Beachbody or Peloton: Which is Right for You? [Ultimate Comparison]

Peloton and Beachbody are convenient and exciting home gyms that replace many of the closed ones. You can stream a variety of classes, or join a live class to interact with the community.

Despite having many similarities, there are vast differences that give each their own uniqueness. Peloton is alive and well with thousands of classes on-demand and live, but Beachbody excels in structure.

Let’s talk about these and other features of the two platforms.

Peloton Workouts

Peloton allows you to stream live classes and on-demand classes. Peloton equipment owners have access to an all-access membership. Peloton equipment includes a tread and a tread plus, as well as a bike and a bicycle plus.

The platform offers an all-access membership and a digital app that is accessible to both equipment owners as well as people who use the equipment.

Beachbody Workouts

Beachbody is a platform for working out that offers only on-demand classes. It is commonly known as BOdi (Beachbody on Demand).

However, current developments in the field, coupled with pressure and competition, have given rise to live classes on Beachbody. These classes were scheduled to start in the fall, around late September 2021. As a result, there will be a difference between BODi users and those incorporating BODi in their workouts. We will see this as one of the discrepancies between Peloton and Beachbody.

Peloton Vs. Beachbody: Head-to-Head Comparisons?

Live ClassesYesYes
On-demand classesYesYes
Cost$39.99 per month for unlimited membership $12.99 per month for digital app Both the unlimited and digital app memberships include live and on-demand classesLive: $19.95 per month plus BODi membership cost On-demand: $59.85 for three months $77.70 for six months $99 per year
Equipment for Interactive classesPeloton bike Peloton bike plus Peloton Tread Peloton tread plusMYX II bike MYX II plus bike
Number of on-demand classesOver 10k (continue to increase)1500 (constant figure)
Type of workoutsStrength, cardio, yoga, meditationMore of strength
Countries availableUSA, Canada, UKUSA, Canada, UK, France, APO, and FPO US Military addresses
Longer duration packages and discountsNoYes
Military discountsYesYes
Nutrition programNoYes

Similarities and Differences Between Peloton and Beachbody Workouts

On-demand and Live Classes

Peloton Bike cycling classes library

You can easily plan your schedule around the recorded classes. Live classes offer you the feeling of a gym with real-time competitors.

Peloton prides itself on quality live and on demand classes. Although Beachbody used to only offer on-demand classes they now offer live classes.

subscription packages, and both the members get both the live and on-demand classes. The members can still enjoy the benefits of a live class, even if they don’t have the budget.

Beachbody, on the other hand, separates live classes from on-demand classes. Members can have the on-demand classes even if they are not enrolled in the live classes. To access the live classes, however, you will need to first subscribe to the online classes. You will be charged the live classes fee in addition to the subscription to the on-demand classes.

Peloton is also a winner when it comes to quantity. It already has more than 10k classes on-demand. Peloton also offers live classes every day, which are offered 24/7 by more than 50 instructors.

Unfortunately, the Beachbody on-demand workouts only have 1500 members, and they have not yet confirmed that the new BODi workouts would be recorded to add to their on-demand library.


The new MyX II Bike is priced at the same price as the original Peloton Bike. The Original Peloton Bike costs $1,495 while the MYX II Bike costs $1,399.

Handing one dollar bill

When it comes to choosing workouts, cost is always a factor. Even if the workouts are expensive, it is better to get value for your money.

Peloton is always more expensive than Beachbody. You can subscribe to the all access membership for $39 per month once you have purchased a piece of Peloton gear. You cannot get discounts or pay several months in advance.

to cancel or pause your Peloton membership at any time. Even if you cancel it days after renewal, you won’t lose a month’s worth of membership. This is an advantage for you.

Beachbody, on the other hand, is very affordable, especially if you only count the on-demand classes. They cost only $59.85 per month for three months. The longer the subscription, the more you get a discount. You will pay $99.95 for a one-year subscription.

The subscription for the live classes on Beachbody will be almost as expensive as Peloton. If cost is a concern, the Peloton digital app is much cheaper and you will still get live and on-demand classes.

To access the live subscription, you will need a BODi membership. You will be charged $19.95 per month in addition to the BODi subscription. To access BODi and , the annual package will cost $298.

military discounts. Peloton offers military discounts on digital apps and accessories when you buy equipment. Beachbody offers discounts for military personnel and ships products to military addresses that have APO or FPO accounts.

Workouts and Equipment

Peloton introduced the Peloton bike to the market. Later, they added the Peloton tread, the bike plus and the tread plus. It is evident that Peloton offers many cardio workout options based on the equipment they offer.

You get serious strength training, in addition to the incredible cardio. Bootcamp workouts combine strength and cardio. Mental health classes focus on yoga, meditation, sleep improvement, and other topics. Peloton is very comprehensive. Peloton is missing one aspect: the nutrition plan. You can find out more about it during your workouts. The instructors are always available to offer suggestions.

partnership to MYX for bikes, which will offer users an interactive experience on BODi.

Beachbody’s workouts include a nutrition plan, which is a huge plus. You could also see a boost in your results if you don’t check your diet.

A nutrition plan may include a structured workout plan, such as one that targets weight loss. This plan is not available to Peloton members unless they sign up for the challenges.

Beachbody sells nutrition products abd accessories that are compatible with their workouts. This feature has a downside: instructors will always pitch products during workouts, making it seem like the workouts are all about the products.


People joining hands as a community

Both platforms have attracted a large fan base. Although Peloton is clearly ahead of Beachbody, Beachbody ranks.

Given the Leaderboard, the Peloton community interacts during workouts. Although the Leaderboard is primarily for competition purposes, it creates a powerful interaction opportunity. Users can use a feature called High Five To congratulate and encourage one another. It is used by instructors to greet students when they enter classes and to congratulate those who reach new milestones. The video chat feature allows you to chat with a friend or relative while you ride or run. These features will make 60 minutes fly by, I promise.

The users then join social media platforms and websites that are dedicated to Peloton. They share their achievements, experiences, and encourage one another.

Beachbody had no on-demand classes so interaction was limited to social media pages. The company has now been incorporated into the BODi. This will allow for more interaction.

BODgroups which is the Beachbody platform that allows you to stay connected with your Beachbody community. You will also be expected to be consistent in the group.

You will be able to see the names of users who sign up for a class by incorporating. You can then target the friends you want to join a workout.

BODcast is a feature that allows you to see other users as they train with you. You can also get a live shout out from instructors and other users.

The BODi workouts look promising, but Peloton is still the best option as it has won users. Trust in the features.


Peloton may not have access to some current music, but it rocks in all its variety. There are many styles, from the old to the latest.

Beachbody’s music is a boring, repetitive music that can be listened to for a long time. This makes it less interesting. This was a problem with the BODi workouts. BODi promises better music for seniors and millenials.


Both bikes are very attractive, but I think the MYX II is visually superior. The MYX II is available in two colors, Natural White or Deep Charcoal. The Peloton Bike comes only in black. The MYX II has a smaller footprint than the Original Peloton.

Visual Design is clearly one of the most subjective areas. I believe there are many people who prefer the Peloton’s look more. If I had to choose, however, the MYX II would win.


The resistance is one of the most striking differences between the two bikes. Magnetic resistance is used by the Peloton Bike, while friction resistance is used by the MYX II Bike.

The MYX II’s Fly-Wheel weighs 41lbs, which is definitely more comfortable than other friction-based bikes. Peloton’s magnetic resistance feels smoother than most friction-based bikes, especially at higher resistances. The magnetic resistance that Peloton uses is my opinion gives them an advantage in this category.

Peloton’s iconic red resistance knob


The MYX II is the bike that offers more accessibility for more people. The MYX II can support 350lbs while the Peloton supports only 297lbs.

Peloton’s 3-way adjustment is only available on the MYX II. The MYX II has a 4-way adjustment system. The MYX II has an additional adjustment that allows you to move the handlebars closer or farther apart. The MYX II Bike is more comfortable for shorter and taller individuals.

The MYX II includes additional adjustments and pedals with clips and toe-cages, so users can use it with or without their cycling shoes. The accessibility aspect of the MYX II is overall a winner.

MYX II Bike’s 4-way adjustment system


The MYX II Bike as well as the Original Peloton Bike both have a 21.5-inch HD touchscreen tablet. The Peloton tablet features 16-watt speakers while the MYX II has twenty-watt speakers.

360-degree rotation is also available on the MYX II bike screen. This is an excellent feature, especially if you plan to take the bike off or do boot camp. The MYX II Bike’s rotating screen is a big advantage in this category.

MYX II includes a more future-proof rotating screen


The MYX II tablet has a faster processor and is certainly newer than the Original Peloton tablet. This is evident when scrolling through classes and loading them. Peloton’s screens are getting old and I find it surprising that they have not yet updated them. Current Original Peloton Bike users will likely need to upgrade to a new tablet in the next two- to four years.

The MYX II has a clever workaround for the Apple Watch. The MYX companion app can be connected to an Apple Watch and the data will be sent to the bike. The MYX II includes a Polar Heart Rate Monitor and a charger that can be conveniently found on the back of your tablet.

This heart rate monitor is extremely convenient, and it’s a nice addition to the programs that are heavily focused on heart beat training. The MYX II is definitely the best tech.


The Original Peloton Bike handlebars offer more hand placement options and a more comfortable grip than the MYX II handlebars. Although the Peloton’s water bottle holders are smaller, this is a subjective characteristic. It all depends on whether you prefer large or small water bottles.

For arm toning classes, the Original Peloton Bike has light dumbbell holders that are conveniently located behind its seat. This feature is absent on the MYX II Bike. The MYX II’s water bottle holders are large enough to store small dumbbells, if needed.

Peloton dumbbell rack

The bike seats are very similar, and neither one is more comfortable than the others. Comfort-wise, I think the Original Peloton Bike is the best.

Class Selection

Peloton has a wider and more varied selection of classes than either OpenFit or BODi - the two memberships that you have on the MYX II bike. BODi has quite a large collection of other classes. It draws from over a decade’s worth of classes.

BODi, which is a beta version of BODi, does not yet have a live class schedule. I will be able to see how it looks once it launches later in the month. Peloton runs a very large live class schedule each day so I imagine the MYX II won’t be able to match it, at least not right away.

Program Selection

Classes are one thing. However, programs are another. Programs are a planned and structured collection of classes that is designed to get you from A to B. This is one of the weakest areas of Peloton and one of Beachbody’s most powerful.

Although Peloton has made improvements to its programs, the selection is still limited. Beachbody, however, has hundreds of fully-built-out programs. These include not only workouts but also nutrition plans, PDFs and weight tracking. You can even join groups to stay accountable.

BODi on the MYX Bike includes almost all Beachbody Programs

Peloton doesn’t have many cycling programs. Beachbody will likely not have many programs that are specifically designed for the MYXII Bike, even though it has more comprehensive programs. The Original Peloton and the MYX II are both pretty good when it comes down to program selection.

Tracking Stats

The MYX II Bike has one major limitation. It only measures cadence. Beachbody works around this limitation by focusing on heart rate training in classes. Instructors will then tell you which cadence or heart rate zone to go.

This is a good option for those who don’t care about stats, looking at leaderboards, or using their bike output as a measure to improve. The stats on MYX II may be less interesting and weaker than those on the Peloton. Peloton tracks resistance and power output, so they can have power zone training classes. These are some of my favorites. With stat tracking, I think the Original Peloton Bike is better than the MYX II.

Class Experience

The Original Peloton and the MYX II offer top-notch indoor studio classes. The MYX II is better at music than many, but it cannot match Peloton here. Music is undoubtedly Peloton’s greatest strength.

Peloton still has the best overall class experience

MYX offers a BODCast experience where members can pre-register to be featured during live classes. This is enjoyable, but I prefer the interactive Peloton leaderboard. Here you can high-five other people, see their milestones and even compete against them. Peloton offers a more competitive or social class experience for those who enjoy it. Peloton is a better class experience than the MYX II, according to me.

Peloton or Beachbody: Which is better?

Woman showing apple and bitten donut make your choice

Is it obvious which one is better between Beachbody and Peloton? Not really, as each is superior in its own way. Beachbody is the best choice for those looking for structured workouts with nutrition plans. Beachbody on-demand subscriptions can be a great option if you are just starting out in the field and don’t feel like you have to put too much pressure on yourself.

It all depends on what you want from your workouts.

The best part is that you can incorporate both platforms into your workouts. You can also get Beachbody quarterly if you sign up for the Peloton app. This is great for those with family commitments or work pressures.

You can switch between the two platforms during the first month, as both offer a free membership.

Overall thoughts

Peloton is the winner after comparing the most important categories of each bike. This close score is impressive considering the MYX II’s newness and the fact that the BODi Program is still in beta. Peloton is $200-$300 cheaper than the MYX II Bike. These bikes might need to be rematched in the future.

You shouldn’t buy a bike based solely on its score. Instead, consider what aspects of a bike you are most passionate about. Also, make sure to check out our full review of the MYXII Bike and our comparison between Original Peloton Bike + and Peloton Bike+.

Get the MYX II Bike Here Get the Peloton Bike Here

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