The Benefits of the Peloton-Vitality Partnership: What You Need to Know

Peloton has increased its partnership with Vitality, a UK-based Health Insurer. The partnership will be in effect from the 17th of February 2022 and will last for a period of two years. Vitality members will be eligible to receive up to 40% cashback on the purchase a Peloton BikeandTread and up to 27% cashback when they purchase Bike+ by completing a set number of active days on a Peloton product per month. Over a 3-year time period, cashback will be awarded monthly.

Cashback solutions allow you to receive a monthly amount towards your bike or tread, depending on how active you are. The CFU cost can be as high as 40% if you exercise more.

Active days = The total number of days that you exercise per month. You can still count one active day if you do a 30-minute ride and a 5-minute stretch in one day. This includes any Yoga or Meditation class that you take for any length of time each day.

Please note that the 40% cashback is paid monthly and for 36 months. You can earn up to PS630 per month for either the Peloton Bike+ or the Bike+. You could earn as much as PS1026 per month or PS28.50 per month on a Tread.


Is it possible to order a Peloton Bike/Tread for my plan?

Peloton cashback benefits are available to Vitality Health and Vitality Plus members.

I have a Peloton Bike or Bike +, but not a Tread. Do I have the right to order another Peloton Bike, Bike + or Tread through Vitality?

You can order another Peloton Bike or Bike + through Vitality. You will not earn any cashback if you purchase the bike through this reward.

I already have a Peloton Bike or Tread. Are activity points possible?

To earn activity points, you will need to link your Peloton account to vitality. For more information, see ourHow to link your Peloton Accountguide. Peloton devices purchased after the offer period will not be eligible for cashback.

How can I find out how many active days have I got?

You can view a snapshot from your personal calendar via your Peloton app, or touch screen on your Connected Fit Device. This will show you the number of active days in each month.

Can I earn activity points even if I cancel my All Access Membership?

To earn activity points, you must be a member.

Can I get cashback for my All-Access Membership?

You will not earn cashback on the purchase of the Peloton Bike or Bike+, nor the Tread. You must be active for at least 10 days per month to start earning cashback.

How can I earn Vitality Points using my Tread or Bike?

You can earn points only for 20-minute workouts. Points will not be awarded for shorter workouts. We’ll give you a maximum 5 Vitality activity points for every 20-minute Peloton workout. You could also earn up to 8 Vitality activity point per day if you use an activity tracker to track your heart rate.

Learn more at the How to earn more pointspage. Your points statement will show your heart rate points sooner. Walking, stretching and meditating will not earn you Vitality Points.

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