Ready, Set, Go! Let's Shake It Up with Peloton x Beyoncé [All You Need to Know]

Peloton has partnered with Beyonce for a unique partnership. Beyonce will be the latest addition to Peloton’s Artist Series. This ongoing collection of running, strength, cycling, and yoga classes celebrates her catalogue of music through Peloton’s class content.

She will be working closely with Peloton’s instructors over the next months to create class content that features both her songs as well as other music that inspires her workouts.

Peloton has had an Artist Series featuring specific artists. Queen Bey, our role model and favourite artist, happens to be one. Beyonce and Peloton have a partnership that they believe will benefit both Peloton users as well as others in the worlds of indoor fitness. The partnership worked for both Peloton fans as well as others.

It doesn’t matter what Peloton class you prefer. These classes include strength, yoga, biking, Bootcamps and outdoor stretching classes.

The Peloton Beyonce Week

Special Features In the Peloton Beyonce Artist Series

  • Three days of Beyonce music classes
  • Two instructors can teach the same class.
  • The classes are offered in three languages: English, Spanish, and German. This is the first class of its kind.
  • All classes on Peloton are available

HBCUs to Gain from the Peloton Beyonce Partnership?

Peloton users aside, historically black colleges and universities stand to benefit mainly from the Peloton and Beyonce partnership. Grambling State University and Bennett College, Howard University and Clark Atlanta University. Hampton University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University, Hampton University and Hampton University. Wilberforce University and Texas Southern University.

Peloton promised to offer
digital app memberships for students at the institutions, which would increase their exercise activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools are part of the Peloton/Beyonce partnership?

Peloton is partnering with Beyonce to offer two-year Peloton app memberships to students at ten historically black colleges and universities. These schools are Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University.

I am a grad student in one of the partner universities.

Yes. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for the Peloton App membership. Your school will send you information about how to activate your 2-year Peloton app Membership in the coming weeks.

How can I activate my Peloton App membership?

If you are a student in a participating school, you will be notified by your school in the coming weeks about how to activate your 2-year Peloton App membership.

My school has not sent me an email or code, and my code isn’t working. Is it possible for Peloton to resend the code?

In the next few weeks, your school will send access codes via email. For any questions regarding accessing the code, please contact your school directly.

Can I use the Peloton App on my mobile phone, tablet, or TV?

Yes, once you have activated your account from the link emailed from your school, you can download the Peloton App on your Apple, Android, Amazon, or Roku compatible devices, and log-in with the account you created on the Web at

I took a semester off of a partner school. Am I still eligible?

You will get your two-year Peloton app membership at the beginning of the spring semester if you plan to return for the fall semester. For more information, please contact your school.

I took a year off of a school partnering with me, am I still eligible?

The two-year Peloton App membership is only for current students. For more information, please contact your school.

I have an existing Peloton App Membership. Are I eligible for this offer?

You can only take advantage of this offer if your school has sent you a link and you have cancelled your App Membership. Sign up using the same email address.

I have an existing Peloton Bike/Bike+/Tread+. Am I eligible for this offer?

You have already access to the Peloton app through your All Access Membership. This means that you don’t need to do anything to get this offer.

I haven’t yet received my code, can I get a trial version while I wait?

Your school will distribute the access codes via email over the next few weeks. Keep checking back!

Do I need a Peloton Tread or Bike to use the Peloton app?

No. There are many classes that you don’t need equipment, such as running, yoga, meditation and bodyweight strength.

I am having problems with the Peloton App.

Please contact your school if you have any questions about the code that you received to activate your Peloton App membership. If you’re having issues with the Peloton App after you’ve activated your trial, please contact our Member Support team at

How can I join a tag?

Tags allow you to share your thoughts and connect with other members on the Leaderboard. Click on “Add Tags” in our Peloton profile to create or join a Tag. You can also add it to you profile.

Final words

Peloton has Beyonce in its Artist Series and has a partnership. Beyonce admits that she is a Peloton member for many years and feels honored to be a part of the journey.

This information will make the Series classes more effective, according to me.

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