton Bike Plus – just by turning the screen.

Replacing the Peloton screen

Older bikes might need a new screen. Peloton will give you a brand new screen and a set of new pedals free of charge. You can read more about and how to order a screen for your Peloton from this accessories page on the Peloton site.

If your bike was purchased less than 12 months ago, the warranty is still valid. If your screen is not turning on or you have other issues, do not buy a replacement. For the Peloton 1-year warranty, reach out to customer service.

Activation Error?

Sometimes, you might experience an activation error that prevents you from accessing certain functions on your touchscreen. You still have the option to reset your touchscreen.

To correct the activation error, factory reset the touchscreen

Start by selecting “Shut Down?“To turn the tablet off, press and hold the volume up button simultaneously. Hold the volume button and power buttons simultaneously.

This will power your touchscreen. The Peloton logo will then appear prompting you to press the buttons.

You will see the? Select Boot Mod? option. You will see a? Select Boot Mode? button at the bottom of the screen. When you press it, options will appear. To navigate the tablet if the touchscreen isn’t working, press the volume up or down button. Select Boot Mode in the? Select Menu? Select? Recovery mode? from the? Select Boot Mode? menu. Click on it with the volume down key.

Now you will see the dead Android feature with the “No command” You can click on both the volume up and power buttons simultaneously to access “Factory Reset”.

Select “Wipe all your user data/ Factory reset?“Click the power button to activate the volume up button. You will be presented with options to? Delete all User Data?. Click on? Yes?. Then, select? Reboot System Now? and reboot the tablet.

Your tablet should now work normally after you’re done with this process. Each step may require more than one trial. Resetting the Peloton accounts will also be necessary. All data in your account will be saved in the cloud, not on the tablet.

How to calibrate a Peloton bicycle?

This article explains how to calibrate a Peloton bicycle.

The movers handled our Peloton bike carefully when we moved in 2018. The movers removed the screen and wrapped it in bubble wrap. They also wrapped the bike in blankets. It arrived at our new house looking like new.

Except for when I rode the bike. It was all hard. Ride resistance 40 made me feel like I was pedaling through wet cement. Peloton cycling was suddenly not fun anymore. Evidently, my bike was out of calibration and I had to fix it.

Peloton bike calibration

Someone suggested that I calibrate the Peloton bike in order to restore the proper resistance levels. A calibration kit was included with my bike in 2016, so I could fix any problems. Below is a video I made on how to calibrate your bike.

Be aware, however. Calibrating isn’t an exact science. I’ll be honest and admit that I calibrated my bike to an unsuitable setting after three attempts. After I calibrated my bike to a new calibration, I did an FTP test and found that my power zones were insanely high.

Talking about power zones, here’s my latest blog post on Peloton Power Zone.

My bike’s calibration is 10 points higher than it should be. It’s time to calibrate it back to normal. We recently purchased a second Peloton bike, the Bike Plus. I know it will be harder to ride. It’s all my fault.

Peloton casting problems

Peloton bikes come with a wonderful add-on: you can connect your Smart TV to your screen. Not every Smart TV works with your bike. This was something I discovered the hard way while trying to get my Vizio Smart TV to work with my bike.

My Peloton would match up with the Roku TV in my living room every time I cast my screen from the settings. It was blinded by the Vizio Smart TV, which was 10 feet away from my exercise space.

It turns out that not all Smart TVs are compatible with Peloton bikes. Roku TVs can Apple TVs. FireTVs, ChromeCast or a Fire Stick to get their bikes to cast to their TVs.

The Vizio is a legit Smart TV, so don’t bother. It just doesn’t work. I would stick with the Peloton casting brands I know of, and I recommend them to others.

Televisions and Peloton casting devices

You don’t have to go through the same Peloton casting nightmare as I did with my Vizio TV. Stick with the brands and products that work with the Peloton.

Peloton Headphones Are Not Working

It is not uncommon for Bluetooth headphones to experience problems when connected to Bluetooth equipment. The Bluetooth headphones could be the problem, but sometimes it could be your Peloton tablet.

To make sure your headphones are working properly, you should first check that they are. Turn them off and make sure they are fully charged. Turn them on again and reconnect them to your tread or bike.

If they don’t work, you can turn off your tablet or restart it. If the tablet turns on again, you can try re-connecting the headphones.

If this fails, you can try another set Bluetooth devices to verify that it connects to your Peloton. If it connects successfully, the problem is with your headphones. If other Bluetooth devices fail to connect to the touchscreen, your tablet may need repair. If your tablet has been rebooted, you can contact Peloton customer service for assistance.

Sometimes, wired headphones may not work with Peloton. You will need to disconnect the headphones from the headphone jack and then plug them back in. If the headphones are still functioning, this should work. If they don’t, you can plug them in to your phone or other gadget to check if they work. If they don’t work, it’s time to get a new set.

Peloton wireless headphones are a common problem with the Peloton bike. Bluetooth headphones are what I am referring to when I say wireless headphones.

is a blog post about the Peloton Bluetooth headphones. This video shows you how to pair your Bluetooth headphones and the Peloton bike.

Below is the video I shared. It should solve any headphone issues you might be experiencing.

Finally, and this is the most important, my Apple Air Pods have never been able to pair with my bike. They will connect to my iPhone from across the room but not to my bike. The same applies to our Bike Plus. If you’re here searching for answers, I cannot offer you any solution. Sorry!

Peloton Metrics not showing up?

This complaint has been raised several times on the Peloton platform. You are in class and everything is fine except that your metrics window does not allow you to see your distance, calories, heart rate, cadence and so forth.

Troubleshooting is a complex process that requires a variety of checks. First, make sure you have an internet connection that is stable and has a speed of at least 10Mbps. For better functioning, ensure that your internet isn’t jammed.

To ensure your tablet’s top-notch functionality, you should also remove any bugs and clear cache.

Finally, you can exit the class you are currently in and then rejoin it again. The metrics will begin reading as long as you have an internet connection.

Peloton may have broadcast issues, such as the screen freezing, high fives not working, or some other similar issue, and the metrics will also go out. The white spinning circle of death will let you know when Peloton is having broadcast problems. It’s a bit like the Apple rainbow beachball or the Windows bluescreen of death. This is a bad sign.

Sometimes, it might be that Peloton released a new software update and you haven’t yet done it. These updates are a pain but usually resolve any issues or metrics that I have been trying to fix. To check if an update is available, look at the bottom of your tablet.

Another option is to exit the class when the metrics are out. You can exit the current class. Next, choose it again. You will see the bike indicate that your class is in progress. You can rejoin and you will be fine.

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working

This is most often the case. The Peloton heart monitor may not connect with Peloton equipment. It doesn’t register metrics on the Peloton tablet.

In this instance, you will need to turn off your heart rate monitor and then put your tablet away. Next, connect the heart rate monitor again. If the heart rate monitor doesn’t work, you might need to modify it. If you use Scosche Rhythm or bike plus, the Apple Watch is an option. Garmin and Fitbit are also great options. These are the most reliable and durable options.

Let me just say that the chest strap heart rate monitor I have is a joke. In fact, I stated this in my blog post on the best Peloton heart rate monitor . Scosche rhythm heart rate monitor is my favorite HRM, and I have written about it in this post.

How to fix a clicking sound from your Peloton pedals?

You’ve probably spent some time on The Official Peloton Members Facebook Page, which is full of negativity.

What’s the matter? It’s not your pedals. Most likely, it’s the cleats at the bottom of your cycling shoes. These cleats need to be tightened. That’s it. To tighten the bolts, all you need is an Allen wrench.

You want more information about the Peloton pedals. This is my blog post answering common questions about Peloton pedals.

My Peloton Bike Produces a Sound

The Peloton bike is one of the most quiet gym equipment. If it makes a loud sound, it is most likely a problem.

Check that all bolts are tightened on the bike frame, pedals and other parts. Without rushing, you can inspect each bolt and tighten them all. Next, ensure that the bike seat is level.

Last, make sure to check your pedals and make sure there are no loose bolts. Remember to tighten your pedals at least once a month, as pedals are most used during biking.

Last but not least, make sure to tighten your cleats. Most of the time, the noise coming from your bike is caused by loose cleats. Worst of all, loose cleats can also cause you to get stuck in your clipless pedals. You can avoid future problems by diagnosing the problem.

I can’t change or edit my Peloton Profile

The problem could be due to a jammed internet connection or a jammed tablet. Make sure your internet connection is stable and in good condition. Clear the cache on your tablet and restart it to improve its functionality.

More details: Change your Peloton Username

No Command Error

You feel like your Peloton days have been ruined when you receive a dead Android with a No Command code. I agree with you, but let’s find a quick solution.

To reboot your tablet, hold both the power and volume buttons simultaneously. When you see the Peloton logo appearing on the screen, release them.

Next, use the volume buttons up and down to navigate the touchscreen. Clear the cache and factory reset the tablet.

Once you are through, restart the tablet, and you should have it working just like a new tablet would.

Read more “Peloton Screen Says No Command” and how do you fix it.

Cancelling Peloton Subscription Offline

You can cancel your Peloton subscription if you decide to sell your bike or are unable to use it for a few months. While it is easy to cancel your subscription online, it is not as simple offline.

You should save the Peloton customer support number so you can contact them in these situations. Call customer service, explain your situation, and provide your details. They will cancel your subscription for you.

How to Cancel and Pause Peloton Membership

How do you high-five on Peloton?

High fiving other riders in class is one of the best parts about riding on demand or live. My Peloton for beginners blogall about high-fives and proper manners. Here are the basics.

You’ll notice little hands on the tablet’s left side when you ride. These are people who give you a high-five.

Do you want to learn how to give a high-five or high five back to your Peloton? To give a high five back, tap the hands.

You may also see a hand hovering over the profile photo of a person on the Leaderboard right-hand side of your tablet. This means that they have high-fived you. To high-five them back, tap on their photo. Both ways can be used to send a high five back.

How to cancel a Peloton subscription?

You may want to cancel your Peloton subscription for a variety of reasons. You might have sold your bike and no longer want to subscribe. Perhaps you have upgraded from the Peloton app to a Tread or bike, and now the subscription is part your monthly payment.

This blog article discusses the deals app users might receive when they buy a refurbished bicycle.

It didn’t take me too long to find the instructions under membership terms on the Peloton site to answer the question, “How can I cancel my Peloton Subscription?”

To change or terminate your Membership, go to your Account Settings at contact Member Support at 1-866-679-9129.

This includes the Peloton customer support number phone number, should anyone need to talk to someone in real life.

Final thoughts

Peloton troubleshooting provides insight into how to deal with common Peloton problems. You may encounter at least one of these issues, regardless of whether you are riding the bike or the tread. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you have a solution available at all times.

Do you have any other issues with your Peloton tread or bike? We would love to hear about your experiences and will investigate the matter.

Are there any issues I have missed that you are trying to fix for your Peloton’s Peloton? Are there any bike issues I haven’t addressed that you are experiencing?

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. When I have the answers, I will update this post.