Pamper Yourself with Pluto's Custom Pillows: Our Review

A custom pillow might not be the first thing you think about when you think of fitness and health products . But maybe it should. Most experts in health and fitness agree that a good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. This is where Pluto Pillow can assist.

I was able to test a Pluto Pillow that was custom-made for me, based on my sleep habits and comfort preferences. I also had the opportunity to interview Susan Saeliu, Pluto CEO and co-founder. This gave me a better understanding of how crucial a pillow is for a good night’s rest and daily function.

Pluto Pillow, a California-based company, was founded out of necessity and the need to fill a gap in the market for custom-tailored pillows. Susana Saeliu, CEO, was suffering from constant neck pain in 2017, and discovered that her pillow was the main reason.

Source: Pluto Pillow

Pluto was created out of the necessity for a custom-made pillow

Pluto Pillow was founded by Kevin Li and co-founder. The goal of Pluto Pillow is to fill a gap in sleep products that has been more overlooked in our daily lives. Saeliu explained this in a recent interview with CTW.

As I grew older, I began to think of ways I could maximize my sleep. Because our bodies are so important, we tend to put so much emphasis on our mattresses. However, our heads rarely go on the mattresses, at least not in Western societies. Your head spends so much time on a surface which has the potential of causing you to lose your alignment. More than the mattress, I believe a pillow is essential for a good night’s sleep.

They began to test all available pillows and fillings, and worked with sleep researchers to discover the perfect balance of support and comfort. The result was a combination of a foam core with a plush outer pillows.

The team is now creating custom sleeper combinations using its curated materials. They use patent-pending technology as well as their own algorithm. The company continues to grow its customer base and staff. It was recently featured on Shark tank, where Susana&Kevin rejected an offer.

Lucky for me, I was allowed to test out the Pluto Pillow. These are my thoughts.

Pluto Pillow’s various components

Review of my custom Pluto Pillow

The process was very simple. I visited Pluto’s website and chose to personalize my pillow. After a short questionnaire asking about your physical characteristics, like height and weight, ten questions are asked about your pillow and sleeping preferences.

The entire process from start to finish took just over five minutes.

Some of the questions on Pluto’s customization configurator

My brand-new Pluto Pillow was delivered quickly and I received cool packaging. My custom-designed pillow was inside the box when I opened it. Surprised, I found a detailed breakdown of my sleep preferences and a handwritten note with my name on it.

Even better, every pillow box includes an _Airhead_s chocolate. Susana Saeliu joked that she was interested in a sponsorship deal with the candy company when I spoke to her. It is something I support and it was a thoughtful gesture for customers.

Unboxing my custom pillow for the first time with and Airheads bonus

My verdict

My custom pillow has been my favorite pillow for more than a month. I love it so much that I can now say I have never slept better. I’ve never been a fan of my pillow. In fact, I’ve lost many times the chance to buy a pillow at a big-box store by simply sucking it in my hands or placing my head on its plastic wrap while awkwardly standing in the aisle. To back up that statement, I have a stack of failed pillow experiments in my guest room.

After a hard day of providing you with the latest fitness news, I am now able to rest my tired head on a customized pillow. It keeps my head supported and settled, which allows me to lie on my side and my melon cool.

I have noticed a decrease in my waking hours and that I find myself changing positions less often. My pillow is supportive thanks to the firm foam core, and my plush outer layer provides cooling comfort.

Although I wasn’t certain at first if this was the right pillow for me, after a few nights I felt confident. Pluto offers a 100-day return policy for custom pillows. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back to get a new pillow. Although I wasn’t required to, it was great to know that there is an option.

Me first testing out my new pillow. Zzzzzz

Last Thoughts

Although a pillow isn’t a product that can be used to improve one’s fitness and overall health, it is an essential part of one’s overall health. Effective sleep is essential for waking up in the morning to do the FORME Studio workout or for retaining energy for the spin class after work.

Susana’s background as an entrepreneur from Los Angeles has helped me to understand her career path. Pluto Pillow is her latest venture. It continues to grow its market presence and offers plush products, including a custom-made body pillow. The CEO of Pluto shared her thoughts about the brand’s future.

We want to be the voice of comfort for pillows. We want to be the face of comfort for pillows, and other products.

I recommend looking at Pluto Pillow if you are having trouble sleeping or have not found the perfect pillow for you. For $95 or $115 for a King-size pillow, each custom pillow is available.

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