ProForm vs. Peloton Bikes: Don't Buy a Bike Until You Read This

Peloton and Proform have quality bikes and are competitive. Their similarities are hard to overlook. It can be difficult to choose between the two brands.

Both offer live and on-demand classes that make them stand out from other competitors in their market. How are they different? And why is Peloton so much more expensive than Proform?

Proform and Peloton Bikes

Proform offers a variety of recumbent and spinning bikes, while Peloton does not offer a recumbent bikes and only has spin bikes. We have chosen only the most competitive spin bikes.

Proform bikes are comparable to Peloton bikes.

We will be taking the Peloton bike and bike against Studio Bike Pro 22 and Studio Bike Pro 22 from Proform. Are you ready for the match, then?

Proform Studio Bike Pro Vs Peloton: Head to Head Comparison

ModelsPeloton bike Peloton bike plusStudio Bike Pro Studio Bike Pro 22
CostPeloton bike: $1495 Peloton bike plus: $2495Studio Bike Pro: $1403 Studio Bike Pro 22: $1499
Payment plansPeloton bike: $39 per month for 39 months Peloton bike plus: $59 per month for 39 monthsStudio Bike Pro: $39 per month for 36 months Studio Bike Pro 22: $39 per month for 39 months
SizePeloton Bike +: 59 inches X 22inches W (150cm X 56cm) Peloton Bike: 59 inches X 23 inches (150cm X 58cm)21.9 inches Width x 56.5 inches Depth
WeightPeloton Bike plus: 140lbs (63kgs) Peloton Bike: 135 pounds (61kgs)Studio Bike Pro: 140 pounds (63.5kgs) Studio Bike Pro 22: 144 pounds (65.3kgs)
Maximum user weight297 pounds250 pounds
HD ScreenPeloton Bike +: 23.8 (60.5-cm) rotating touchscreen Peloton bike: 21.5-inch (54.6-cm) touchscreenStudio Bike Pro: 10 inches (25.4cm) Studio Bike Pro 22: 22 inches (55.9cm)
ConnectivityBluetooth, Ant+-
Audio Auxiliary Port--
Live ClassesYesYes
On-demand ClassesYesYes
In-built appYesYes
Subscription cost$39$39
Type of resistanceMagneticMagnetic
Resistance levels100Studio Bike Pro: 22 Studio Bike Pro 24
PedalsLook-delta designToe cages and straps fitted
ShoesDelta-compatible shoes (Look Delta and SPD-SL)Non-cycling shoes Casual shoes Toe cages required
SeatSport series saddle with an ergonomic channelErgonomic, Padded Seat
Seat and handlebars adjustmentSeat: height and depth Handlebars: heightSeat: height and depth Handlebars: height
Heart rate monitoringYesYes
Dumbbells includedNoYes
Warranty12-month guarantee on parts, labor, and accessories 5-year on Frame10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor Warranty
Delivery and installationIncluded in the costSeparate cost

Similarities Between Peloton and Proform Bikes

The two brands share a lot of similarities, both being spin bikes. Let’s look at these similarities.

1. Classes

Both bikes have HD screens with built-in classes. Bike owners can stream classes via the tablets using the built-in apps. Peloton uses the Peloton App, while Proform bikes use iFit. The monthly subscription cost for the class platform is $39

This subscription includes live classes that are similar to a gym class. You also have access to thousands of workouts from each fitness app library that you can use at your leisure.

You will also receive your fitness app metrics record, which will allow you to be added to the Leaderboard. The competitive nature of the Leaderboard won’t let you relax. At least not if you want to be in a good place.

You can also interact with your instructor, fellow riders, and help you get rid of loneliness.

Finally, you can connect your
Heart Rate Monitor to view your metrics on your bike tablet. Peloton supports both the bike and the bike+ with a compatible Bluetooth or Ant heart rate monitor. Proform bikes can only be synced with SmartBeat Forearm heart rate monitors

2. Bike Seat and Handlebars Adjustments

Both bikes are comfortable for all heights. This is best achieved by
bike seats and handlebar adjustments. Peloton and Proform bikes can be adjusted in height and depth, as well as the ability to adjust the handlebar height.

Differences Between Peloton and Proform Studio Bike Pro

Let’s now look at the differences between Proform studio bikes & Peloton. This will make it easier for you to make your decision.

1. Cost

Proform and Peloton are very different in terms of cost. The Peloton bike plus, which is more expensive than the Proform Studio Bike Pro 22, is worth around 1000 dollars more than the Proform Studio Bike Pro 22. The peloton bike is approximately $500 more expensive than the Proform Studio Bike Pro.

The closest bike prices are between Studio Bike Pro 22 and the Peloton bike, which costs almost the same.

Overall, the Proform Studio bike pro options wins in price.

2. Console Features

Both Proform and Peloton bikes use the HD screen built-in apps. Users don’t have to worry about downloading fitness apps for bikes. The best thing about this app is that you can take both live and on demand classes.

The Peloton touchscreen is larger than the Proform screen. Proform did an excellent job with the 22-inch screen of the new bike pro 22 model. The screen on the studio bike pro is only 10 inches, which is too small to be used by any Peloton’s touchscreen.

Peloton bikes have large screens. The tablet for the peloton bike is 21.5 inches while the tablet for the bike plus is 23.5 inches.

Most gadgets today are wireless. It is now easier to get wireless headphones, heart rate monitors, or audio speakers. Peloton is compatible with all Bluetooth and Ant compatible gadgets. Peloton also has ports for wired audio systems, which allows for versatility.

Proform bikes, on the other hand have no auxiliary audio connectivity. For successful syncing, you will need to use the company’s heart rate monitor.

Both bikes have great music and clear voice projections, but the Peloton bikes are better. Proform bikes have better projection. It could be due to the speakers quality and quantity for bike plus.

However, the Peloton holds the advantage in console features.

3. Resistance

Both bikes may have the smooth magnetic resistance that indoor bikers desire. This is however the extent of the resistance similarity.

First, the resistance levels of the bikes are different. Peloton, for example, has a maximum resistance level of 100 levels. Studio bike pro 22 has 24 levels, while bike pro has 22.

Second, they differ in how much resistance is offered. Proform offers digital resistance that can be changed by the instructor. Proform bikes allow you to focus on your workout, regardless of whether the resistance is low or high.

Peloton bikes have a manual resistance that you can engage on your own. The bike plus has both digital and manual resistance. But even with digital resistance, you still have to set your resistance. A feature called auto-follow on the bike plus is a digital resistance option. Auto-follow allows users to set the resistance range they would like to use during a workout. The resistance will then automatically adjust as the workout progresses.

Proform bikes are a great way to get the best out of your training. The instructor will determine resistance for different inclines or declines.

4. Pedals and Shoes

Clipless pedals are available on Peloton bikes. These are included in the Look Delta design. You will need
shoes with the Look Delta design if you wish to ride in the pedals. The most popular of the three-hole designs is Look Delta and SPD SL cleat designs.

To use the Peloton
pedals with casual shoes, you can buy foot cages or toe clips.

Clipless pedals offer the best pedal transfer. You get the best cadence possible from your rides with clipless pedals.

Proform bikes, on the other hand, have clipped pedals which means they have toe boxes. You can wear casual shoes and other non-cycling shoes while riding the Proform bike. You can change the pedals to clipless if you prefer the clipless option. Proform recommends this, so contact customer service if you have any questions.

Both bike pedals can be used for different purposes depending on the preference of riders. Proform is a good choice if you’re looking for pedals you can use with your regular footwear without having to buy cycling shoes.

If you want to get the best results, choose Peloton bikes. They offer power transfer and pedals that are lightweight.

5. Warranty

Both bikes come with excellent warranty conditions. However, Proform bikes offer a better option if you prefer a longer warranty. Their warranty is outstanding at 10-year frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor warranty. Peloton’s warranty is much longer, but it is still great. It offers a 12-month guarantee for parts, labor, accessories, and 5-year warranty on Frame.

6. Delivery and Installation

Not everyone is going back to the pocket for extra delivery charges, even if they may be lower. So if you are in this category, you should take Peloton. It comes with delivery and installation for free. Even better, the
delivery guys are experts in bike installation, so you will never have a challenge with this.

Proform bikes, however, require that you pay separate for delivery and installation.

7. User Weight

Peloton has a higher weight limit, so it is a better choice if you are at the higher end. Even better, instructors and class features won’t allow you to stay the same weight, especially if your health is poor. You will be unable to consider Peloton if you feel heavier after three months of total dedication. Peloton can only eat 297 pounds of bodyweight.

Proform, on the other hand, can accommodate a maximum user weight up to 250 pounds. This is nearly 50 pounds less than Peloton.

8. Bike Weight

A lighter bike is better if you need to move your bike around the house or studio frequently. Peloton bikes are lighter than Proform bikes. This makes your job easier.

9. Dumbbells

Proform bikes come with a pair 3 pound dumbbells that can be attached to the bike at the same price. These dumbbells can be used for HIIT and cross-training, as well as during your rides.

You can either purchase dumbbells separately or increase the price of your Peloton bike to get more.

Proform bikes are therefore a winner in this scenario.

Proform vs. Peloton Bikes

A Proform is an excellent option for those who need to tackle more challenging bike rides. The coaches adjust your resistance, making it a great choice. Proforms are also very affordable for the quality of their equipment. You also get an extra pair of dumbbells for a low price. You won’t feel pressured to buy cycling footwear, which is great news for those with tight budgets.

Peloton is a great choice if you are looking for a top and quick spinning results. It comes with clipless pedals pre-set. You will also get free delivery and large screens, which makes the investment worthwhile. Peloton is the best in connectivity and speed for
Bluetooth connections to other gadgets.

Final Thoughts

Peloton and Proform are the best in spinning because they have large fan bases. It is easier to choose based on your personal preference because of their differences. Both bikes are high-quality and have high performance.

Have you made your decision on the next workout brand? Here you go!

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