Peloton vs. Orangetheory - Which One Delivers the Best Results For You?

Peloton and Orangetheory are the most popular online and studio fitness options. Peloton is the most favored online platform, while Orangetheory has yet to gain a real competitor for studio workouts.

Orangetheory and Peloton can be very expensive. This may mean that you only have to choose one. This is why there is so much confusion. Both platforms offer amazing, effective whole-body workouts.

So which of Orangetheory or Peloton should I choose?

Peloton vs. Orangetheory: Head-to-Head Comparison

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences of Orangetheory & Peloton.

CostBike $1495 bike +: $2495 Tread: $2495 Tread +: $4295No initial cost
Free TrialOne month (digital app)One day
Membership subscriptionunlimited membership- $39 digital app- $12.994 class per month- $59 8 classes a month-$99 Unlimited classes per month- $159 Additional class: $18
Cost per sessionNot available1 session: $28 10 sessions: $199 20 sessions: $359 30 sessions: $499
Strength Workoutsyesyes
Cardio Workoutsyesyes
Workout EquipmentBike, Treadmill, strength workout accessoriesRowing machine, treadmill, bike, strider, strength workout equipment
Equipment ownershipPersonalOrangetheory studio
Compatible heart rate monitorsAny Bluetooth or Ant+ HRMOrangetheory, Apple Watch
Main Output MetricsCadence and resistanceHeart rate


It is hard to decide which of the two platforms is more costly. Let’s see.

Peloton will require you to spend a lot of money to get started with the workouts. You have to buy all the equipment and accessories by yourself. The value pack would include a bike (which costs $1495), a heart rate monitor, bicycle shoes, and other accessories.

You will need dumbbells, kettlebells, and a yoga mat for a full-body Bootcamp workout. This workout is similar to Orangetheory’s. For the
screen rotation, a Peloton bike pivot is required.

A standard treadmill will cost $2495, but it comes with fewer accessories than a bike. For a healthy workout, you will need strength training equipment.

You could spend approximately $2700 on a Peloton workout.

Once you have paid the initial investment, you will receive all-time benefits. The subscriptions are also much cheaper than Orangetheory’s, with the most expensive all access membership at $39 per month. The $39 monthly subscription is also very affordable and allows unlimited accounts, which is great for families.

Orangetheory does not have such investments. Orangetheory has all the equipment and accessories, so all you need is your gym shoes and apparel.

Orangetheory subscriptions are very expensive, even though they don’t have a high initial cost. For a full month of unlimited access to the classes, you will need to pay $159. This is the cheapest option. You will need $28 per class if you pay per class.

The worst thing is that you may not end up with the equipment you love after years of training at Orangetheory. Peloton gives you the freedom to use any equipment you like.

2. Workouts

Peloton and Orangetheory both offer strength and cardio workouts. Orangetheory, however, combines strength and cardio workouts in all of their workouts. All the workouts are 60 minutes long. The HIIT workouts are often well worth the effort.

Peloton offers
classes that are geared towards strength or cardio, and then there are
HIIT classes. The classes are also varied in length, with a range of 5-minute warm-ups and stretch workouts to 60 minutes. The Bootcamps combine cardio and strength training, and can be done in 20-minute intervals or 60 minutes.

3. Equipment

Peloton’s main pieces of equipment for cardio workouts include treadmills and fitness bikes. Orangetheory, on the other hand, has a rower and strider workouts above the bike and a Treadmill to help with cardio workouts. Orangetheory offers more variety in cardio workouts.

The two fitness platforms offer strength training, so you can use resistance bands or kettlebells depending on your preference. Orangetheory also offers a wide selection of strength training accessories. You can also purchase
accessories and equipment for Peloton strength train.

This brings us to ownership, the next level of equipment. Orangetheory allows you to simply walk in with your fitness clothes and all the rest will be taken care of. Orangeteory members may need to purchase the Orangeteory heart monitor.

Peloton requires that you own all the equipment you use. You must own all your equipment.

Orangetheory might have an advantage because they have a variety of equipment in their studio. You can also choose different equipment each time you go to a new session. This allows you to target different muscles.

Peloton may require you to use the same equipment for a long period of time. The equipment is expensive and you will end up paying a lot for it.

4. Workout Platforms

Orangetheory training is done in a studio setting. They have so many studios that it is hard to miss one in the US. They also have studios in other cities and towns, making it easier. You don’t have to change your workout routine when you travel.

Orangetheory is especially useful for people who travel frequently. To keep up with your workouts, you don’t have to bring your equipment. All you need to confirm that Orangethery is open in your area is a confirmation.

Peloton, on the other hand, is an online platform. It’s easy to access from anywhere. However, you might have to adjust your schedule as you won’t be able to bring along bulky equipment.

Peloton’s online platform is what gives it an advantage over Orangetheory. Orangetheory studios are confirmed, but Peloton is available wherever you go as long as your account is active.

Orangetheory also offers a mobile app. However, it doesn’t plan your schedule and focuses more on fitness. It doesn’t have studio workouts that you can rely upon.

5. Community

Orangetheory is a physical studio. The community is also physical. You can have in-person interactions. You can even make friends with the community if you go to the same studio. The problem is that you will lose the community if you stop attending classes.

Peloton, on the other hand, has an online community you can only interact with virtually. This community is large and the interaction doesn’t stop even if you take a break from your workouts. They are everywhere on social media, keeping you updated and making you feel like you are still part.

6. Competitiveness

Peloton is a competitive platform. The Leaderboard will show you how your performance compares to others in class. This spirit encourages everyone to perform better because they want to be on the Leaderboard.

Orangetheory is a game where you have to compete against yourself. You can aim to reach at least the fourth zone to feel like you are reaching your goals. There are five heart beat zones. Depending on how active you are, your heart rate zones will vary. Your zones will require you to work harder if you are more active.

Orangetheory may have someone working out less than you, but they are likely to be working in higher heart rate zones than you.

7. Heart Rate Monitor Compatibility

Peloton is Bluetooth- and Ant-compatible, so it can be used with all Bluetooth and Ant heartrate monitors. Peloton users have the advantage of being able to use any HRM they like from any brand.

Orangetheory is compatible only with Orangetheory heart monitors and a few Apple Watches. OTBeat Link is required for Orangetheory compatibility.

Does the Orangetheory Heart rate monitor work with Peloton?

8. Main Output Metrics

Peloton focuses its
output metrics upon cadence, resistance. Your output will increase the more resistance and cadence you have. Orangetheory measures your heart rate. Higher heart rates translate into better performance.

9. Trainers

Both Orangetheory trainers and Peloton trainers are professional and encouraging. They encourage users to improve and reach their highest power zones.


Both fitness platforms offer the best trainers.

So, Peloton or Orangetheory?

It all comes down to your personal preferences and what works best for you. Peloton is the best choice if you’re looking for at-home exercise and the freedom to choose your own equipment, regardless of its starting price. Peloton is a great option for families who want to engage in a fitness program. All this for a flat $39 per month.

is a good choice if you enjoy in-person interaction and long HIIT sessions. You don’t need to pay any upfront investment or commit fee.

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